You are invited to a murder…

By | December 5, 2019

Apparently it’s murder-mystery week at Bother’s Bar, so here’s a fun thing that’s just turned up, Youtube channel TVM (a very promising channel which specialises in TV production music) has come up with the clean opening and closing themes to Cluedo, not a great show, but a hugely evocative theme.

Thought experiment: who’d play who in Cluedo 2020?

11 thoughts on “You are invited to a murder…

  1. Mark Leete

    Love it love it love it! So good to hear this full version without the voiceovers and as each piece of music changes to reflect the character being introduced it invokes memories of the actors who played them! Well done for finding these

    Save the mole!

  2. Alex

    I love how the synth guitar makes the ending theme sound like a Blast Corps theme.

  3. CeleTheRef

    Surprise surprise, the (not) long-awaited Italian Beauty & The Geek third series is going to happen. This time, some geeky women and some good-looking men will be added to the mix.

      1. Brig Bother Post author

        A geek and a woman are getting married, whilst some other people in the audience are looking at the woman’s bottom and breasts.

        Italian TV, basically.

  4. CeleTheRef

    More news from Italy: primetime WWTBAM returns in January (Thursday nights).
    The Masked Singer debuts on RAI1 in January as well.

    1. Brandon

      I imagine The Masked Singer will work quite well in Italy because it fits that whole weird feel of Italian TV. I have no idea how the UK will react to it

          1. Alex

            I’ve heard the superstition about wearing purple being bad luck in Italy. Not sure about the nitty-gritty of it though.

          2. CeleTheRef

            It has to do with Catholic traditions.
            In older times during Lent all theatrical performances were forbidden, and since priests wore purple vestments during Lent, actors started to hate purple to a passion (no pun intended). This superstition easily carried on with cinema and television.

            While writing this I saw a promo for Avanti Un Altro! returning from Jan 6th

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