WIDM ’18

Get your Molboekjes ready, Wie is De Mol? returns on January 6th for another run of celebrity sabotage hijinks and it will have to do great things if it’s to match last year’s hugely entertaining series. Ten Dutch celebrities are off to Georgia to complete challenges set by Art Rooijakkers to earn money for a pot which the winner will take home, but one of the ten is a secret saboteur. The winner is not the person who does best in the challenges, but the person who best works out who the Mole is and remembers everything they’ve done.

As usual, we ask our international friends not to spoil episodes until the brilliant Marieke has put up the English subtitled eps. The following links will take you straight to the relevant parts of the discussion.

Let’s meet the contestants, from left to right:

  • Writer and philosopher Stine Jensen
  • Comedian Emilio Guzman
  • NOS Journaal presenter Simone Weimans
  • BNNVARA presenter Jan Versteegh
  • Fashion designer Olcay Gulsen
  • Tears & Marble band member Bella Hay
  • Fokke and Sukke (comic characters) draftsman Jean-Marc van Tol
  • Pianist and singer Ruben Hein
  • Actress Loes Haverkort
  • AVROTROS presenter Ron Boszhard

Happy Mol hunting!

145 thoughts on “WIDM ’18

  1. spp138

    My main suspect is still here, and still quite suspicious to me. Yay for tunnel vision, right?
    Do any of you also try to spot who the winner and the runner-up are? I usually do that, and it’s quite a challenge. But I also feel like it helps narrow down who the Mole is some years. As for this season, I think this week (Ep. 5) showed who I think the winner is going to be.

  2. Danny Kerner

    CBS Drama are showing Wheel Of Fortune starting tomorrow at 5PM. It’s likely to be USA editions but could be UK. It’s a nice edition if they are USA as challenge don’t want to touch them.

  3. Daniel Peake

    It’s time for Week 6 of The Suspect List! Has your prime suspect changed? Or are you sticking to your guns all throughout? We shall see… Success!


    Last week I asked: What was in The Mole’s envelope in the ‘Chaos’ task?
    Nothing – 33%
    €1000 – 21%
    1 joker – 21%
    2 jokers – 8%
    Mole had no envelope – 17%

  4. John R

    I didn’t pick up much this week, but I loved the little touch of having the ‘Motel’ keyring slightly scrubbed out to make the letters ‘Mol’ more obvious than the rest!

  5. Andrew, the Yank

    I liked the hotel task. Also Ruben slyly holding the jokers behind his back was hilarious.

    Olcay suddenly searching everyone’s bodies was kinda weird, as was Jan doing the same to her in her room later on. Stine listening through the door was amusing though.

    Oh man, the twist with the moving challenge is hilarious. I love this show.

    I laughed a lot at Jan trying to carry a chair with one hand out the window, and then trying to close the back door.

    Aw, Ruben’s response to Irma singing was adorable.

    OH MY GOD JAN IS HOLDING THE CHAIRS UP WITH ONE HAND ahahahaha this is amazing. And slightly terrifying.

    Astonishingly, they did well. And their chat after Art left about how he was like a father proud of them was adorable. (And they’re right, he did seem it!)

    haha, Art just walking away. He loves to be mysterious and troll the players. (Also, he’s still beautiful.)

  6. Daniel Peake

    OK, here’s a fun statistic from The Suspect List, now that we’re 5 weeks in.

    Here are the percentages of the Moliness of the contestants, but I’m not saying whose percentage is whose. If everyone put them at the top (most likely) of the suspect list they’d get 100%, if everyone put them at the bottom they’d get 0%. (So, higher = more moly)

    58, 57, 53, 52, 29

    Basically, we’re a bit split between 4 people and 1 person who we really don’t think it is, by a very significant margin. Thought that was interesting.


    1. Andrew, the Yank

      When I realized you were publishing the results of the bonus question I began to wonder about strategy of possibly giving an answer you don’t think is correct to make other people think more people are guessing someone is the mole.

      1. Clicky

        I have a very interesting strategy – I have my #1 suspect at the top. And then I put the people that I think others are likely to go all in on at the bottom, the strategy being if I think others are suspect enough that they’re worth going all in on, I don’t think I’ll have a chance to win if they’re the mole because I’m not putting them first, so put them at the bottom and then make my #2 and #3s the suspects that I think people are unlikely to bet on (aka also people I think are unlikely to be The Mole), so that if my #1 does get eliminated, I start ranking them my #1.

        This is the only reason I won 2015 :|. My top suspect got out early and I went all in on the actual Mol because in the first episode I thought it was unlikely anyone would be better on them.

        1. Brig Bother Post author

          Going all-in is almost certainly the best strategy for this game really, the difference between The Suspect List and the show is that you don’t get eliminated if you’re wrong so you can get away with not spreading. I’m not sure playing it as a one in ten guess is much fun though, and it’s not like there is a big cash prize on offer.

