Show Discussion: Don’t Ask Me Ask Britain

By | April 18, 2017

Tuesdays, 8pm,

After runs in both the Middle East and Italy, Alexander Armstrong invites teams led by Frank Skinner and Jonathan Ross to predict what app voting Britons think on a variety of topics.

You can download the app for Android and iThing.

We saw a runthrough of this years ago and weren’t that enamoured with it – back then it was designed as a big money quiz, I think turning it into effectively a low-stakes comedy panel show is probably the best move, although it’s fairly unique in being a live one.

10 thoughts on “Show Discussion: Don’t Ask Me Ask Britain

  1. Brig Bother Post author

    I suspect the scriptwriters are furiously rewriting Armstrong’s intro in the wake of the election announcement as we speak.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      I watched the first half, I did think they’d fit more questions in. I like the talent involved though.

  2. David S

    I think it helped me having Twitter etc open while watching. I can see that the discussion was actually not that interesting, and would have been better to get through more questions.

  3. Cliff

    That was pretty poor. At least the app worked well, I suppose.

    I’ve got lots of criticisms, but the biggest is that they went down the usual path of booking male comedians but female non-comedians. It means that even though (including the Gogglebox-inspired family in their home) 5 of the 8 people on screen were women, they’d ensured that the men would still dominate proceedings.


  4. Clive of Legend

    Nice to see an ITV panel show that hasn’t been edited to hell and back. Enjoyed it, though could do with some more questions, yes. Hopefully, being live, they’ll take some criticisms on board next episode.

  5. Dan

    I’m in the minority in that I actually seemed to like it. It did have some first episode starting bumps but it was entertaining.

    1. Callum J

      Same here, but I think they should have got comedians instead of Jamelia and Deborah. Deborah was alright, but I found Jamelia a bit boring.

      They didn’t necessarily have to be comedians, but it would have helped. Alien Fun Capsule had some people who weren’t comedians, but were quite funny (like Lorraine Kelly and Kathy Burke).

  6. Callum J

    They’ve lost the Gogglebox family for this episode.


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