Board of Excitement 29th Jan – 4th February 2012

By | January 29, 2012

Still not a massively exciting week, but no matter as Bother’s Bar has new CONTENT today, I’ve done a review of Catchphrase on iPad and iPhone (this would have been earlier today but I only discovered this afternoon there’s a native iPad version). It is not amazing, but you could have less fun for 69p.

  • Mix It Up Real Good Stage 2 – our poker tournament odyssey continues as we’re having a fun and free game of Razz this evening (basic rules – it’s seven card stud low, straights and flushes don’t count but pairs and trips do, lowest five cards win and it’s played to fixed limits). If that sounds like fun then register to play before 8pm as that’s when we’re starting. Yes we know Top Gear is on, watch it on iPlayer.
  • Only Connecting Walls – For some reason this is not the official name for the connecting wall nights they’ve been doing. Anyway, here’s the second one for those who can’t get enough of Only Connect‘s third best round. (8:30 and 10pm, Monday, BBC4)
  • The Exit List – Mainly because this would be a short list otherwise.
  • Wie is De Mol? – At some point during the week we’ll have episode four of this to look forward to.

Wow. Well never mind, let’s fill out today with a link to photos of the building of Fort Boyard‘s new watchtower, courtesy of Lovely.

Edit: Fun! Here’s INTERNATIONAL Krypton Factor from 1988.

6 thoughts on “Board of Excitement 29th Jan – 4th February 2012

  1. Travis P

    Some news from the latest recordings for The Cube. Turns out the 15 shows they’re recording, there will be 6 celebrity specials, which will include an Olympian special. Confirmed names are.

    David Haye
    Mo Farah
    Sally Gunnell
    Dai Greene
    Fatima Whitbread

    This means the other 9 shows will be for members of the public.

    Funny that I joked at Christmas they might as well call it The All Star Cube. It looks like they’re being serious, given 6 shows is practically a series of it’s own.

  2. Travis P

    Scratch that theory about The Cube. Someone on Digital Spy reckon it will be three specials but they’re recording the celebrities on different recordings.

  3. Brekkie

    They’re in danger though of doing to it what they did to Millionaire and killing it off with endless celeb specials. So much is removed from the equation when it’s a celeb playing to win cash for charity rather than a common old peasant playing to change their own life.

  4. Des Elmes

    One has to admit, though, that it’ll be make or break time for civilian Cube in the next series – especially after the last one…

    And if it ends up going the same or a similar way – that is, an abnormally high number of contestants go for it and lose everything, and only one or two get to £100k and then stop – then no doubt viewing figures will dip still further. 😕

    Could the monkeys then decide, just as they did with WWTBAM, that it’s not worth doing the civilian version any more and it’ll be celeb specials only from then on? 😕 😕


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