24 Hour Game Show Marathon this weekend

By | May 12, 2014

This weekend it’s the third annual 24 Hour Game Show Marathon, fronted by Cory Anotado, Bob Hagh and Christian Carrion, where they play home made versions of popular US and UK gameshows without sleep for 24 hours for charity, this year the Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia, at time of writing they’re a third of the way towards their $2,500 target and they haven’t even started yet (you can donate here).

If you haven’t watched their efforts the last few years, imagine Cory Anotado’s Game Show Gauntlet but writ large in a studio, and they play the whole games rather than bits of them.

The fun kicks off at midday Philadelphia time on Saturday, which is 5pm UK time, and should all be livestreamed unless something hilarious happens.

8 thoughts on “24 Hour Game Show Marathon this weekend

  1. James

    Hi all. First post in a while. Few interesting notes of point;

    – Schlag den Star returns on 19th July. The 4-part series will see one celebrity pitted against another over 9 games.

    – Utopia, the new Big Brother-style show, debuts on Fox in the Autumn. It has been scheduled for 2 weekly slots, Tuesday at 8pm & Friday at 9pm. Not sure what to make of that.

    – With The X Factor being axed by Fox, Hell’s Kitchen gets a 2nd season this year, airing in the Fall, Wednesday’s at 8pm.

    – The Voice has been renewed for a 7th and 8th season on NBC. Dancing with the Stars and The Bachelor have both been renewed for a 19th season by ABC.

    – ‘Quizduell’ is a game show based on an app of the same name. It launched today in Germany on ARD, as a teatime show. The show sees a team of contestants in the studio play against ‘Team Deutschland’, viewers across Germany in a general knowledge quiz. The first show was hit by a huge problem though.

    Hackers disrupted the app’s servers, which basically made the whole show ineffective. A team of audience members replaced the viewer participation parts. 160,000 people had signed up prior to launch. It’s fair to say it was quite embarrassing.

    1. Matt Clemson

      Wait, Schlag den Star is Celebrity vs Celebrity this time? I wonder:

      * If both of them have the Raab-joker?
      * If both are individually playing for their own charity (so you’ll get a handout every episode)
      * How we decide who to root for (!)

      1. Matt Clemson

        If they take the Raab joker out completely, that means *even more* Raab sitting on things in the background…

        1. Brig Bother Post author

          No, Raab’s hosting.

          Presumably both celebs in each episode are playing for charity.

          I think this is a pretty good idea – it lets you do the format without the celebs being uncomfortable about denying a member of the public a large sum of money.

  2. Brig Bother Post author

    Bumdidlyumptious who did such a good job of subbing The Genius has turned her hand to a new show called Crime Scene. Looks interesting, but I don’t have time to watch it this evening. Will watch and write a thing about it tomorrow probably, in the meantime follow her Twitter for links: https://twitter.com/bumdidlyump

    1. David B

      Very interesting adaptation of a crime game. Non-spoilery mini review:

      Positives: Quite similar to the Phoenix Wright method of chat, evidence gathering and deduction. Interesting Dogville-style room layouts with no walls. Decent attempt to bring the viewer along with the developments, although we don’t know at this stage how clever-clever the case is (I only spotted one thing, which appears to be minor at this stage).

      Negatives: Be warned – there’s a cliffhanger ending. Slightly disappointing it can’t get a whole case done in 75 minutes of telly; that will possibly hurt its worldwide format value. Quite a lot of backstage TV shenanigans, which I feel slightly ruins the atmosphere (The Genius worked well with the whole “players work out the rules as they go along” plot, but here it seems slightly too chaotic). Having six players makes some stages a bit repetitive. The progress of the plotline seemingly depends on the competence of the players.

      It might pick up, but at the moment it’s feeling like a 7/10.

  3. Paul B

    Pointless 3.57m (28.1%)
    Ejector Seat 1.07m (12.4%)
    Eggheads 1.03m (6.6%)
    Come Dine With Me 0.96m (7.2%)
    The Link 0.83m (14.3%)
    Only Connect 0.79m (3.6%)
    Four in a Bed 0.69m (6.2%)
    Deal or No Deal 0.58m (7.7%)
    Draw It 0.48m (5.3%)
    Countdown 0.41 (6.8%)

    Paul O’Grady 1.64m (13.5%)

    All include HD and +1 where appropriate.


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