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By | January 13, 2020

An interesting question posed in a recent comment I thought I would amplify:

Unrelated: a nostalgia podcast I listen to, on which guests talk about things they remember which nobody else seems to, had a guest a while ago that made a remarkable claim that a popular UK quiz show briefly made, or at least trialled, spin-off confectionery in the mid-’90s. I’m not going to identify the podcast or the confectionery yet so as not to lead the witnesses, but does anybody remember (or, better still, provide evidence for) such confectionery?

I’d be interested in UK game show spin-off confectionery in general; the only example that springs to mind straight away is I’m A Celebrity!s spin-off bush tucker trial chocolates which may not be what they seem. Sadly there’s no evidence to suggest that Donny Osmond’s Pyramid revival ever led to a Pyramint revival, but it’s nice to imagine.

Chris M Dickson

Turnabout M and Ms, that would work. Anyway, anyone?

15 thoughts on “Gameshows as confectionary

  1. CNightwing

    Not relevant, but I recently saw the period between christmas and new year referred to as ‘Twixmas’. This is a travesty that goes against the real spirit of Twixmas, which back in my day was a celebration of the humble Twix. When I was a student we would ask Father Twixmas for his blessing, and the next day the ceiling would be covered in Twixes of all varieties. If you were very lucky, you would catch one when it fell and be able to feast on its Twixy goodness. Should you find one already fallen however, you would ensure its return to the ceiling – nobody could eat such spoiled fruit.

  2. Jonathan

    I guess you could play a game of countdown with those chocolates with individual letters on them to spell out a name that you get at various tourist attractions, where you are supposed to put together your name.

  3. Alex McMillan

    I recall ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: Chocolate Edition’, which was just a version of the Millionaire board game where instead of paper cheques to represent money, they had essentially chocolate coins. I think the Million-Pound Bar was mint flavoured.

    1. Chris M. Dickson

      Oh, that’s good – while it’s not the one mentioned on the podcast, that was exactly the sort of thing I was after. Thank you!

      (“They” should do a two-finger Kit Kat Chunky, just so they could tie it in with Big Break; have a Big Break, have a Big Kit Kat!)

    2. Karen

      It was milk and white chocolate with mint flakes in it, I got that for Christmas one year but I also got those Lego Technic Jaw Tong Slammers so we just ate the chocolate.

      Some kind of Midas Touch bar probably could’ve done better than the show.

  4. Brig Bother Post author

    Just trying to sleuth this, I suspect being a commercial enterprise it’s *likely* to be an ITV thing… could it be something like a Keynotes lollipop you could make tunes with?

  5. Snoopy

    I seem to remember Gordon the Gopher crisps.

    Yes. Really.

    Please someone else remember them?!?!

  6. Sphil

    Given the quiz show comment in the question, I’m sure this isn’t the one, but I’m pretty sure Gladiators had some fizzy drinks available at some point.

  7. Jon

    Wagon wheel of fortune?

    I had planned to do a witty list of these. But that’s the only one I can think of it.

  8. Phil

    As the Duke of Flake doesn’t have a ring to it, how about:-

    Bulls Eyes Sweets

    Going for All Gold

    The Weakest Lindt?

    These are all good, but not right…

    1. Marc

      What about the stick of rock candy that sometimes comes up as a prize on “House of Games”?

  9. Chris M. Dickson

    The Bother’s Bar News Cycle is rolling along, so time to put this one out of its misery.

    The podcast in question is Looks Unfamiliar, with Tim Worthington (of the most recent series of Only Connect, inter alia) interviewing guests about things that they remember that nobody else seems to. As it happens, the most recent episode sees an interview with QI Elf and Only Connect co-Champion of Champions, Lydia Mizon, who is great fun. However, to answer this query, you need to go back four episodes further to one that is an interview with writer and designer Darrell Maclaine.

    Item number one concerns Luv’d Up by a band called Crush, and item number two concerns Trev And Simon’s World Tour. Item number three answers the question; nobody guessed it, and I wouldn’t have guessed the combination myself within a thousand tries. Skip to 16:30 through if you’re strapped for time.

    I’m not making this up, though I cannot completely rule out the possibility that Darrell Maclaine did. (But these things tend normally to be pretty reliable!)


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