Three… two… one…*whistle*

By | July 27, 2020

Something quite fun came up in my Twitter feed which I’m currently working my way through, Gladpod – The Gladiators Podcast, hosted by a This Morning staffer David and the people’s favourite Jet, uncovering the stories of the original show and chats with the Glads, contestants and various associated people. This week a chat with the man who would have been Shark, and why it didn’t happen.

There are ten episodes to listen to currently.

2 thoughts on “Three… two… one…*whistle*

  1. David S

    New Taskmaster Line up out on @taskmaster twitter
    Daisy May Cooper (This Country)
    Johnny Vegas
    Katherine Parkinson (The IT Crowd)
    Mawaan Rizwan (Live at the Apollo)
    RIchard Herring

  2. Brig Bother Post author

    Have to say I’m really enjoying these, the old Glads are really good value – particularly enjoyed the interview with Vogue.


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