The iPod, Cubed

By | September 7, 2010

Hello everyone,

The CGI problems are still ongoing (although they are being looked into), but I’m pleased to announce our new iPod Therefore I Am section (up there a bit) and more importantly, our very first review of The Cube.

When the problems are sorted I intend to go round and tidy the presentation up a bit, add captions and that. The review will do in the meantime.

13 thoughts on “The iPod, Cubed

  1. David

    The Australian version of Beat The Star started last night- 8 games, $50K for winning. The twist is that it’s a family of 4 playing against the star. It’s available on one of the known sites if you can find it- and let’s just say you won’t look at your toaster the same again…

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Thanks for the heads-up, they played that game as a best of five on Schlag den Raab a while ago. Exciting stuff.

    2. Travis P

      I would like to see how they edit this as it’s a possible maximum or eight games, plus introductions inside 48 minutes (60 including commericals). I must applaud them for making a near replica of the German set, right down to the large pillars left and right of the studio. Turns out it was filmed in Melbourne and not abroad.

      Apparently the first show on Tuesday bombed in the ratings, finishing fourth place in the timeslot. They lost out to popular panel show Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation and British Top Gear.

      1. Brig Bother Post author

        It actually edits together quite well actually – most games are still best of five or first to five, although their version of The Chop involves slicing salami to a target weight rather than out thinking your oppoenet and it was only best of three, and they used The Toaster as a best of one sudden death.

        And I’m really glad they called the “dropping a pea into the bottle” game as Pea In A Bottle, as I said they shold have done in the UK one.

        Third place is a shame, but you’ve got to love Shaun Micallef.

        1. Travis P

          Ignore my edit, I was right, they did finish fourth place. ABC also beat Seven with The 7.30 Report. I suppose the ratings battles down there are that close, never mind the odd million, it’s down to the odd hundred thousand.

          I’ve just downloaded it and watched, quite impressed how they squeezed a 75 minute show inside 60 minutes. It looks like the games are a mixture from those invented on the original German version, the UK version and some of their own. No doubt we will be seeing The Firing Line next Saturday. At least they using actual sportsmen/women for some shows. Surely they could’ve got Shane Warne, but then again the outcome would’ve be the same when Darren Gough had a go and got whitewashed.

          Also the show proved you can have games up in the air, inside the studio. Namely the equipment used for Panic Plank. I’d bet the UK production would’ve saved a few quid by using the same set up for Egg & Spoon. Use the same rigging and have either hard boiled eggs or something soft.

          For those who cannot download it, the Aussie version uses the German theme tune and BGM, not the Vye Dobs music.

          1. Mart with a Y not a I

            BGM, Travis?
            Are they some German popular beat combo? For a moment I thought you meant BMG as in BMG Zomba (Now UNIPPM) the purveyers of fine library music to the broadcasting industry, in which case I could have had a fighting chance at locating some of the challenge music beds on the website, without a whispering/shouting German commentator wrecking them!

    3. James E. Parten

      Still retaining my status as a newbie, I ask: what would be the usual sites to view the Australian version of “Beat the Host”?

      Sounds interesting.

      I don’t know how much of “Schlag des Raab” is available on YT, and my German is not too proficient–I can read enough to read a record label, and that’s about it.

    1. Mart with a Y not an I

      He could have found a better show to piggyback on and claim it was his ‘concept’.

      Come And Have A Go.. was a nice idea trying to escape from Nicky Campbell/Julian Clarey hosting it and using far, far worse than it could have been viewers at home bit techonology.

      But then I would say that – Deal Or No Deal was my original idea, that Endemol stole by attaching probes to my brain to remove the format, while I was asleep in the middle of the night somewhere around December 2001.
      See you in court, Clog wearers…


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