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By | April 17, 2017

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There are a lot of interesting shows starting in the next fortnight, I don’t predict this will generate much discussion but we’ll put it here anyway – Fern Britton invites nine cooks to show off their skills in a bid to win £1,000. Each week a different chef joins Britton to set the challenges – this week it’s Gordon Ramsey, which might seem like punching above its timeslot but it’s his show so it’s probably not that much of a surprise.

Here’s quite an entertaining interview with Fern and husband (and judge) Phil Vickery in the Huffington Post.

2 thoughts on “Show Discussion: Culinary Genius

  1. Callum J

    I’m not a fan of shows like Masterchef, I usually find them quite boring. But, so far I’m enjoying this, though I do like Gordon Ramsay from his other shows. It will be interesting to see what the show is like without him next week.

  2. Mart With A Y Not An I

    Found it amusing in the back of last weeks Radio Times, the man Ramsay said that “he didn’t know this was a daytime show” – the name of the indie production company making this for ITV?

    Studio Ramsay. Guess he is too busy lending his name to restaraunts, cookbooks, kitchen utensils, sink plungers ect to notice exactly what his production company are pitching for commissions.

    For what it’s worth. Saw the first episode. And it’s OK.

    It’s not a radical format, but the increase in time with a heafty decrease in contestants playing round by round does give it some structure.

    Set is almost a complete rebuild of the one last used for Iron Chef UK. It’s crying out for a steadycam, rather than let the studio cameras do all the sideway tracking shots, and Fern is lovely as usual, shouting “Medics” whenever a hapless contestant slices finger instead of vegetable – and doing very little else.
    Winner of each shows reveal actually had some visual thought put into it – so well done creative team on that one.

    Didn’t leave a nasty taste in the mouth when watching – but didn’t want me coming back for another helping either.


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