New leave year, new you

By | October 1, 2019

Happy New Cambridge University Leave Year!

To celebrate this grand occasion, I wanted to link to a video of 2000 to 1, the BBC quiz where 2000 contestants were whittled down to one person who won a year off work on double salary.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a clip of that. So what about Alan Carr’s I Don’t Like Mondays, offering much the same thing but on 1x salary? Nah-dah.

Well OK, what about 1000 to 1, the Dale Winton fronted sequel to illustrate the original idea? Nope.

So I’m afraid we’re left with 99-1 starring Leslie Grantham as hardest man in Britain Mick Raynor. Sorry.

2 thoughts on “New leave year, new you

  1. Whoknows

    Wow. Can’t believe there’s no video trace of I Don’t Like Mondays when it was only last year!

    1. Brandon

      I was going to say that, can’t believe there isn’t a trailer or something on Channel 4’s YouTube.


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