This looks pretty good…

By | October 2, 2019

…although I’m not in love with the logo. And the screens should be bigger for 2019. Still though, SPANGLY.

Can’t wait to see how they MEGASIZE Take Your Pick, obviously.

23 thoughts on “This looks pretty good…

  1. David

    The rows are longer- 12 monitors instead of 10- probably because it’s an hourlong show, and there are monitors on the podiums it looks like….

  2. TheLupineOne

    So how are we counting this for Poll of the Year purposes? Does each format count for votes individually, or is it just Epic Gameshow as a whole that’s on the ballot?

  3. Brandon

    As cool as this looks, they should have at least used widescreen monitors. I get that they’re going for a retro thing here, but a “proper” modern reboot would (in my head at least)look kind of like The Colour Of Money with smaller versions of the cash machines from that on the classic Strike It Lucky three-tier layout instead of two. Or maybe just one long screen on each half of each row.

      1. TheLupineOne

        Head Hunters looks interesting. Liking the serialised concept; reminds me of the first series of !mpossible, where contestants stayed on throughout the three weeks (except if they won or lost twice). Rotating them every two weeks was kind of an odd decision and an odd time period for me, but the current scheme of having new groups weekly works better in my opinion and !mpossible has won me back.

    1. Brig Bother Post author


      I’ve always found the link between The Alphabet Game and Pasapalbra/Pasaparola a bit odd, there’s almost nothing connecting them other than letters of the alphabet, and surely that’s uncopyrightable.

    2. Kerenza Doxolodeo

      Wait a minute. Pasapalabra is currently going strong in Chile and Argentina. Chile just rewarded their biggest jackpot last month and the guy who won it is very famous that the show tour him across talk shows. Does this means they also cease now or are they going to start paying to ITV?

    3. Setsunael

      Oof. Antena 3’s execs must be celebrating right now with Boom! being alone in the timeslot.

    4. David B

      Have to say, this ruling is Quite the Thing and possibly third only in size to the Disney/Millionaire case and maybe the 19 Entertainment/Syco out-of-court deal for Popstars/American Idol.

  4. Chris M. Dickson

    Interesting to see that the format has its own Twitter account, which does resolve a mystery: in Play Your Cards Right, where do they get the people they asked in the polls? These days, especially for a one-off, it would appear to be through SurveyMonkey via Twitter. Can’t imagine Olivia would approve.

  5. John R

    I read somewhere the other day BBC2 sleeper hit Race Around The World is getting a celeb series on BBC1

    1. David B

      When I went for a meeting at Hewland International in 19*mumble*, at their offices I saw a format on a desk saying “Race Around the World by Paul Denchfield”. You were ahead of your time, Paul.

      Anyway, I think the more interesting thing about the RatW2 thing is that it’ll be on BBC1. That’s quite a change of tone.


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