Festive Round Up

By | December 17, 2013

As you’ve doubtless gathered, it’s basically Christmas and basically I’m out having various dinners because I’m so popular and that. Expect a low level of service over the period (although I’ll be around variously and it’s the final Schlag den Raab of the year on Saturday and Placebo are on it! So look out for that.), there’s not much news about anyway. However here are some things you might have missed:

  • Pointless Celebrities on Saturday outrated Sports Personality of the Year in the overnights, the award show that middle-class ratings watchers said would beat the X Factor Final. Ha ha, no. Former host Jake Humphrey SHOWED HIS DISPLEASURE:

9 thoughts on “Festive Round Up

  1. John R

    Get well soon Travis!

    My Christmas involves lots of audience visits! Millionaire tomorrow, The Cube and Deal Or No Deal both at the back end of January!

    All shows that I don’t actually think will be around much longer sadly (Well Millionaire definitely won’t!)

  2. Paul B

    Absolutely awful news about Travis. Just horrible. If anyone is in touch with his family please do pass on Josephine and my condolences, for what little they’re worth.

  3. Delano

    News from VRT (Flemish broadcasting company):

    -Twee tot de Zesde Macht returns for a 3rd series, and it might arrive early in the new year as they are now accepting applications.

    -New Year’s Day 2014 starts off with a new quiz show, called “De Twaalfde Man” (The Twelfth Men). In five weeks to come, teams of eleven members (all of them related to each other) compete to win an all-inclusive trip to the World Cup in Brazil.

    -Around two weeks later, Wauters vs. Waes, a game show in which Koen Wauters (a famous singer) duels with Tom Waes (a famous comedian) in a series of challenges, spread out over ten weeks. Broadcasters are VRT één and VTM, with one channel broadcasting the first five shows live and the second one the final five shows. The other channel will merely play catch-up.

      1. Delano

        It gets even better: the public were given a chance to submit their own ideas, and ten of them are used, one per show.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Ta, don’t fancy its chances at 45 minutes.

      They said it was going to lead into The Voice last year, turns out they were right after all.


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