New season starts tomorrow

By | August 31, 2020

Rejoice, as the new season of daytime shows begin tomorrow on ITV. The one we’re most interested in are the new episodes of Supermarket Sweep (3pm) which has of course been promoted from ITV2. Can you believe it’s been (almost) an entire year since the first series? Me neither. Probably not going to open up a separate checkout for it series two though, so take a look at the original show discussion post here. Personally I hope for a) a bit longer Big Sweep clocks and b) the return of the banging Big Sweep music.

This Saturday is the return of Schlag den Star and it’s powerful women as ‘German advertising icon’ Verona Pooth takes on model and actress Janine Kunze. We will as ever be watching along in the Discord, link to the right.

13 thoughts on “New season starts tomorrow

  1. Alex

    Won’t lie, I’m just waiting for Darragh to appear on The Chase?

  2. David

    New Sweep stuff-

    -One of the new games is Scanagrams- one person on the team is at the podium, the other member goes to the back of the store with a handheld scanner. An anagram is shown to a product, and the person who buzzes in with the right answer gets 5 seconds, then the other person has 15 seconds to find and scan that item for another 5 seconds.

    -In the Big Sweep, on one of the aisle endcaps is a gift card mall. Hidden in the groups of cards are three Supermarket Sweep Loyalty Cards. Teams can look for and get one apiece- the cards will boost their final score by either 5%, 10%, or 15% (one of each value).

  3. Cliff

    Comedy Game Night is extremely socially distanced – that set is about half a mile long!

    I wonder if they had to spray down the buzzer between every pair of contestants. If so, it would’ve made more sense to use contactless buzzers, like lasers or something.

  4. Who Knows

    There are currently jobs being advertised for people with a quiz/panel show background for a one off of an “iconic” BBC2 show. It’s being made by BBC Studios. Any ideas?

  5. Whoknows

    Actually I know that’s for something different! That’s unrelated to the BBC ad.


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