The question on everybody’s lips…

By | October 4, 2011

What do you get in a Cadbury’s Minute To Win It promo pack?

You get the following:

  • 1x Three-Ring paddling pool!
  • 36x rubber-tipped HB pencils!
  • 1x 30cm wooden ruler!
  • 2x Pedometers!
  • 1x Flake!
  • 2x Straps!
  • 1x Stopwatch!
  • 1x Dairy Milk!
  • 1x 200g tub of petroleum jelly!
  • 1x pack of Wilko baby cotton wool balls (approximately 200)!
  • 5x Ping Ping balls!
  • 1x Twirl!
  • 3x Things Which I Don’t Know What They Are, But Look As Though They Would Go On Open Bottles Of Wine! (Edit: A-ha, they are meant to be corks)
  • 1x Deck of playing cards!
  • 1x Crunchie!
  • 3x Rubber ducks!
  • 1x box of Silver Spoon sugar cubes (slightly leaking!)
  • 1x Wispa!
  • 1x Covering letter!
  • 1x pack of ten cards with instructions on how to play the games!
  • 4x double packs of Oreos!

The games on the large plastic cards are the ones on the internet promotions of the Minute To Win It Decathalon (Bucket for Bucket Head and Watermelon for A Game Of One Half not included). I tried out a few of the games with my six year-old nephew at the weekend, he was rubbish at Triple Pong Plop.

The box looks like this:

Thanks to Cadburys, purveyors of awesome chocolate for sending me this, they’ve asked to mention the following:

Minute To Win It is an eight-part series on ITV2, presented by Cadbury Spots v Stripes,which sees contestants compete in hilarious and bonkers 60-second challenges using everyday household objects. To find out more and play Minute To Win It games, visit the Spots v Stripes website here

And obviously that’s on Tuesday night’s on ITV2 at 8pm and is quite good. There’s also a sort-of tie in app for iPhone with various Cadbury’s chocolate related minute based games which is free and has games that work better than the actual Minute to Win It app. One word of warning though, one of the games involves blowing into your iDevice (to raise a balloon). I couldn’t work out how to do this on an iPad, although I did discover just rubbing one of the ends against a surface seemed to do the trick. The iPad 1 doesn’t have a microphone, does it? Anyway.

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