Show Discussion: Deal or No Deal – Live!

By | October 10, 2011

It’s interesting that a show that’s made so it feels like it’s live (see also old Millionaire) is now making a big fuss about actually going live for two weeks. Anyway, at 4pm, someone who was surprised last week by a roving Noel Edmonds will be playing the game in Bristol and anything could happen (but probably won’t).

It will be mildly interesting to see if the live dynamic changes anything (@OfficialBanker suggests that tweets and suggestions will be taken on board, although how much we have yet to ascertain), especially as often decisions that are edited for a normal show won’t be able to be edited here. I’m led to believe past contestants will be on hand to open the boxes.

If nothing else, it’s quite nice that they seem to be channeling the spirit of Poker Face in the logo, which is something I will illustrate a bit later.

Edit: Blimey, you can bet on the show live on Bet 365, if you’re that way inclined.

25 thoughts on “Show Discussion: Deal or No Deal – Live!

  1. Anonymous

    What a sensational show this is. Very well produced and no glitches. I’m very impressed by this. Great show Deal or No Deal!

          1. Joe

            Interesting stat: for the first time this year, The Chase beat Pointless head to head on Friday. I wonder which Chaser was playing?

  2. Brekkie

    Unsurprisingly great stuff from Deal live – the clock seemed to work too. I suspect there might be another week of live shows at the end of the series in July – and perhaps in primetime too.

      1. David B

        Yep, because they can’t compress the video in advance like they do with recorded shows.

  3. Joe

    Thank you to everyone who watched this yesterday. Ratings were 1.93 million, peaking at almost 2.5 million. Highest rating in months. 😀

      1. David Howell

        Actually I genuinely wonder what the share is for those two.

        And also, as the DoND Live games are one-shots, would there be room for them to be used as occasional specials in primetime? You’d have to think it’d get them better ratings at lower cost than most of the current primetime schedule.

      2. Brekkie

        In all seriousness I have wondered how Million Pound Drop might do in the 5pm hour.

    1. Steven

      Thoroughly enjoyed DOND(L) as a person who hasn’t watched the programme regularly since about 2008. Felt a bit more like vintage Deal to me and ran very well within the hour.

      The series has found its way back on my DVR – quite looking forward to the rest of the run.

      But no Davina-esque time checks? Come on, you even have the screens. Let down.

  4. Joe

    That Celebrity Big Brother answer is wrong! There are 8 winners, not 7. The producers got it wrong!!!

  5. Greg

    Works fine for me, must because he is in my contacts list. Came across the live feed with all the producers and stuff conversing live it was a good watch.

    1. Simon

      I don’t follow official DOND stuff on Facebook or Twitter as I rarely get to watch live and they post spoilers straight away.

  6. Bob

    Great that Noel is doing live TV again. I hope he meets the Hit Squad at the end of the last live episode.


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