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Alright, this deserves wider recognition than being hidden in a comment thread, thanks to David for pointing out that somebody’s uploaded an entire episode of amazing eighties kids game Knock Your Block Off with Steve Blacknell. Looks like a Christmas special, as it would have otherwise been a segment of Saturday morning show TX.


The main thing here is that we evidently remembered the game all wrong – get a question right and you’re obliged to destroy your own wall for a prize, which surely wouldn’t fly thirty years later. Still, some good BBA action on show here.


  1. Hassaan

    Hi. I’d be interested to know if you have any game show ratings for yesterday? 🙂

  2. Mart with a Y not a I

    Who wrote Blacknell’s script?
    “Hope you’ve had a great time – eating too much, not drinking too much, I trust”

    Drinking too much? That was the 80’s where the kids weren’t knocking back the JD and Coke before 7.30am like they do today ..


    Also, great theme tune. Totally different to what you would expect for a show that was a pre-recorded insert for a Childrens programme. But then reading the credits at the end, it did read like this was the Bullseye’s production team summer job.

    Whilst stumbling around You Tube last night, I found this – which may be of interest to scholars of US gameshows. It’s a behind the scenes look at the recording/taping in real time of a recent edition of The Price Is Right.
    You can also play a nice sidegame whilst watching – guess just how long does Drew spend chatting with the winning contestant on stage once he’s thrown to a break?
    Clue – the break bumper stings are longer sometimes…

    1. David

      This was a second screen experience from an ep they did a few months ago- they always tape the show basically “as live” so in this case they synched this up with the episode when it aired.

  3. Chris M. Dickson

    Thank you very much for finding and sharing this, David! Never knew there was a Chatsworth link. This is well up on the “never thought I’d see this again list, making it all the more delightful a find. (Next: might Chatsworth’s Cross Combat ever make it to the tubes?) What a rule-heavy show, in retrospect, and perhaps the BBA was a bit too powerful if you have an accurate attacker – but what speed, and what great fun! (I love the spirit of the show, too, going as far as people getting to push the walls over at the end…)

  4. Qusion

    Completely unrelated but can someone help trigger my memory here.

    There was once a kids game show in the late eighties or early nineties. There were four contestants who sat on static bikes throughout a quiz segment, each bike a different design and primary colour. Contestants who got questions wrong were sometimes given a bag of rubbish or had to sit in a skip.

    There may have been a segment earlier in the show based on a pedestrian crossing. After this the audience, players and presenter smashed through a wall. This may however have been a different programme all together.

    Any ideas?


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