          1. Daniel Peake

            We’ve got 25 regular players and much beyond this the game actually breaks, because it will be much more likely that someone will absolutely just go all in on the correct person. As it stands, we’re ok with our current numbers!

        2. Andrew, the Yank

          I’ve been on the same suspect since episode 2, but I’m now pretty confident I was wrong and it’s someone I had relatively low on my list all along. I moved them up to second, but in hindsight you’re right, I should be throwing my second picks on someone less likely now. But realistically I think if my main pick is wrong it doesn’t really matter at this point.

          1. TVs Michael Harmstone

            If it’s any consolation, I had a Mole in week 1, then changed to someone else in 2 & 3 and now have been on the same Mole for three weeks. Don’t think I’ll win anymore, but I’m playing to beat my top 5 from last year.

  7. Nico W.

    I love Olcay. I have no idea whether she is the mole or not, but she is so much fun! And what a mean person being angry with Jan for turning another contestant’s screen green. She is my favourite contestant for years (if not my favourite contestant ever).
    And I would like to know at the end of The Suspect List who used tactical voting and who didn’t. I mean sometimes I think about changing my third and second place so one who was more on top in the last few weeks gets placed a bit lower, but I never really use any tactics. I just put my genuine list up and hope for the best. Which is probably not good for points, but that doesn’t really matter to me…

  8. Reid W.


    That was the red screen that I was dreading. It is safe to say that my hopes for a decent score on this year’s contest have now been blown to smithereens. I was absolutely convinced that this week’s eliminee was the Mole from Episode 1. I have had a second main suspect most of the time but now I’m beginning to doubt that too…..and now I truly have no idea what to think! On the one hand, it makes for more exciting viewing because I literally don’t have any real confidence anymore about who it is, but at the same time, it is quite painful in terms of points in the contest to have such a lack of certainty at this stage of the game. Aargh. I will be very curious to see in the final episode if Stine had a strategy to just look extremely suspicious the whole time or if she was just a very bad candidate in terms of earning money for the pot. Because she had earned by far the least money of anyone still remaining (which means that, until she was eliminated at least) she earned even less than the actual Mole, and not by a very small margin either.

    As an aside, does anyone know how trustworthy the Mole diaries are that are released after each week’s episode? If you use Google Chrome, there is an auto-translate option so that you can go to the official WIDM website and read them in English. The translations aren’t as good as the subtitles that the wonderful Marieke does for us on YouTube, but they are readable and make enough sense to easily understand them. A lot of times these seem to just be fluff that doesn’t provide much useful information, but occasionally they seem like they might provide clues. As an example, the Mole diary for Episode 2 talks about the scene where everyone is sitting around the breakfast table at the start of the episode and they are all interrogating each other about who made the various phone calls to Art, etc. The Mole diary talks about how that scene was very intense and that the Mole stayed silent and observed the other candidates (I am paraphrasing but that is the gist of it). If this is to be taken seriously, it would seem to mean that neither Simone nor Olcay could be the Mole, because they both were shown as being very vocal during that scene questioning other people. Jan and Ruben, on the other hand, say very little. I was just wondering, if anyone knows, do the producers of the show ever use these to throw people off or are they meant to be taken as legitimate clues? For example, maybe there was a lot more of that scene than what we were shown on TV and in those other parts Simone and Olcay stayed fairly quiet while Jan and Ruben talked more, and we were only shown footage that the producers wanted us to see to try and throw us off when viewed in conjunction with the Mole’s diary (i.e. the Mole is really Simone and Olcay and they don’t want us to think that, so they show just the parts of the scene where Simone and Olcay talk quite a bit/interrogate others, and then release a Mole diary that would contradict the footage we were shown, but which could still be true in other footage that we just weren’t shown). Therefore, the producers can say that the Mole diaries weren’t outright lies but can still use them along with the footage we are shown as misdirection for the audience. Because of course we know that the footage we see on TV is heavily edited to guide our suspicions certain ways, etc. And so the fact that a Mole diary would so obviously eliminate two of the four remaining contestants seems a little bit too easy, and I am inclined to view them with some suspicion. Kind of like how I view the contestant’s comments as they are taking the tests with some suspicion as well. I believe that what they say is actually true but also that there are very likely times where they say more that the editors don’t show on TV to make us think they are voting certain ways, etc. Anyway, just throwing that out there and wondering if anyone agrees/disagrees or has any prior experience with how the “Mole diaries” should be approached/analyzed. I have not ever looked at them on any past seasons, so didn’t know if they were always 100% reliable or whether they were, at times, misleading.

    Sorry for such a long and rambling post. Just trying to get my bearings again now that my Stine-tunnel has collapsed.

