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By | June 28, 2020

Right, we’ve moved this year’s Mole discussions from the top menu to the Specials Board. And we’ve added a new Fort Boyard 2020 page.

I’m hoping to record another Bother’s Bar Plays Badly on Thursday night after Dan’s Quiz, ideally with four other people. The nature of which will remain a mystery. If you think you’ll be free and interested, from about 10pm to 11pm, let me know.

Edit: Just to add that ITV2 are starting to show Ellen’s Game of Games from Monday at 5pm, it’s good fun.

7 thoughts on “Bits of Business

  1. Andrew, the Yank

    I may be interested, but I probably will be getting work right somewhere between 10-10:15 your time, so if you want to start right at 10 I probably can’t.

  2. John R

    Wie Is De Mol seems keen to still be able to knock up a series to air in early 2021, one of the production staff posted a picture of a mask and a passport on social media anyway!

    “Where in Kiev are you friend?!” definitely ticked off the 2m rule anyway…

      1. Brandon

        I don’t know why they didn’t just decide to show this year’s additional series in next year’s regular series slot.

  3. Aaron

    Little Lion Entertainment will apparently be opening their first non-Crystal Maze attraction in London in 2021, and it has nothing to do with game shows:

    Think that US expansion they were talking about will ever happen?

    1. Matt Clemson

      That sounds a little bit like “Alien War after 30 years of new technology” with a big dollop more interactivity. That’s got potential.


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