It’s GAME NIGHT 15A tonight at 9pm!

By | August 31, 2019

Here and on Youtube,

Sonic BOOM! Yes, what you heard there was the sound of background music AND panel chat with Game Night 15a! The second attempt at Game Night with WHIZZY TRANSITIONAL GRAPHICS and a new scoreboard that will BLOW YOUR MIND.

The fun starts around 9pm and is set to finish around 11:30. As ever you as Team Audience are out to beat our international panel. You managed it last time, can you do it again?

Get ready to log into on your phones with the room codes on screen and playalong! I’ll also be reading from the Youtube chat across the night.

In other news: got an XBox? Then why not join the OFFICIAL Bother’s Bar Club, Club Bothers Bar (because I wasn’t allowed an apostrophe)? Who knows what will happen with it, but if its anything like the BB Facebook Group and PS4 Club, not an awful lot!

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