More Better Late Than Never

By | December 1, 2019

When we watched ABCs Whodunnit? all those years ago, the format wasn’t frankly all that (having one rather large hole) but the world building was quite fun. There were two tie-novels released – Murder in Mystery Manor and Murder on Mystery Island, both written by Anthony E Zuiker, better known for creating the CSI franchise. The books were never available outside the US rather frustratingly, physically or (bafflingly) digitally. Effectively, from what I gather, it’s the show in fiction form, featuring Giles the Butler and everything.

Inspired by Escape the Night, I wondered if there was any way of reading them in the UK now – legally or otherwise.

And there is! And whatsmore there’s a way to do it legally and for free. Both books can be found on the Kobo store (Mystery Manor, Mystery Island). If you download the Kobo app to your device of choice you get £3 credit, and if you add both books to your shopping cart (online annoyingly) you get a £6 discount, each book is otherwise £3.27. Each book seems quite short – about 200 pages, but if you’ve ever wanted to read them – well knock yourselves out.

3 thoughts on “More Better Late Than Never

  1. Clicky

    I remember reading these when they came out!

    Speaking of which – does anybody happen to have a good reading list of “And Then There Were None” homages? I’ve probably read like 12+ of them and am always craving more. (IE same formula as the original and the two books in this post: group of people getting offed one by one and one amongst the group is the killer).

  2. CeleTheRef

    I like the logo, reminds me the Italian version of Cluedo (the gameshow)


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