Prized Apart then

By | December 11, 2014

So this has been on our radar for a while (as Very Much The Sort Of Thing We Like) and the BBC have put out a press release for it announcing Emma Willis and Reggie Yates as the hosts (Yates does the on-location adventure stuff, Willis the quiz element back in the studio). It’s due Saturday nights in Spring 2015, which I guess is shorthand for “whenever The Voice finishes” as Willis will be hosting that as well. Speaking of The Voice, that’s been a bit quiet hasn’t it? The spinny chairs and knockouts have been recorded and they’ve barely registered.

Prized Apart is a show where couples are split up – one of them performs difficult adventure challenges somewhere in the world, the worst performers are flown back where their partner must compete in a quiz to keep them in the game, with a big prize going to the last couple left.

It was originally meant to be happening in January if I recall correctly and will now likely be up against Britain’s Got Talent, so best of luck everyone.

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