Gotta Get Down on Thursday

It’s Thursday!

  • Lisa Thiel the new Egghead in waiting will be a contestant on Revenge of The Egghead tonight on BBC2 at 6pm. Apparently this is what led to being offered a full-time role, so likely worth a watch.
  • If you’ve been playing Dan Peake’s Wie is De Mol Suspect List game, be aware that the final week’s entry (the double points one with only two people to choose from) closes this afternoon, as the finale goes out in the Netherlands this evening. Fingers crossed for fast subbing!
  • Finally do you remember three weeks ago when the Pointless app was still exciting? Well prepare to rekindle your gameshow app excitement, there’s an OFFICIAL Reflex app for iOS and Android. Yes. Cursory play suggests it’s fun enough (although you only seem to get seven games for your £1.49) although the quiz showdown seems a bit impossible on the iPad where you’ve got a much longer distance to travel with your finger to hit your buzzer. Still, if you wanted to live out your “buzz in when you see a dog wearing sunglasses” fantasies, your dreams have come true.


  1. Delano says:

    The very next day indeed.

    I’m not nitpicking, but Jeremy flirted with Lisa and CJ had some love-hate affair.

    Just eavesdropping, just eavesdropping…

  2. Lewis says:

    Completely unrelated (unless being a mainland European show like De Mol is related), I’ve just thought to look up the musical guests for next Saturday’s SdR. We’ve got Clean Bandit with their track “Rather Be” and Bastille with “Of the Night”.

    I know! Clean Bandit! I can’t wait!

    • Brig Bother says:

      Could there yet be a third mystery performance? It’s all too exciting.

      I’m totally looking forward to next weekend, I’m getting up super early to help film some Schlag den Baar stuff in London then I’m racing back to Cambridge to commentate on Schlag den Raab, then the clocks go forward.

      I might do a ‘what time will Brig get up on Sunday?’ competition for big cash prizes so make sure you all listen.

  3. Brig Bother says:

    Amazing Greys starting April 12th after Britain’s Got Talent apparently. Quite the lead-in.

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