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By | July 21, 2020
  • Wie is De Mol All Stars set to begin September 5th. This was promised as a twenty year bonus celebration, a bit of surprise they aren’t holding this back until next year since you’d assume COVID would make a new series in January quite difficult. But! WIDM September-November and then WIDM January-March feels a bit quick, I wonder if the’ll hold off WIDM ’21 until next Autumn going forward.
  • Weren’t we meant to be getting those unaired ten episodes of Cash Trapped in July? Those poor contestants have been in their boxes for months.

3 thoughts on “Brig’s Miscellany

  1. John R

    Waste of a series really, literally everyone and their dog knows that Ron will be back as De Mol so he actually gets to participate in the show this time round…

    Anyway, they were on about possibly being able to film something for 2021

  2. TVs Michael Harmstone

    All-Stars isn’t confirmed *yet* (but everyone knows it’s happening!)

    Cast list I saw didn’t have Ron!

    I’d expect autumn to be the new slot now – means they can have flexibility to film.

  3. gyroscope

    ProSieben have a show called Die! Herz! Schlag! Show! which unfortunately definitely wasn’t a 1000 Heartbeats rip off, which I was unrealistically hoping for, but more a show where 6 D-list celebrities in two teams play typical german minigames with the added excitement of having their heart rate measured, which somehow fits in with the scoring system.

    I do miss 1000 Heartbeats, I’d much rather that be coming back than Cash Trapped. I thought it was a shame it wasn’t given more time to get ‘stuck in’ on the schedule like the far inferior Tipping Point.


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