And now 21 Questions Wrong in Russian

By | October 21, 2013

Because obviously:


Nice graphics.

Interesting about the lack of time limits to answer, I think that’s what makes a lot of Italians lose, but going by instinct is a lot of the fun of it I think.

Incidentally Twenty Questions Wrong with Ewan Spence is well worth a listen this week. Probably a few too many Person A or Person B questions (a very easy trap to fall into, in the Brig ‘n’ Dan 21QW “production” “bible” we deliberately set out to try and avoid this) but a fun game.

Don’t know when 21QW will be returning in audio form, we all seem to be moving house.

The Italian show seems to be breaking all demographic records, if Italian TV people on Twitter are anything to go by,

7 thoughts on “And now 21 Questions Wrong in Russian

  1. Kniwt

    This week’s second contestant on Cube Ukraine benefits from an interesting ruling … and ends the episode on an unusual note. (Clip begins mid-show with this contestant.)

    Incidentally, the ads displayed in the cube are now a regular feature of this version, and they’re always for Nivea.

  2. Brig Bother Post author

    Something I’ve just noticed about this, and which might explain the relative pacing, is that the answers are offered at the end of the question not the beginning.

  3. Dmitry

    I’ve no idea just how you came across this video, but it’s great to know that people did take notice, however small it may be. From what I know, the host got the idea to make this after he saw Tom Scott’s (amazing) YouTube video. I was the contestant on this “pilot-ish” episode, it was great fun, if a bit nerve-wracking at times. Contrary to what some people seem to think, I wasn’t trying to give the right answers for the first few questions – I was merely unsure and was guessing, and the answers were (unfortunately!) right, as luck would have it.

    If you’re interested, the questions asked were as follows:
    Q1. Who was the drummer in The Beatles: Ringo Starr/John Lennon
    Q2. Which chemical element is named after a mythical Lydian king: tellurium/lanthanum (apparently neither are so this question is wrong)
    Q3. Which geometrical figure has 4 different centres: triangle/rectangle
    Q4. Which country won the first ever Olympic football tournament: France/Great Britain
    Q5. Who coined the saying “And yet it moves”: Copernicus/Galileo
    Q6. Where did the 1976 Olympics take place: West Germany/Canada
    Q7. How many chambers are in an adult fish’s heart: two/four
    Q8. Which sport contains a name of a body part in its title: volleyball/handball
    Q9. A monument to which letter of the Russian alphabet stands in Ulyanovsk: 7th/11th
    Q10. Which letter of the ancient Cyrillic alphabet was also a number meaning “30”: zemlja/ljudije
    Q11. Which is not considered a hunting breed of dog: St Bernard/spaniel
    Q12. Which is a better poker hand: flush/straight
    Q13. What was the first capital of the Golden Horde: New Stable/Sarai Batu (some intense Russian wordplay going on there)
    Q14. Which US president is a Nobel Peace Prize laureate: George W. Bush/Barack Obama
    Q15. What is voltage measured in: amps/volts
    Q16. Which town is situated in the “geographical centre of Europe”: Polotsk/Novopolotsk
    Q17. In which of Gogol’s works would you find a character called Yaichnitsa (literally means “fried eggs”): The Government Inspector/Marriage
    Q18. Which US state was named after a French king: Florida/Louisiana
    Q19. Which sea is located in the Arctic Ocean’s basin: White Sea/Black Sea
    Q20. Where is the city of Bern located: Western Europe/Eastern Europe
    Q21. Who was depicted on the first logo of Apple: Isaac Newton/Adam and Eve

    Hope that this at least provides you with some context as to what’s happening in the video! If you have any more questions, feel free to reply to this comment and I’ll try and answer them.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Thanks Dmitry!

      Q11 is interesting, we make a conscious decision never to ask what is NOT something as I felt the mental gymnastics involved when we make you answer in about a second was too much.

      I wouldn’t worry about making mistakes on the early questions, I was watching the Italian show the other day and it took the contestant more than a minute to get past question five.

  4. Ewan Spence

    Well it;s not like I’ve finished the 20QW bible yet, still feeling out the question formats, etc. BUt glad to have a listener


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