A fun question that came up on Twitter

By | July 6, 2020

We discussed it yesterday afternoon, but in case you missed it, I was asked if the BBC did their own Epic Gameshow/Gameshow Marathon, what six shows would be in it?

My personal conclusion is that it would be something like Wipeout, Every Second Counts, The Weakest Link, Bob’s Full House, Big Break and Winning Lines, although you could probably substitute Going for Gold or Pets Win Prizes for the latter.

Edit: Here’s an entertaining post on how terrifying the Knightmare Life Force skull was.

4 thoughts on “A fun question that came up on Twitter

  1. Chris B

    I like that line up. I have always preferred Big Break to Bullseye – and I really like Bullseye. Assume it would be the Paul Daniels Wipeout given that was prime time, but was more of a fan of the Bob Monkhouse virtual audience era.

    Blankety Blank has been done on the ITV Gameshow Marathon but would be equally at home here. Generation Game in an ideal world if it was showing off the Beebs greatest hits but the reboots have been done to death.

  2. Chris M. Dickson

    Do remember that Brig Bother is @BothersBar on Twitter, not @BrigBother. Unfortunately I forgot and discovered that @BrigBother (not Brig Bother) posts white supremacist rubbish. It’s not worth bothering with.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      That’s rather unfortunate. It’s also not posted since 2017, I wonder if there’s anything Twitter can do about it.

  3. David

    Speaking of Weakest Link….looks like there’s a US revival on the cards…


    and my 6 for a BBC GS tournament:
    Weakest Link (8 start, winner advances)
    Going For Gold (7 start, winner advances)
    Wipeout (3 of 6 start, winner advances)
    Every Second Counts (other 3 of 6 start, winner advances)
    Big Break (remaining 4 play for last spot, winner advances)
    Bob’s Full House (5 play- a bit crowded, but it does extend the gameplay time a bit)


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