Schlag den Raab – 17th December 2011

By | December 17, 2011

It’s the last Schlag den Raab of the year!

Stefan’s lost the last two matches, he won’t want to lose three in a row (it’d be a first, in fact).

It’s on 7:15pm GMT (8:15 CET) on Pro Sieben, and hopefully naughty internet streaming as well.

It’s also the first episode of Winter Wipeout this evening, 6pm, BBC1.

78 thoughts on “Schlag den Raab – 17th December 2011

  1. art begotti

    We haven’t seen Blameron oder Kassieron yet… Perhaps we’ll find it after the break?

  2. art begotti

    I like this band playing right now. I think the host said they were the Bundesvision Song Contest winners? I’ll have to look them up later.

  3. art begotti

    Oh, interesting. Spiel 11 – Cornhole. Of which I am actually rather proficient. It’s basically beanbag tossing, with a platform with a hole for a target. Three points for in the hole, one point for landing on the platform. Both players get four bags per round, and only the person who gets a better score per round scores the difference. Play to 21. Also, there are some fun house rules like getting over 21 automatically sends you back to 15, and other things… We’ll see how they play this here.

  4. art begotti

    Okay, so it looks like they’re just giving a point who whoever gets the higher round score, first to three points.

    For those interested in a bit of strategy: At the end of the first round, Stefan had two bags sitting right on top of the hole. The only move Oliver could have done would be to try to knock both bags off the board in one throw (forcing a tie), but considering how both were halfway in, it’d be almost impossible.

  5. art begotti

    Stefan’s up 2 rounds to 0. Stefan has three on board, Oliver has one. His only hope is to knock off two of Stefan’s bags or sink one…

      1. art begotti

        After reading your declaration at 5, I think I called it after 8 (the walnut game), though only in my mind.

  6. James

    Great show tonight. Oliver was really unlucky, but Raab yet again WHITEWASHED the opponent.

    ITV should really make this show over here!

  7. Bob

    Winter Wipeout launched successfully on British television yesterday, with 5.4m (26%).

    You know what the saying is: an Endemol show is always a hit show. 😉

    1. Score

      Isn’t that actually 0.1m LOWER than what a repeat of Total Wipeout got on the same night last year despite airing directly before the SCD Final, as last year’s repeat aired half an hour earlier at 5:30pm with an Impressions Show repeat after it. I’d have thought they’d be a little disappointed with that, actually.

  8. Bob

    Score, there was no snow last night. Share was up from Celeb TT’s 24% last year. Most people don’t know the difference between a new and repeat episode. This is a very successful launch, the 2nd most popular launch to a new Saturday night television programme on BBC1 this year.

    1. David Howell

      It’s a pretty impressive rating whichever way you look at it. The fact that the show repeats so well is a good thing – BBC1 can continue to alternate repeats and new episodes for years and still fare well enough in the ratings to dent ITV1’s early evening lineup.

      Genuine question – does the US version do particularly well in reruns as well?

  9. Bob

    I believe Winter Wipeout US repeats has beaten new competition from other channels, previously. The show is very popular and it has a fanbase all over the world.

    I have heard very good things about The Bank Job. The only thing which I am not a fan of is George Lamb but the show itself will be just as successful as Million Pound Drop, in my honest opinion.


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