Michael McIntyre’s Big Wheel

By | July 14, 2020

BBC Press reporting that Michael McIntyre’s set to front a new BBC primetime show called The Wheel which involves members of the public trying to win big money with celebrity experts on hand. It sounds like it’s set on a big ferris wheel, which is quite a clever way to get round social distancing.



3 thoughts on “Michael McIntyre’s Big Wheel

  1. John R

    As I’m working from home at the moment there are now 2 trips to the dream factory in the afternoon on Challenge, and they’ve started right back at Series 1 Episode 1 (again…)

    Love how dramatic Noel is in the early days ‘FIVE THOUSAND POUNDS!’ and the sheer simplicity of it all, but gutted they’ve chopped out Noel picking on a random audience member at the end and the dodgy blue box openers revealing the viewer competition prize 🙁

  2. David

    Some US show news..

    -Survivor has been officially pulled from the fall schedule- not a surprise, as the rumor going around is they won’t even be able to travel to the Fijian site they use until September at the very least…A season of TAR that has been on the shelf (it was filmed almost 2 years back) will air in the Survivor timeslot.

    -an aerial picture of the BBUS set appears to show construction going on in the backyard- latest news is a possible August start, and promotional stuff is in the works. It’s planned to be an All-Star season since they weren’t able to do a full casting round. (if they start in August, I’d think they go to late October-early November; that’s likely the earliest most of the scripted shows will be ready, particularly the dramas).

    -The host (who’s been there since the start) and backstage interviewer of Dancing With The Stars have both been fired, the producers say they want to update the show and will announce new hosts in due course (and who knows when that will start up)

    1. Chris B

      The answer to both questions on Dancing with the Stars seems to be Tyra Banks, adding to her chalking up Top Model and America’s got Talent she is the American Rylan.


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