Beat the Beast

By | November 19, 2014

So here’s fun, I was watching The Chase US on Challenge last night, and then looked at my Twitter feed this morning and it looks like not only have Challenge got day and date on US first run episodes, they’re actually airing them hours before they go out on GSN. So spoil away!

In other news reports are saying that Gemma Collins has quit I’m a Celebrity, which is a shame as she’s been entertaining (although almost certainly would have been voted into the Bushtucker Trials when she became eligible).

I wonder which of the Chasers will crack and do the jungle first? I can’t believe it’s not been offered.

11 thoughts on “Beat the Beast

  1. Alex McMillan

    It would be Paul I think, Anne and Shaun don’t seem like they’d be up for it, and I always imagined Mark as more of a “Celebrity Big Brother” kinda guy.

  2. Chris M. Dickson

    I reckon it would be Mark. He’s already talked about doing Splash! – and, if memory serves, only didn’t end up doing so for medical reasons. As a rugby boy, he’s also not afraid of a few knocks. He’d certainly be good at it, if and only if he wanted to. (I idly wonder if you could find a good nose-to-tail butcher who’d be willing to prepare you samples of the more unusual body parts, even if taken from more mundane animals, if you wanted to prepare yourself in advance for the eating challenges.) In order of descending likelihood: Mark, Paul, Anne, Shaun.

    If only there were some way of the Chasers themselves finding out that we were talking about them and being able to confirm or deny if they cared to, tum-te-tum…

    1. Andrew 'Kesh' Sullivan

      As far as I was aware, Monday’s was the last episode of Season 3 and Tuesday’s episode was a repeat of the first episode of Season 3 as it showed a grid of past contestants in the opening sequence and eliminated those who were beaten by Mark, leaving only the ones that won. So if tonight’s episode was ALSO a repeat, could that mean that for the remaining 2 nights, the 2 Season 4 episodes could be shown? From next Monday, Pointless will be taking the 8pm slot.

      1. Brig Bother Post author

        Nope, yesterday night was definitely 402, Elissa playing for $15k – the episode list is on the link there. The surprise was reading through the Twitter feed from GSN this morning and going ‘oh hang on, this seems rather familiar’.

  3. Another Anne

    OK, so just seen this. Absolutely would not do the jungle – not enough money in the world. And ITV does not allow its current on-screen talent to do CBB.


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