The Non-Masked Non-Singer

By | July 8, 2020

The BBC has commissioned its very own version of Korean hit I Can See Your Voice, where teams have to try and determine which of a group of people can or can’t sing based solely on everything else except for actually singing.

“Mystery music gameshow” is going to be the buzzphrase of choice going forward isn’t it? Also it’s promising to be “immersive”.

In other news I’m moving flat in the next few days (and it’s also my birthday tomorrow, 39, thanks in advance) but fingers crossed I should be online again properly (i.e. not on mobile data) for Fort Boyard‘s 2020 premiere on Saturday. Exciting!

5 thoughts on “The Non-Masked Non-Singer

  1. George G

    It sounds like the identity parade from Never Mind the Buzzcocks stretched out to an hour

  2. Daniel Williams

    Today seems to be the day of video games getting gameshow adaptations, now tetris of all things is getting a gameshow app sorta like hq trivia.



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