Wie is De Mol 2019

Starts 5th January on AVRO.

Ten celebs travel around Colombia taking in the sights and sounds and completing mental and physical tasks to earn money for a group pot, a pot that only one of them will take home. One of the contestants is a double agent, a Mole, working with the production team to try and sabotage the tasks without detection. The winner is not the person who is best at the tasks but the person who best works out who the mole is and tracks their actions as week by week the contestants must take a computer test to determine how much they know, the lowest scorer is immediately sent home.

This year we have a new host in ex-contestant Rik van de Westelaken.

Who are these people?

Probably most important, new host Rik van de Westelaken (middle) – newsreader, quiz show host, sometime host of Moltalk and winner of WIDM 2015 (discussed here). One of the ten celebs behind him will win money by completing tasks and uncovering which one of the ten is being paid to work against the team for our entertainment. But who is the mole?

  • Nikkie de Jaeger – Dutch make-up Youtube star. Over 11m subscribers!
  • Evelien de Bruijn – DJ and host.
  • Jamie Trenité – Adventure and Science show host.
  • Evi Hanssen – Flemish presenter, ex-host of Expedition Robinson.
  • Rick Paul van Mulligan – Actor.
  • Robert van Beckhoven – Professional baker.
  • Merel Westrijk – Newsreader and morning show host.
  • Niels Litooij – Electronic musical artist
  • Sarah Chronis – Actress.
  • Sinan Can – documentary maker.

A link to discussion of relevant episodes follows. We thank Friend of The Bar Marieke (here’s her Twitter) for reliably translating episodes in her spare time. We ask our international friends to hold off from commenting on an episode until the subtitled episodes have gone up.

148 thoughts on “Wie is De Mol 2019

  1. spp138

    Man, I don’t remember feeling so gutted from an execution before.

    Unlike Marieke, I am almost 100% certain that the mole is male. I think I’m probably getting tunnel-vision, but it seems that every time one particular candidate is making comments during his confessional, it seems like they are comments that could be played back during the finale after having just revealed him as the mole.

  2. David

    Sometimes the cast gels, sometimes they don’t- this time it’s the latter, at least to me.

    And I’m wondering if they get to 5 figures at this rate- usually we get a big minus ep at some point, and we haven’t had it yet this year…

  3. Jared

    Man… I love The Mole so much and I’ve watched so many seasons of it, and I think this is the first time where an episode has kind of made me want to bail out early. I thought all of the challenges were pretty dull, all the candidates were remarkably incompetent at handling what should have been simple tasks, two of the only candidates that I actually like were eliminated, and one of them was eliminated through some despicable tactics. That was just a really rough hour in a lot of ways.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      I’d be intrigued to find out the Dutch reaction given how big the show is over there, and especially given that things like alliances were really frowned upon in their version of Expedition Robinson, for example.

      TBH I thought it was quite good television, and if it was Sangmin doing it on The Genius everyone would be falling over themselves. I don’t think it’s one of the more fun casts, but I appreciate that they’re playing quite hard, and that WIDM is all about the metagame in the last five/six years.

      Feels like many more all-or-nothing tasks this year.

    2. Clicky

      I think viewers get the impression that Evelien was eliminated due to despicable tactics…

      But let’s be realistic about it… It would have been 1 more point on the quiz if she had used her own joker. The host did not indicate there was a tie (like they do sometimes), so there is a very high probability that Evelien would have been eliminated even with the Joker. The fact remains that she knew the least about the identify of The Mole.

  4. Tom F

    I’m really torn as to whether the joker switch was Absolute Genius or A Bit Much, I very much agree that if it were Sangmin we’d all be loving it – but then again I’ve always felt that there was a little bit more honor and… sophistication(?) to Dutch WIDM than other shows.

    Agree the games for the past 2 eps have been a bit meh, but I’m absolutely loving this cast and their more intense attitude. I wonder how much the mole is pushing that angle – I’d *die* if the mole turned out to be one of the more outspoken men like Sinan or Rick-Paul.

    Both the eliminations for ep4 were a bit disappointing, and I’m worried this season might suffer for rolling bad eliminations.

  5. David

    I think TM was told to ease up a bit on the first two assignments just to put a little more money in the pot- the waterfall task was the only one where a sabotage could look like issues going down the falls. (If Niels isn’t TM, he seems to be getting a finalist edit at least)…

    1. John R

      I noticed something that may have been a clue in Rik’s prologue this week, but apparently Rik himself doesn’t know the identity of the mole?

      Others have noticed a scene in the opening titles that changes slightly each week too but nobody has managed to link it up to anything significant as of yet, perhaps a clue that will only make sense by the final episode.

      A few people made fairly good observations on clues that seemingly pointed to this week’s eliminated contestant been the mole though which obviously turned out to mean nothing in the end!

      Isn’t it a bit of a tradition to chuck in a clue relating to the year too? I haven’t spotted one of those yet!

      1. Tantusar

        Depends on the host, really. Some of them ask to know, some of them ask to not, and yet others find out in the natural course of the game as a result of certain challenges.

  6. Dale

    Soooo this season. It has been a bumpy road so far. The challenges all seem pretty sub par in my opinion and I feel like im missing something. There hasn’t really been a jaw dropping twist (yet) to the a challenge.

