WIDM ’18

Get your Molboekjes ready, Wie is De Mol? returns on January 6th for another run of celebrity sabotage hijinks and it will have to do great things if it’s to match last year’s hugely entertaining series. Ten Dutch celebrities are off to Georgia to complete challenges set by Art Rooijakkers to earn money for a pot which the winner will take home, but one of the ten is a secret saboteur. The winner is not the person who does best in the challenges, but the person who best works out who the Mole is and remembers everything they’ve done.

As usual, we ask our international friends not to spoil episodes until the brilliant Marieke has put up the English subtitled eps. The following links will take you straight to the relevant parts of the discussion.

Let’s meet the contestants, from left to right:

  • Writer and philosopher Stine Jensen
  • Comedian Emilio Guzman
  • NOS Journaal presenter Simone Weimans
  • BNNVARA presenter Jan Versteegh
  • Fashion designer Olcay Gulsen
  • Tears & Marble band member Bella Hay
  • Fokke and Sukke (comic characters) draftsman Jean-Marc van Tol
  • Pianist and singer Ruben Hein
  • Actress Loes Haverkort
  • AVROTROS presenter Ron Boszhard

Happy Mol hunting!

46 thoughts on “WIDM ’18

  1. Daniel Peake

    The Suspect List will also return this year! Each week you play along, putting the candidates in order of who you think the Mole is, the higher up your list the better. More details nearer the time!

  2. Andrew, the Yank

    I’m going to try to keep up with this for once and participate in the Suspect List.

  3. Matt Clemson

    Well, I’ve made it through 2016, so I might just be able to get through 2017 and the first episode of 2018 in time to get a Suspect List entry in, we’ll see; looking forward – if I can pull it off – to actually watching the programme at broadcast rate!

    While catching up with what was said in the BB thread on 2016, I noticed a couple of people asking if 2014 was up anywhere else; it’d been hit with copyright strikes, and without TDS there wasn’t an upload to another source. At some point last year I figured out a way to resurrect them, after a fashion; even if a YouTube video is hit with a copyright strike, it’s still possible to extract the softsubs from it, and I could combine those softsubs with a fresh grab from the Avro website; you still need to tweak sync a little (easy enough to do, since you can use the episode title as an anchor point), but it works fine.

    Not sure what to actually *do* with all this! There’s enough information there for someone to put together their own viewing of 2014 (and I can probably fill in a couple of gaps with a bit of work to remind myself of how precisely I did the extraction!), but I do have all the raw files – although I’m not entirely comfortable with the idea of redistributing TDS’s work without her permission.

    Is there still interest in 2014, is it worth me throwing together a more detailed writeup of how to put the bits together?

  4. Brig Bother Post author

    Well that was a cracker of an opener, just one challenge, but really surprising, multilayered and clever. Laughed like an idiot at the reasoning behind the safe being at M18.

    That first elimination was *brutal*. When Art suggested there was going to be a test after the first assignment I assumed it would be some sort of ‘not really going home’ test, then I noticed what the time was. They all seemed so excited to be doing The Mole for real only for one to have the rug pulled under them before the experience started properly.

    1. Stephen

      Agreed on the elimination totally thought it was gonna be a not really going home type of situation

  5. Steve

    Leaving a bit more spoiler room just in case.

    So when I heard this season was going to be in Georgia, I thought to myself, “Oh, it’d be funny if they sent half the group to the US state of Georgia instead of the country to see how long it takes for them to figure it out.” I was joking, but somehow not far off!

  6. Greg

    Excellent opener. I already have a strong suspect but im guessing most of you will be thinking along the same lines as it was quite blatant, or maybe it was moling but for now that is the only suspect i have so will be sticking with it for the time being.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      I haven’t thought about it too deeply but suspect it’s one of the four who a) opened the safe and b) found jokers rather than cash.

    2. Jared

      I’ll take a guess: Jan? The only suspicious action that felt incredibly blatant to me in this episode was when he called Art “to get the password to the safe” even though he and Jean-Marc figured out the Tbilisi clue early on.

  7. Daniel Peake

    Great start to the series – a wow moment upon realising where they all were!

    Suspect list will be incoming tomorrow… success!

  8. Dale

    That was such a crazy opening for the show. I honestly have no idea who to suspect at the moment. I would think the mole would use this chaos to blend in as much as possible. There is no risk in pairs because if your partner went home any evidence left with them. Loes is slightly on my radar because her reaction seemed so unnatural during the execution. But my initial gut was for Jan or Jean-Marc as well.

    The preview for the next episode threw me for a loop at the mention of two traitors and double murder. It makes me think that we either have two moles or a double elimination coming or something even crazier. I think they are definitely not playing around this series after that opening that is for sure.

  9. John R

    First time I’ve watched, great subtitles – just need to invent some nicknames for the actual contestants now to help me remember them…

    Nice to see they get to use Surface Pros these days rather than a Windows 98 laptop!

