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By | July 2, 2012

Weekdaily, 5pm, ITV1
20 episodes

Ben Shephard hosts a gameshow based around those coin pushers you see in arcades. Contestants use “skill and strategy” in order to earn the right to play the machine which could pay out as much as £10,000 if they’re very lucky. It’s lucky there’s £10,000 in it, because the machine itself looks a bit bland from the previews. Still though.

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  1. Bob

    Why does it seem that in the final round more counters end up vertical after the initial drop? Has the bar been lowered a fraction? When the counter stays upright it is more likely to bounce and end up riding.

  2. Danny Kerner

    New addition. If you can get the double to drop with the jackpot counter you can now win £20K. As seen today (19th Feb 2018)

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      This has actually been a rule since the New Year.

      I always thought it was stupid that it wasn’t the rule to be honest. It’s also very very difficult to do, so they’re right not to play it up too much.

      1. John R

        Almost as pointless as saying you can win £500K on DOND via BXTT really…

        I can’t believe I sat and watched the television for close to half a minute the other day just watching a static drop counter waiting to become unstuck. Incredible scenes!

        1. Brig Bother Post author

          To me it just seemed silly that the rule established for 99% of the counters didn’t apply for one particular counter. Alright, why not?

        2. Brandon

          Almost as pointless as saying you could win up to £10k (or £50k) on Weakest Link. It’s so unlikely and basically impossible.

  3. Danny Kerner

    If I was fizz and they want to build at least a possibility of paying out £20K win, I would add one more X2 counter as the producers always seem to place one on the very edge so round one always seem to pay out a double win leaving only one. It does at least place strategy on the game now as players will want to avoid them to gain at least a chance of 20K. Also a chance counter could be added so there can be a opportunity to add another X2 counter. Like 3 choices, the double, mystery or £1K counter. Maybe it could be considered and would like to hear other people opinions on this possible addition.

  4. trevor

    How are the counters dropped into the machine is done by human or mechanical means

  5. Stevo

    “Let’s see if you would have won if you would have taken the trade!”
    This is actually wrong as a single counter has many many many many many many many many many many many many different drops each second of the actual drop. You’d need some sort of multiverse machine to step outside of our reality and step inside another to see “what if”… You would never know.. ok the closest thing would be the way they show, but it’s still way-out different.
    So by stating that the contestant “would have won” is just not fair and not right.

    1. David B

      “You’d need some sort of multiverse machine to step outside of our reality”

      Let’s be fair, ITV’s scheduling is doing a decent job of trying this out.

  6. Eric Roberts

    Just watch a episode of the tipping point and it was between Katie and Jean, sudden death question was,how many s in assistant and Katie sai 3 which is right and Ben said 4 which is wrong,so Katie should of been in the final.

    1. Callum J

      The question was ‘How many S’s are there in the correct spelling of the word “assessment”‘ Kate was incorrect with her answer of 3.

  7. Tina Slattery

    On Tipping Point I don’t get why the final contestant does not go for all 3 counters for question in the 6 catagory round? Some only choose 1 or 2 counters? When 3 counters increase your chance of winning??

    1. Brandon

      The questions are supposed to be harder if you go for more counters, but I think the difficulty in the final round is all over the place so I don’t know if it works in practise. I think a more interesting way to do that round would be that the contestant chooses how many counters they want for each question but they can’t choose the same amount of counters for more than one question.


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