    1. Dale

      The diaries are fairly truthful. In the past during the live reunion they have showed hidden clues in them. But with anything regarding The Mole nothing is what it seems. ;D

  9. Andrew, the Yank

    One thing I’ve enjoyed about this version is that because it’s such a long-running show, the contestants have meta knowledge about the show, such as likely type of challenges. I think it was last episode someone was talking about wanting the laser challenge to come soon before they were eliminated because they thought it would be fun. In this episode Jan made me laugh when he was talking about how every season has a control room, and if there was a season that didn’t have it it must have been a terrible season, haha.

    I liked the bridge challenge, kind of heartwarming to see them help and work with the community, plus each other for once to succeed. And then of course immediately the train challenge is a mess with them not coordinating well together as usual. Also I can’t wait to find out how the mole sabotaged it. Did they just hide the boxes in the piles? Or throw them off the train entirely? Or…? (or did the group just mess up as per usual?)

    Art, you beautiful, cruel man, announcing to the group right before excuti how much money they have versus how much they could have.

    At this point in the game it probably doesn’t matter if I reveal this much, Stine was the person I had fairly low all along but last week panicked and thought was the mole, partly because based on the bonus question answers it was clear many of you had her. So now I’m still confident in my pick, except that suddenly someone who’s been literally my lowest pick all season is suddenly seeming very suspicious to me… so I have a bad feeling the exact same thing is going to happen to me as has the last two times I’ve watched a season of various versions of the show, which is that my mole candidate wins and my least likely mole turns out to be the mole. Which would actually be an amazing track record in its own way, I suppose.

  10. Dale

    Totally forgot to do my suspect list for the last episode!!! Oh well one week shouldn’t make too much of a difference considering most are/were between Olcay and Stine and I have been far away from them since the start. Im still unsure of who the mole really I have a top three and between those I have no idea. The mole has done a good job this year blending in with the candidates fairly well. I can wait for the reveal in a few weeks to see everything we missed.

  11. Clicky

    Loved that first challenge!

    I am typically a robot and void of emotions, but the way they edited the bridge challenge actually made me care about that type of challenge for once and felt very touched ^_^.

    Two ideas on how the Mol could have sabotaged the train challenge:

    The Mole switched labels on two of the boxes (seems unlikely).
    The Mole opened one box and hid another box in it xD (very likely).

    At this rate I really don’t know who The Mole is anymore. I feel like this episode really ramped up the option that Simone could be The Mole.

    What was the scene where Stine & Ruben were outside and Olclay whispered something to Stine and then went back inside?

  12. Reid W.


    Like you, I have seen the announcement that the new season of De Mol (Belgium) is expected to come out sometime in March—the latest I have seen was someone speculating it might start on/around March 19th, while elsewhere I have seen that it will start in early March. Whoever did the English subs for the past two seasons of the Belgian Mole has indicated that he/she will be doing them again this year. Have you considered doing a Suspect List contest for that this year? I, for one, would love it if we could all do another contest like this one for the Belgian Mol and I would imagine most of the other participants in the WIDM Suspect List would enjoy doing so as well. I could be mistaken about this but I think this is the first year that the Belgian Mol season will be having English subtitles done as the episodes come out. Not sure if the subtitler for the Belgian Mol will be as fast as Marieke has been with WIDM, which could be a problem if the subtitler doesn’t get an episode translated before the next week’s episode airs on Belgian TV, since participants could then see who gets eliminated by looking at the show’s website….but I get the feeling most/all participants here are doing this contest for fun and if everyone who participated would agree not to look at the Belgian Mol website, etc. if the subtitler is slower than Marieke, I think we could still have a fun contest for people to participate in. Just wondering what your thoughts about this are.


    1. Brig Bother Post author

      I’d imagine it’d use the standard rule that lines close before the next episode goes out on television regardless of when the subtitles go up.

  13. John R

    That’s what I meant to ask…as De Mol (Dutch) is played by I suppose what we would call ‘celebrities’ what happens to the winnings? Does the winner actually pocket them or do they donate it to a charity?

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      They keep it for themselves, or at least they don’t mention charities. From what I gather Dutch celebs fees are fairly low generally so it’s significant money for them.

      Also it’d look quite bad for The Mole to effectively be blocking money for charity.

    2. Nico W.

      In Germany it has become rather common for celebrities to keep the money themselves on game shows on private broadcasters. It mainly started when Stefan Raab made a political debate show (Absolute Mehrheit) where there were votings and if some politician got more than 50% of the votes they won the jackpot (started at 100,000€ and if not won they were added to next week’s jackpot). It was rather funny when the most left wing party DIE LINKE won 300,000€ (or rather the party’s leader) and they couldn’t figure out what to do with the money at first. In the end they didn’t use it for the party but gave it to charity. Since then almost all shows on private broadcasters offer money to the celebrities themeselves in Germany (Beat the Star, Celebrity Big Brother, etc.).


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