Fort Boyard series 31 is filming right now

By | June 18, 2020

And apparently without COVID insurance and it could bring down Adventure Line if someone is caught with it. Incredible jeopardy.

Anyway, they’re about halfway through filming 11 episodes (plus eight Toujours Plus Forts!) and they’re promising it won’t be a “wasted” series. Here’s what we’ve gathered so far.

  • There will be social distancing and games have been reworked to allow this. Whatsmore, teams are reduced to five from six. Also, as I understand it (and may have misunderstood it), teams will stick around the Treasure Room and Passe-Partout will deliver people to their cells, not unlike the bonus challenges on Toujours Plus Fort! last year. Passe-Muraille will also be there, although whether he’ll be dressing up a lot I don’t know.
  • Lady and (new) Mr Boo will return in non-contact capacity. We *believe* Willy Rovelli’s back – although they won’t be playing Restaurant and he’s only tweeted once about being in La Rochelle since start of filming. Blanche/Rouge return, as does The Cage in some capacity. The Genie is back. New characters include Cyril Feraud as Cyril Gossbo – the “perfect” television host made up to look like a nightmarish real-life Ken doll with a new gungy quiz, and there was a picture released last night of a door with what looks like a fortune teller on, who looks a little bit like Steve Pemberton’s “local shops for local people” character from League of Gentlemen.
  • Other new doors that have been revealed so far include what looks like some sort of waiting room, and a big purple door with a question mark and an illuminati-style eye. Also there’s a picture of a sort of invitation from Blanche for a new thing.
  • Mud fight has gone (because of COVID) so Miss France won’t be able to collect on her prize this year – but it’s disappeared and come back before. Time Travel has gone but that was probably always a one-off for the thirtieth anniversary last year so not too surprising. Percolator’s gone but that’s had its time (and Hotel is the superior spinny-floor game anwyay). Recycling’s gone but that never really lived up to its Star Wars trash-compactor idea anyway.
  • They’ll be wearing masks on enterting the fort and masks in the Treasure Room, but it looks like contestants will be mask free for most of it.

It’s usually worth keeping an eye out on sites like who trawl the social media sites to get daily filming information.

In other news, in theory the new Microids game Escape Game: Fort Boyard comes out for all major formats July 7th. Featuring “over 25 events!”

32 thoughts on “Fort Boyard series 31 is filming right now

  1. Jason

    I wonder what – if anything – Microids will offer to those that bought the first edition of this game.

    They clearly cut corners to get it out the door the first time – with the product description being downgraded at launch to reduce the number of “activities” to 12 – so would be a bit of a kicking to expect these fans to pay again for the other half of the game.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Sod all would be my guess.

      I assumed half the games would just be the same as last year, but to be fair I’m not completely certain that’s the case, looking at the new screenshots.

      1. David

        Per the description on the Australian Switch shop, Mummy, Rodeo Dino, Car Wars, and Excalibur are all confirmed as “returning”, and presumably the treasure room will also be there. “The Maze” and “the Punching Ball” are both also mentioned, and there’s screenshots of the underground prison, Boyard Does Suspension Bridge From Gladiators, a game similar to but not Megagaf, Blanche’s pinball game, and Casino. So basically it’s the same game with a couple of extra rounds to pad or out.

  2. Lee Turner

    Looking like the show will follow in its normal format. The aftershow there still playing extra games for more money.
    I guess maybe willy is doing willymix. Not heard anything about Megagaf returns part 3.
    There also some Basketball challenge on the court of the fort.

    I believe only France are recording this year. Although Morocco/Denmark need to air their 2019 version. Sweden still has a few 2019 episodes to air too,

    There also a new coin available on France mint.

    I believe the Boyard game also has a date of the 25th June for some reason. Maybe US its July? No idea

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      It was dated June 25th initially in Europe, but I can’t find any references to that anywhere now.

  3. TVs Michael Harmstone

    Megagaf is interesting, because there’s every chance it could return as it’s a solo game, but it depends how involved Vincent actually is in training them. I’d guess it’ll take a year off.

    1. Alex

      I wonder what became of the additional kit that Megagaf was supposed to bring. IIRC there was a skateboard-esque thing and a jetski.

    1. Danny Kerner

      So that rumoured date from the Belgium post could be true.

      1. Lee Turner

        Potentially. I presume in a normal world today would been the first episode since last year it aired on June 22nd. And we know there still 11 episodes to be aired this year.

  4. Daniel Williams

    Off topic but the hbo max show karma has been released and through dark magic, I have watched it. Its a good show but nothing too extraordinary, if you like the survivor type shows its probably a show for you.

    But there was on scene which made me think, in the 3rd episode there was a big confrontation going on between all the teams in true reality show style but then as the confrontation was going on the host Michelle khare walked in which indirectly involved her in the confrontation, she had to calm them all down.

    Has there been any other time the host has stepped in to a confrontation? you never see ant and Dec calm down celebrities in the jungle. I cant think of any other time that has happened

  5. Lee Turner

    Looking at some pictures posted. The Fountain in the Treasure Room where the boyards fall is now split into sections (guessing one per person so they keep a distance). The pyramid from 2004 kid episode is also in the middle i guess to split the gold when it falls.

    1. Alex Richards

      I presume this means that the “using a team member as a carrying vessel” strategy is out. Thankfully.

      Also, I wonder, will they scale up the value of a Boyard by a fifth to accomodate the lesser person on the team?

  6. Lee Turner

    Looks like Lady Boo, Big Boo (The new Mr boo who will strike the gong) and Little Boo (Casey from the cage) will be the opponents of the cage this year.
    If Lutte returns in 2021 can we have Triple Lutte?

  7. Lee Turner

    Boyard Academy is also apparently back this year
    “He also decided to reopen the Boyard Academy by recruiting a new teacher, responsible for providing remedial lessons after these long weeks of confinement.

    But Professor Kevin, played by comedian Kevin Razy, is the worst professor the Fort has ever known .”

    1. TVs Michael Harmstone

      Given we know Cyril’s in the first six eps to film, I suspect either Slaime or Academy in each episode will happen. That’ll mean Narcisse can rejoin as second teacher for Academy next year.

  8. Brig Bother Post author

    They’ve revealed some Willy Rovelli stuff this afternoon – no restaurant, but he’s now the proud owner of Chez Willy’s bar, and Willymix seems to have been adapted to a game where contestants eat hot things and he’s dressed as the devil.

    1. Jack B

      Apparently the storyline is that Pere Fouras was mad at Willy for opening Boyard Land without his knowledge, so he shut down the restaurant. I imagine the bar is there to replace it.

  9. Alex Richards

    It appears that there’s a controversy involving the blogger Jeremstar, and he’s had to quit filming in the middle of an episode. No idea how they’re going to address that.

    1. Lee Turner

      From the sounds of things. It seems he quit filming before the filming of the episode. all shows currently have 5 candidates listed and he isn’t on any.

      Good to see the Bodins back as contestants this year. (they were from the musical chair event in 2018)


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