Who lives in a house like this?

By | October 31, 2016

Fun at the weekend as someone pointed out that the Taskmaster House is listed on Foxton’s Estate Agents for rent for the low low price of £4,117 per month.

This three bedroom and two bathroom, 1,009 square foot des res features both a “modern kitchen” and “guest WC” and is within a short distance of Barnes Bridge, Mortlake and Chiswick railway stations in London’s popular Zone 3 district.

On top of four grand you’re likely to have a hefty council tax bill, and with an energy efficiency rating of 1 (out of 100) high heating costs too – it might have a modern kitchen but apparently no insulation. This is probably why it also has an environmentally friendly rating of 14 (out of 100).

Why not try and predict which room is the one they put all the plastic sheeting up around?

I’ve often wondered how this works for filming, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen the letting, but at some point in the next six months they will be filming two more series there.

The last in the series is tomorrow night on Dave.

Edit: Hot of the Twitter Press:

Quite a good line-up, not a Noel Fielding fan but can understand what he might bring to the table. Lolly Adefope is in my blind spot. I think Joe Lycett will be good value, and Mel and Hugh are old hands.

20 thoughts on “Who lives in a house like this?

  1. Matt Clemson

    Does it come furnished? Excepting, of course, the disconcerting giant portraits of Greg.

  2. Chris M. Dickson

    The “win a visit to the set” prize for the “most dramatic wildlife photo” competition has suddenly become a lot less exciting. Seeing as we know the address (making the big assumption that they film future series there) is there ever any indication as to when they film the challenges? For instance, does Alex Horne ever tweet about it when they’re filming? With a date and time, that’s practically a “drop by and say hi” invitation, or a “hang around outside and see if there are any challenges which require passers-by” at the very least.

    Anecdotally, doesn’t Richard Osman live very near there anyway? Would be amusing if his location was part of the reason they cast him…

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      He did tweet whilst the last series was filming asking if anywhere sold loads of candyfloss.

      Last tume I heard Richard lived near Cambridge, I occasionally see him at the train station. No idea if that’s changed.

    2. Tom F

      It’s mentioned in S3 (ep two? I think?) that Al Murray lives very near the TM house.

      I believe Richard does live in Cambridge; me and a friend have a game to text each other whenever we spot him.

      1. Chris M. Dickson

        The Express suggested otherwise a few months back, but (a) they might be lying and/or (b) he could well own more than one property. I’d bet small money on the latter.

        Actually, talking of bets, didn’t someone bet against Brig on the Bar about something to do with The Crystal Maze? I don’t remember the specifics other than that there was a bet…

  3. David Symonds

    8 eps in both next series according to Alex’s twitter. (You may already know this)

  4. Thomas Sales

    Lolly Adefope is due to appear on an episode of QI, possibly the one aired 23rd December assuming that they go out in the same order they were recorded and that QI broadcasts aren’t disrupted due to Christmas schedules. Any idea what Toksvig-fronted QI’s getting?

    1. Matt Clemson

      No, I’m not quite sure how I failed so spectacularly at counting, there.

  5. Arun

    Really quite surprised that the panel contains NONE of what ANYBODY suggested with the dream series 4 and 5 line ups. Don’t really know who Lolly Adefooe is but will watch the QI episode with her. My prediction is Hugh will win.

  6. David B

    The S4 lineup looks good, but I have to say that this series has ended up quite disappointingly for me. There’s been fewer “aha” moments where a genuinely clever solution had been possible and some of the tactics (get someone to help, get a taxi, get Alex to buy something) are getting a bit repetitive.

    With S2 and S3 recorded back-to-back I guess this was inevitable that they might run out of steam, so let’s how the increased running length of series 4-5 doesn’t exacerbate this further.

    1. JonathanEx

      It’ll be interesting to see if they do 4 and 5 as back to back – or if they do, if they take some gaps and split up which parts of it are done as back to back (location v studio). I guess the 8 episode runs are long enough that you get the economy of scale there.

      But how they tidy up the rules in light of people’s exposure of the show will be interesting as you say – I liked how the rules didn’t say someone else couldn’t move the buckets, but dealt with it with Alex deciding (mostly) not to be bothered.

  7. James

    Last Schlag den Star of the year (and the last one to feature Frank Buschmann as commentator) is on the 10th of December


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