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By | January 18, 2011

Right, I notice from my logs I’m getting a lot of hits for Don’t Scare the Hare right now, and that is probably because my hilarious pilot review of it (9th September, let’s not forget)  is the top result on Google at the moment. And I noted with some amusement that the original ticket listing for Don’t Scare the Hare reverted to ‘Saturday night game show’ on the BBC ticket site fairly quickly.

I do believe they are filming right around now, so has anyone been and how was the experience?

I’m meant to be going to at least two pilots in the next few weeks. FEAR ME.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t seen it yet, Buzzerblog has done an interview with executive producer of The Cube Adam Adler.

20 thoughts on “Idle Question

  1. Travis P

    Now I know why The Banker on Twitter hinted to watch today’s DoND. It was simply Double or Nothing on drugs.

  2. Des Elmes

    The Chase today: another contestant who just wants to be in the Final Chase takes a joke lower offer.

    At least it wasn’t a minus amount…

    1. JC

      Although, to be fair, she did have strong support from the rest of the team (given her plans for the money). The -£2k contestant didn’t have that luxury.

  3. Alex McMillan

    I was wondering does anyone know what happened to the US version of The Cube with Neil Patrick Harris? The pilot was filmed in early 2010 and there has been no news since 🙁

      1. David Howell

        Ironically I thought at the time that the opposite would happen because it would imply it would be cheaper than it looked. Then I remembered which country this was selling to…

        1. James E. Parten

          It’s too bad that CBS didn’t pick up on “The Cube”. Americans who have been watching the UK show on YouTube have been impressed with it.

          Check out the page on the wiki “”. Somebody over there likes “The Cube”!

          As an American, i should be offended by your statement. But you are, at least, partially right. We do like winners. If we have to have losers, we like them to lose with style! (“The Cube” lends itself to losing with style, along with winning with as much style!)

        2. The Banker's Nephew

          Hey, don’t be getting all high and mighty now. You should have seen the Facebook comments for the first week of “Million Pound Drop.” They were possibly worse than any of us.

  4. Paul Metcalfe

    I’m going to see Don’t Scare the Hare being filmed this Friday afternoon. I’ll give some feedback about the experience after the weekend.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Tremendous, thanks Paul. I gather it’s still a long recording session, but I’m intrigued to see what if anything has changed in the almost 18 months since the pilot.

  5. Peter Scandrett

    I went today – well, this evening, and the three hours I was in the studio for they did one game, some pickups etc and the final. The hare was quite impressive, but I didn’t like the warmup guy (sorry, if you’re reading) – I’d rather have been left alone really to watch the changeovers etc rather than being cajoled into playing a silly team game, but then again I work in a related industry (stage lighting). The studio complex is impressive but you could tell we were some of the first audience to be processed!

    Some people might like the format, but for me it was just… daft!

  6. Peter Scandrett

    PS the format’s changed slightly from your pilot; it sounds like the hare is much better, there’s three choices rather than two in the final (which involves pyros to scare the hare) and the prize is £15k.

  7. Brig Bother Post author

    Cheers Peter. Is the audience in shot all the time? At the pilot the audience sat either side of a large video screen always in shot, there would have been no way to hide the fact there was practically nobody there for the final.

    You say “game” – presumably they had filmed some earlier? Was it a bit better than the Friends Like These-esque games of the pilot?

    It sounds like there’s definitely been some retooling, at any rate.

  8. Peter Scandrett

    No video screen at all – more of a stylised LED-forest set clouds on the cyc, with a large garden arena for the games. Two small banks of audience (16 and 20-30 people) around this area, in shot for some of it, and one larger bank of 80ish out of shot/behind the cameras.

    Yes, I think they’d been filming this one episode all day – certainly all afternoon! I got there at 5 for a 6 start, left about 8:45.

      1. Gary

        Reminds me of Full Swing. And as far as I’m concerned, that’s a good thing.


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