Testing verbal communication in a lighthearted way

By | December 11, 2019

I’ve got three Christmas dinners to go to over the next week or so, so probably best not to expect too much this and next week (although we’ve got Schlag den Star on Saturday and, put it your diaries, Christmas Game Night next Friday night (Because Boyard Land starts the following day)).

Anyway this turned up on Youtube the other day, an episode of A Word In Your Ear, the Saturday night BBC show that was axed then bought by The Family Channel, with host and producer Gordon Burns no-nonsenseing his way through comedy communication challenges. I always quite enjoyed the “draw things described only with geometric shapes” bit, although surely the blindfold statue test is way easier than the Duplo block task.

2 thoughts on “Testing verbal communication in a lighthearted way

    1. Simon F

      I quite enjoyed this. I’ve been watching Simon Wilson’s videos for a while (and this a good extension of the kind of videos he does).


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