The Experience of being ripped off, more like

By | August 20, 2019

The Crystal Maze Live Experience is a great deal of fun, but if you want ten seconds *more* fun with ten seconds extra in the Dome (chances are you’ve probably won enough crystals for about a minute anyway) then you can! By purchasing a Megacrystal for the princely sum of £15.50. On top of the £400 or whatever you’re paying for a team of eight.

That’s £1.55 a second. Blimey.

10 thoughts on “The Experience of being ripped off, more like

  1. Jon

    I understand it’s a business and they’re entitled to charge whatever they want for the experience. But it just leaves a bad taste and it’s the sort of extra money grabbing that might just people off the thing altogether. I’d argue 10 seconds should automatically be added to all time in the dome regardless to guarantee a good finally for the paying customers. Sometimes it’s almost like they forget people generously gave them a million pounds to start the thing in the first place. Customer care seems to be poor too, just look at the first review of new live experience in London from the Crystal Maze blog.

    Anyway wasn’t the US series due to start filming in the middle of August? And we still haven’t heard any more information?

  2. Chris M. Dickson

    Look at this the other way. Suppose you’re on a team of eight people who all want to own a souvenir Megacrystal. Does this get your team an extra 80 seconds in the Dome?

    Prices seem to tend to start at £55 per person in London these days, though I saw a single very late cancellation ticket resold at £52, and tend to be in the upper sixties at weekends. Sadly this means we need to update the “Show Name Live Experience. 60 minutes, £50.” joke for inflation.

    I get the impression (based on an interview with a Live Experience actor on, I think, the Worst Foot Forward podcast) that the Live Experience’s market is first and foremost corporate hospitality these days – and there you might expect people to splash out for Megacrystals – with well-heeled members of the public being let in when the corporates aren’t there, almost as an afterthought.

  3. Mark A

    My God, Video game microtransactions are invading the rea-(Pay £2.50 to read the rest of this comment)

      1. Danny Kerner

        i’m going to keep saying Jonathan Ross until it becomes a reality. he has expressed his enjoyment of the format and he can be quite humorous at times. I think he would work well.

  4. Chris M. Dickson

    In other news, another country is making their own escape room TV show soon. On its own, that’s not exciting. What pricks my ears up is that it’s Belgium, so there might well be the appetite for something rather smart.

    The New Flemish Primitives of Mole fame detail their formats at which is worth a browse. I enjoyed the fact that they have what is effectively a slight variant of Just A Minute; talk on a subject for a minute without hesitation or deviation. Repetition is apparently not punished, but instead there is a taboo word to be avoided.

    1. Brandon

      Isn’t that Just A Minute-alike basically one of the rounds from De Slimste Mens, or is this something different?

      1. Brig Bother Post author

        Different. One involves talking about a broad subject as efficiently as possible, the other as rambly as possible.

    2. David

      Interesting site- they have full English-subtitled sample eps of some of their formats..

      (and some of their formats are…interesting to say the least. Kids Puzzle seems like it would be a nightmare to cast- 7 couples and 32 kids? And theoretically all of them could still be on until the last episode…no sample ep on that one unfortunately)


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