By | August 13, 2020

Here’s some fun, Tom Scott’s and David Bodycombe’s new series Disconnected. The virtual set is really nicely done and the game is a fun game of bluff. Extra points for having a contestant in the first episode I’ve actually heard of.

7 thoughts on “Disconnected

  1. Ardenfetz

    Nice of Ellen to provide the next new format as well: “Fake or American?”

  2. Lee Turner

    While i did enjoy it. I didn’t like the fact that Hank lost a bar going into round 2.

  3. Alex McMillan

    Not as much bluff as I’d like in the first episode but hopefully it gets more devious as we go on!

  4. Gyroscope

    Wasn’t too much of a fan of this.

    First of all, I always dislike shows where people get a choice of two categories, as they inevitably choose the one I don’t want to hear and I find it disappointing – “ooh a question on boardgames! oh, he chose US states. ooh a question on musicals! oh, she chose something really boring to me”.

    Didn’t really get the whole bar of signal theme either, they’re just three lives with no connection to much, Based on the theme, I was expecting if you had less signal, you got less information on something , and had to build your signal up to hear more / find out more, but it was just a life system.

  5. Mika

    Huh, that second round is a really nice take on the “List the list” question format.

    First round does feel… off, or unbalanced, but in a way I can’t say why.

    But really, as something to show off that set technology, daaaaaang, that’s some good set technology.


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