Until Dawn/Jusqu’à l’aube

By | January 9, 2020

Here’s something that looks fun starting on Netflix tomorrow (Friday) – Until Dawn. Three French comics investigate paranormal locations at night, but whilst doing scary challenges the other comics try to make worse by pranking them.

Here’s a trailer in French, but the show will have English subs (as does the trailer on the Netflix site).

This is Very Much The Sort Of Thing We Like, like a more overtly comic version of MTV’s Fear which may well fill the Release the Hounds shaped hole we currently have, and so we very much look forward to watching it. It comes from a new French outfit, We Make, who also have an adventure game for Amazon Prime on the cards, and we’ve known producer Moe for ages when he was working his way up so I hope this is as good as hoped.

8 thoughts on “Until Dawn/Jusqu’à l’aube

  1. Brig Bother Post author

    Thanks to Iain Weaver and his TV Guide for pointing out Don’t Scream starts on BBC3 from next Thursday.

    1. Brandon

      That sounds like it might be worth a watch as well. 2 horror-themed game shows in the space of a week? Who’d have thought! They must be like buses..

  2. Brig Bother Post author

    This is good fun, and probably one of few shows that could have done with being a bit longer if anything, the first two (of eight) are 25mins each and it probably could have used 5-10 extra minutes to soak in the atmosphere and show the contestants being scared of whatever it is they’re imagining, and then you could keep the same level of mucking about.

    The punishment for the most chicken is a bit nothing-y and I’m not sure it adds that much to proceedings. Also fast-cutting of dark handheld shots can be a bit headache inducing.

    Overall though, worth a watch.

  3. CeleTheRef

    Just now, the first episode of Italian Nonpurple The Masked Singer is in the books. The Unicorn is out! The singer was Orietta Berti and the panelist who guessed correctly is Flavio Insinna, the host of L’Eredità.

        1. CeleTheRef

          Masked Singer wins the primetime battle by a landslide

          R1 The Masked Singer 4,437,000 20.85%
          C5 Celebrity BB4 2,922,000 16.76%


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