It’s Foreigners That Go On A Bit Weekend! (feat. Schlag den Raab 5/5/12)

I’m busy over the next few nights but there are some entertaining foreign shows on, and happily because they’re on for ages there’s a chance I might get to see some of them.

Tonight at 9-11pm UK time is the Spanish version of popular Italian fun king of the hill quiz Avanti! You can watch an official live feed of the channel here.

Saturday at 7:15 UK time Stefan Raab defends a whopping €2m on Schlag den Raab. Hopefully a naughty live feed will turn up.


  1. art begotti says:

    Thanks for posting the play-by-play!

    And thanks to Daniel for the Toaster link! I’m resisting the Facebook Timeline for as long as I can, but when I’m forced to make the switch, I’ve decided this is going to be my cover photo:

  2. Alex S says:

    I feel like I’ve very much missed out on this toaster game, what exactly did it involve?

  3. David B says:

    Are the videos on the site geolocked? When I try to play them, it shows three adverts successfully then it comes up with some error or other.

  4. Nico W. says:

    Since you guys don’t watch Raab’s late night show “TV Total”, I have to tell you about monday’s episode. Everytime Schlag den Raab has been filmed at the weekend, the contestant is one of Raab’s guest on the next monday episode. This time it was quite interesting, since I wasn’t able to see the show. Stefan and Peter were actually just talking about the last couple of games. Stefan was very very angry (never seen him like that) about his mistake at “Das Rad” where he put 9 instead of 8. Then they have been discussing about their tactics on “Pfannkuchen”, discussing if the side which had more butter on the surface should have been on top of the spatula or not. I think this is why Schlag den Raab is that great 🙂

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