  10. Daniel Peake

    The Suspect List is BACK! Can you spot The Mole better than anyone else? Time to prove it in our little playalong competition!

    Each week, simply put the suspects in order from most likely to be the Mole to least likely to be the Mole.

    The least-Moley person at the bottom of the list is worth 0 points, the next up is worth 1 point, then 2 points and so-on, the your Prime Suspect at the top of the list is always worth 10 points regardless of number of candidates in the list.
    There is also a bonus execution-style question each week worth 3 points which can make or break the winner! It certainly has in the past!

    THIS YEAR – you have a JOKER (Pronounced “yoker” of course). It doubles your score for the week you play it. You may use it once only (if you accidentally use it more than once I’ll only count the first time you play it). Will you play it early when there’s more scores you could potentially double? Or will you wait until there’s fewer candidates so you’re more sure of who it is? You decide!

    Here’s the link to play for Week 1:

    — Dan Peake

      1. David B

        My yellow dodecahedron is indeed being gainfully employed once more.

  11. Aiden

    Really liked the opening challenge & this cast has a lot of interesting characters 🙂 possible spoilers below!!

    I have a few suspicions but the obvious strategy for the mole here would be the phone calls to Art to lower the pot. On that line of thinking, in the moles shoes they could go to a location which contained the 2000 euro knowing that would easily be taken away due to the other contestants calling Art for clues, and look like the heroes of the group by bringing in money rather then jokers

    Other red flags-
    Jan – immediately suggested to his team mate to not share information to other teams which would mean the others teams would be more likely to call Art thus lowering the pot. Also later in the episode called Art for the passcode knowing full well it would not be revealed and would only reveal information they already knew. Also I do find it strange they called for this without seeing the safe first and trying to guess the passcode

    Simone – I do find it very strange that she saw the ‘M18’ clue because personally I thought that was very tricky to work out.. She is either very observant or already knew that was the answer from being the mole and seeing as they had got jokers instead of money, thought she would be the hero to bella and go to the safe knowing they had no cash to bank

    Shine/ emilio – hung up when other teams asked for information, however I personally think from the editing of the show its abit too obvious for that to be a mole action

    Top suspects – Olcay & Rubén
    Ruled out – Jean Marie

  12. TVs Michael Harmstone

    The moment where you realise that they’re not even in the same country and that we have a challenge that’s taking place over five different countries is just absolutely insane. This is maybe the most shocked I’ve ever been for a Mole episode ever. Holy cow.

    1. Anthony Williams off of BBC's The Code

      Wow! I’m thinking “where in Eastern Europe are they and why haven’t they said yet?” for ages then Boom!

      Are they really sending Ron home without meeting everyone? Where were the titles shot??

      I spotted something which is either a red herring and I’m into tunnelvisie mode early on or is very significant…hmmm

      1. Andrew, the Yank

        I also saw something that is either a clue or a red herring!

  13. Clicky

    That opening was effing crazy O_O. I loved it considering I was a bit bored last season (despite being a diehard fan, the past two seasons I think, overall, bored me a bit). But this opening defintely made up for it.

    The scenario could have put duos in a unique scenario if they thought they were the only team that lost. You could have turned to your partner and said “hey I’ll put my quiz on this half the players, you put them on the other half” and if the other person got executed you could have eliminated half the suspects.

    Can’t wait to see what happens next ^_^.

  14. Andrew, the Yank

    I caught a glimpse of a couple comments, so the twist of them being in different countries was spoiled, alas, but it was still an effective device even knowing it going in.

    That episode was great, albeit that my first main suspect got eliminated. Of course. I have some other ideas though, and copious notes. I’m probably going to try to rewatch it later this week to try to refine my guesses for The Suspect List.

    1. Nico W.

      Funnily enough he was my least probable Mol and that annoys the hell out of me. I love having a non-Mol throughout to put in last place in Dan’s game – but it never works, they always get eliminated as soon as I am sure about them!

      1. Clicky

        I also thought he was least probable Mole. He seemed lost/confused the whole time, didn’t seem very gung-ho about the game.

  15. David

    I’m going with Olcay. It seemed very odd that she tried to brush so quickly over the other pair asking where in Kiev they were, and then it was very noticeable that she was the only one who didn’t visibly react to the trick.

    1. Clicky

      I concur with you while watching the episode… I also noticed instead of reacting to things herself, she tended to look to her partner and observe their reaction instead.

      Although in retrospect, The Mole would know they need to act shocked and surprised. So although initially I was 100% Olcay is the Mole, I now think that’d be silly. I specifically went over all the reactions again before making my suspect list. I noticed some were very loud with their shock, and some were literally in shock with a blank expression taking in the information. I now suspect The Mole is probably someone who gave a very vocal reaction to the revelation.

