Ha ha, it’s… ha ha, haaaaaaaa, it’s the Belgians! The Belgians are coming! HAAAAAAAAAA!

By | December 28, 2010

Long term fans of Bother’s Bar may remember that back when you could stream John de Mol’s Tien channel live over the internet we championed a show called De Slimste (The Smartest). Hosted by the ever amazing Linda de Mol, this was the Dutch version of a popular Belgian format De Slimste Mens Ter Wereld (The Smartest Person In The World, the joke being that Belgium is meant to be the smartest country so the winner must be the smartest person in the world). It’s basically a sort of general knowledge themed Talkabout with added strategy elements. Despite this it doesn’t take itself too seriously, the Dutch show was played with celebrities.

It’s a neat little quiz which I will be doing a feature on in the next few weeks. But if you can’t wait that long it looks like the Belgians are currently “doing a run” of it right now. I can’t find full episodes or a live stream, but there are clips.

Also: Blokken!

16 thoughts on “Ha ha, it’s… ha ha, haaaaaaaa, it’s the Belgians! The Belgians are coming! HAAAAAAAAAA!

    1. Ryan

      I just watched the episode that’s up on Dailymotion… that’s a fun game right there! As good as you can adapt chutes and ladders, I figure.

        1. Ryan

          Agreed – I noticed the director is Gabriel Cotto – he who directed Le BigDil and la toute nouvelle Juste Prix, both with Vincent Lagaf’.

          I did notice, however, that it was a bit odd that the host had to look off screen for the questions. Awkward, I thought.

          1. Brig Bother Post author

            Did he do A PRendre ou a Laisser as well? I still think that’s my fave version of the show, or at least before it went all US presentation.

    2. Mart with an Y not an I

      Good on the French. They made their tv version of snakes and ladders in a studio.
      We made our version (Hold Tight) at a windswept Alton Towers.

  1. David

    Amazing that a gameshow based on Tetris can go on for 3500 episodes (they’re in a middle of an anniversary tournament of champions based on Google translate)…I’m thinking there’s some sort of way you could come up with a show based on a Bejeweled-type game..

  2. Simon Joseph Lott

    All this talk here on French gameshows made me think about a one week holiday in France in 1999. I remember seeing Mokshu Potamu, QPC, also Toutes en Jeux during my stay.

    Now to my point: I also remember seeing a show (I think it was about 17h30 on A2/FT2) that was also aired in that week: a show in which contestants had to match six guests to their occupation, basically a French version of ‘Pwy ‘di Pwy’ (which aired on S4C – see the UKGS page) but played in a larger studio… but I cannot remember its name. Do your French correspondents know what it was called?


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