Nevar say Nevar again

So here’s a TV researcher job which sounds exactly like CBBC are about to reboot BAFTA award winning show Raven.

Of course it might be something completely different that just happens to sound exactly like it.


  1. Dan says:

    I used to love raven as a kid and would love for it to come back. Cbbc normally announces their commissions around this time of year so hopefully there will be more news soon.

    Even if it isn’t a raven reboot it’s been quite a long time that we had a children’s adventure show. I think the last one was escape from scorpion island which I wouldn’t mind seeing a reboot of too.

  2. David says:

    They also had an assistant producer job up for the same thing (looks like a challenge producer mainly)

    And in other show news, The Jump is now up to three in play injuries (one requiring someone to withdraw, and one I wouldn’t be shocked to end in a withdraw) plus two pre-season injuries (one ending in a withdraw)…

  3. Danny Kerner says:

    On other adventure news Itv & Potato have announced a water based Ninja warrior/wipe out style show called Cannonball

  4. Callum J says:

    From this Linkedin profile, it seems they are definitely working on a Raven reboot

    She is a designer at BBC Scotland currently working on developing a design style for “Raven” on CBBC.

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