  16. Andrew, the Yank

    I’ve had a weird, hectic week and was hoping to rewatch the first episode tonight and do my Suspect List entry. Instead I went from work to dinner with colleagues, to hanging out at a coworker’s house with visiting friends until well after midnight. I got as far as watching about 20 minutes of the episode and gave in and put in my choices, based on notes I took the first time I watched it (which in fairness, included frequently pausing and going back).

    But it’s 2am and I got my entry in and now I can sleep.

    1. Anthony Williams off of BBC's The Code & Fifteen to One

      Another great episode! I knew Ron would be back but I thought he’d have a bigger part to play. What did everyone think of the decision not to go to him? It seems crazy to me that you’d turn down a definite advantage for a potential 2000 for the pot.

      Can anyone read Gerogian? The finish line sign was shown a lot and a quick Google translate tells me it did not say “Finish” it feels like that was a clue.

      I’m not doing the suspect list because I forgot in week 1 which clearly doesn’t bode well. I had Jean Marc at the top but it’s clear now his behaviour was down to other issues.

      1. Anthony Williams off of BBC's The Code & Fifteen to One

        Turns out is translated to ‘In the finish’ so not a clue. Garrett!

        1. Brig Bother Post author

          Sidenote: Anthony if you can avoid using the apostrophe and ampersand in your name I won’t need to approve your posts every time (it’ll only be a thing for the first one, when I’ve approved you once it’ll recognise you automatically in future – although I’m about to go out so next one might be a little while).

  17. Tantusar

    Shame about Jean Marc. He really did seem flustered. Hope he had a good night’s sleep soon after.

  18. Greg

    Wow just wow as episode 2.

    Fantastic games, and the shock twist to the theatre game what WIDM is all about. Such a weird ending though something is telling me that ending is not quite right.

  19. John R

    There was a lot of ‘colour’ in Episode 2, which is probably throwing me as I was quite sure there must be a visual clue in there!

    For example Bella having that bright yellow jacket (though she still has it on next week by the looks) then a couple of contestants having the same striped shirt…then in the JCB task one of the contestants had the bright green one – argh!

    Also during the test in the library one of the contestants (sorry still not familiar with all the names!) mentioned books…

    I still remember The Mole UK Series 1 where the ‘Buxton Water’ provided during the elimination was actually a clue!

    1. Nico W.

      I was also quite sure that I saw a colour hint, but after some research I’m almost certain it was no hint…
      And I’m really sad about Jean-Marc leaving. He was one of my two favourites to win (just because he was weirdly nice, not because he was a good player or anything), but reasons like he seemed to hint at always make me a bit sad myself. He seemed great!

  20. David

    Have the ever gone this long with the pot in the negatives? Either some of the later assignments are gonna have to have big money possible, or the winner may end up owing the show money…

  21. Andrew, the Yank

    Oh my god, the shot when the group that’s just been told what the next market person looks like, but they decide to go back to Art and then the camera just lingers and you see that the guy was right behind them the whole time is just… *chef kiss* This show is so good.

    I knew as soon as I heard what the challenge was that it would be an utter mess, and somehow it was exponentially worse than I expected. That was hilarious. Also there were parts of the challenge where, especially with subtitles, it got hard to tell who was saying what. Kind of tricky when trying to figure out who’s being suspicious!

    Damn, Art is VERY handsome in black tie. Yum. Erm, I digress.

    This theater challenge is very fun.

    ALSO YESSS when they started showing a mysterious person walking the halls and then the players reacted in shock to a new text, I immediately went, “Is it Ron?!” I had been sort of suspecting he might get another chance ala the guy eliminated first in Belgian Mole last year, I feel so vindicated that I suspected correctly AND immediately guessed.

    … HOW DID THEY MESS THAT UP? God. Now I have to go back and rewatch it to figure out where the mistakes were made. Grumble grumble.

    Aw, poor Ron. 🙁

    .. and poor Jean-Marc! I’m being coy about my suspicions but I guess I can say he was my number one suspect in the Suspect List week 1. So that’s also a blow to me. But we’ll see from here, I’m starting to have some better suspicions.

  22. Daniel Peake

    Here’s Week 2 of the Suspect List. 8 Mole candidates remain – who will you put at the top of the Suspect List? Will you play your joker?

    25 people played last week and here’s the result of the bonus question.
    Did The Mole take an execution test this week?
    Yes – 28%
    No – 72%

    I won’t reveal any details, but I will say at least one person has used their joker this week.

    Even if you didn’t take part last week (Anthony) there’s still (approximately) 90% of the points left to go, so it’s well worth joining in from week 2. Last year several people came mid-table despite only playing for 3 weeks.

    Link to Suspect List Week 2 here: https://goo.gl/forms/Ml3nx4cMcWc4vlpD3

  23. Andrew, the Yank

    A question: this is actually my first time watching this version of the show, somehow (I know I’ve been missing out and hope to go back and rewatch older seasons – any recommendations?), so how do jokers work in this version exactly?


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