Whilst we’re on our unofficial old Dutch show week here at Bother’s Bar Youtube suggested something for me I hadn’t seen in about 25 years, Prijzenslag, a Dutch version of The Price is Right I used to watch on satellite on Dutch RTL when I was about ten. If I remember correctly this was followed by a show where people would ring up and control a bulldozer using their phone to push money into pits but the channel would usually become scrambled about half way through.

Obviously being about ten I found a show with the word “slag” written in big letters quite funny. Also Hans Kazan (magician stage name) had a particular way of presenting which meant I thought Dutch was quite a ‘hurdy-gurdy’ language for years. He’s brilliant (and still a going concern), but even now watching this I think he could be a young Paul Whitehouse character. Hurdy-Guilder, more like.


A couple of observations the 35-year-old me can now make: I do quite like the theme tune. The one-bid items are hysterically cheap – about £10-20, and the showcase only so much better (a TV and video recorder, and that’s it). I’ve got no idea what’s going on with Hole in One the thumbnail is suggesting, it feels like you either get the order completely correct, in which case you can putt a few inches from the hole, or you make a mistake in which case you have to putt from the longest spot (with obstacles!) regardless, although you seem to take your second putt from wherever the first one rests.

Anyway, Prijzenslag there. It ran from 1990 to 1993. Surely John De Mol’s finest hour.

In other news Robot Wars is apparently back on Sunday 26th at 7pm. EDIT: No apparently it isn’t now, March 5th.


  1. Danny Kerner says:

    If this rumoured times slot of 7pm is true then why hasn’t Robot Wars come back sooner. There is nothing stopping it currently

  2. Barney Sausage says:

    Used to LOVE Prijenslag… Am I dreaming, or was there a comedy show that followed it “Jaap Ap” – featuring a still picture of a gorilla, with a moving mouth superimposed on it??

  3. TheLupineOne says:

    How many game shows are out there that have the channel’s logo appearing within the studio as seen on Prijzenslag? I can give two examples off the top of my head: Top Class on CBBC had the CBBC logo on Susan Calman’s desk, while the Keith Chegwin-fronted It’s A Knockout on Channel 5 had the ⑤ logo appearing on the “advertising hoardings” on the sides of the arena, and on the shirts of the cheerleaders (which had to be censored out for repeats on Challenge).

    • Alex says:

      Glucksrad 90 had a shower of beachballs with the Sat1 logo on if they won the Super round.

      • Brig Bother says:

        I think it’s fair to suggest that a lot of European satellite at the time would feature a lot of its own branding in its shows to reinforce their existence with viewers. Sat 1’s output at the time had a very clean, uniform look (which I really like), the ball symbol would be found in loads of their shows.

        I especially liked that they slapped a Sat 1 sticker on all the monitors on Fort Boyard.

    • Matt Clemson says:

      It’s not *quite* what you’re asking for, but should we count 3-2-1 for including the Yorkshire Television logo in the intro sequence?

      • TheLupineOne says:

        I’m pretty sure the YTV logo was incorporated in the 3-2-1 logo, and that logo appeared in the studio, so yes, if that’s the case, count 3-2-1 amongst them as well!

    • David says:

      One big one you’re all missing: ProSieben, on Schlag den Raab.

  4. Callum J says:

    Chasers Mark, Anne, Jenny and Shaun will be doing a Wizard of Oz melody on Let’s Sing and Dance for Comic Relief!

    • Matt Clemson says:

      Oooh, I want to hear more about Anne Hegerty’s nine-year-old Scarecrow alongside Peter Polycarpou’s Cowardly Lion.

  5. Nico W. says:

    There is a new RTL ident with Nazan Eckes where she stands in front of a white wall and is dressed entirely in white. But then there is a stream of colour shot at her and hits the wall next to her. I am not entirely sure, because I never watched it, but I think it could be a hint at a German spotless, because this ident looks remarkably different from your average RTL ident.
    Now I’m writing about RTL I notice I forgot to tell you about “The Big Bounce”. They aired contestant calls in every I’m A Celeb ad break and just said something like “Do you want to make a big jump? You don’t have to know anything or be an extraordinary athlete, you just have to hit the trampoline right”. As far as I know, no other details have been shared yet. I guess it’s something for the summer line-up with German Ninja Warrior and possibly Spotless somehow.

    • Brig Bother says:

      I’ve not heard of Spotless selling (although that doesn’t mean it hasn’t) although evidently they’d have made many changes because it didn’t really have a host here, just a voiceover.

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