Get Your Nobbly Nuts Out

By | August 27, 2019

For no other reason other than a Twitter conversation, a compilation of bits from The Big Breakfast‘s Get Your Nobbly Nuts Out. Very much the The Golden Shot of the mid-90s. Or the One Lump or Two of the mid-90s.

7 thoughts on “Get Your Nobbly Nuts Out

  1. Chris M. Dickson

    wonga wonga wonga wonga wonga Wonga WONGA WONGA WONGA ooooooooooooh.

  2. Daniel Williams

    Another nickelodeon gameshow in the works, given how surprisingly good the 5th grader reboot was and the crystal maze is coming soon, I think nickelodeon might be a good place for gameshows.

    This one’s an original format called top elf.
    “In Top Elf, Santa has invited seven civilian “Elf-testants” to the North Pole in a competition that tests their skills in a series of holiday-themed challenges. Demonstrating the true spirit of the holidays, the Elf-testants compete to have their wish lists granted–not for themselves, but for someone in their community.”

    Unsurprisingly this airs in December.

    1. Matt Clemson

      Are these going to be physical challenges?

      Are they going to have to employ an Elfin Safety Inspector?

      1. Daniel Williams

        According to the press release these are “building and design challenges”
        They are also apparently “taking an uniquely comedic approach to a high stakes competition”

        So there will likely be some physical challenges (speaking of that, Marc summers would make a good santa)

        And seeing as this is nickelodeon, somehow at least one of the challenges will involve slime.

        Would be a interesting one to watch

      2. Brekkie

        Shame really the couple of seconds delay caused by digital television pit an end to competitions like this. Even basic Q&A formats by phone don’t work that well now.


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