    I do like the focus on the meta game of it all and that they are all there to play. I do feel that the joker switch was a little mean spirited since this is not really that type of game. Like if something like that happened on survivor or BB it would have been a great play. It comes down to if he played it that quiz and it helped him stay or not, and if he is the mole then that opens up a whole can of worms both on the production side and his personal image.

    Not surprised about the quiz result, they have been low on my list from week one. I am thinking Sinan may have potential as he is pretty useless at everything yet has stuck around. But we are halfway through so there is really no need to switch up my list in a big way.

  7. Brig Bother Post author

    This was another great episode for fans of Hot Dad Sinan Can Do No Wrong By Virtue Of Doing Very Little. Incredible. Rapidly turning into one of my fave WIDM contestants.

    I wonder what he does as a documentary producer? Delegate, probably.

    1. Kerenza De

      I don’t know if it’s sarcastic, but if it’s not sarcastic, OH COME ON =/

      I blame Sinan for causing this group to be rather hostile and incompetent. Many people accuse Sinan as De Mol but I think he’s simply De Jerk.

      1. Brig Bother Post author

        Aw come on, he talks a big game, but in reality he’s the real life version of the “Luigi Wins By Doing Absolutely Nothing” meme.

        I grant you he’s not as good as the guy who was hilariously useless in all the challenges and fluked his way to the final a few years ago, but still.

        1. Brandon

          Obviously there’s a chance he’s already figured out who the Mole is and he’s trying to throw the others off the scent, but let’s be honest if he isn’t the Mole he’s most likely just useless at all the challenges. It’s a good thing he’s the only one like this, imagine how frustrating it would be to watch if they were all like that.

    1. TVs Michael Harmstone

      A good episode this week I thought. Bit weird to have a game for a group exemption again after everyone was safe in Episode 1, now meaning we have a mid-finale execution on the horizon, but whatever.

  8. David

    I think this is one too many non-eliminations; though I think it could have been interesting is if they did something like this:

    Knowing that they could all be safe, an offer was made- they would secretly vote as to if they wanted the execution to take place anyway. If TWO of them said yes (so TM couldn’t do it on their own), someone would be eliminated- but they would get €4000 for the pot. (if the assignment had been failed by one team, offer the safe team an option- if all three of them agreed, instead of the other team seeing their screens, they would see their own instead for €2000; if they were all safe, no one would go, if one wasn’t, the money was safe regardless. If both teams had failed, someone would go no matter what..)

  9. Brig Bother Post author

    Most series have two non-eliminations, no?


    Sinan is decent at tasks that involve sitting down. Who’d have thought?

    Surely, surely, those colours on the zipwire said something in Morse.

    For the ‘find the end of thread’ task I’d have taken the starting end and gone ‘here it is!’.

    I’m 99% on Jamie. Niels has plausable deniability in the squares task, I don’t believe for a minute Jamie didn’t get it.

    1. Holger Mat

      Fun thing is that I don’t believe Niels that he couldn’t get it. He also “took out” (the title of this episode) the most money. He is still my #1 mole alongside Rick Paul.

  10. Marieke

    So there is quite a big hint going around I wanted you guys not to miss out on… it’s too much of a coincidence to not be anything so I’m choosing to believe this hint. However sad it makes me….

    The red-green line has a meaning behind it. So the test was finished and the WIDM crew knew who had the red screen. If you place the candidates in order of age, you get a nice list and if you match the red-green combo, you can match anybody that’s gone to a red sign and the people still in it with a green sign. Except one…

    Robert 57 RED
    Evelien 44 RED
    Sinan 41 GREEN
    Evi 40 RED
    Merel 39 GREEN
    Rick Paul 37 GREEN
    SARAH 32 RED !!
    Niels 29 GREEN
    Jamie 28 GREEN
    Nikkie 24 RED

    I’m still going to ride or die with Sarah as my mole because I just want to be right from episode 1 for once.

    1. John R

      I saw that online earlier so thank you for explaining it in English, as well as your beyond super quick uploads! If it helps, I’m Team Sarah too but it is usually around this time of the series my Mole goes and I spend a week cursing myself!

      It could be a double bluff by the production team in that Sarah is the odd one out in the ‘sequence’, all the other red are actual eliminated contestants.

      1. David

        Interesting theory….and in-season too, unlike the “clues” about another person that’s come up…

  11. TVs Michael Harmstone

    Two things I’ve noticed:

    1) My theory from the first podcast episode (still available at all good retailers) about Art being on the money has been vindicated – the theme this year appears to be old Mole hosts, with Angela as 50EUR, Karol as 100 and Pieter Jan as 250. Could that be a clue?
    2) Something hinky happened with the tuktuk challenge – it was advertised with a max of 1900, but only 1200 was accounted for at the end (+550/-650).

    1. Clicky

      Hmmm, interesting observation.

      The only reason to remove money from an envelope and not have it counted is if you earned money both times (or if you planned to earn money both times)… because otherwise you can leave it in the envelope and not arrive on time and the money would be negative money. So if a mole theoretically removed it from the envelope it would have been with the intent of coming in on time both times.

  12. Brig Bother Post author

    That was probably one of the best twists to the Walk of Temptation they’ve done for a while.

    Jamie was my mole so annoyed he has gone. Looks like it might be Sarah after all. Sad Rick-Paul had to leave, he bought a light touch to this year’s team.

    Although I’d love it if after Sinan’s “they’re a very good Mole” it turned out to be him.

    1. Tom F

      RP has been my highlight of the series, able to bring the light and the seriousness.

    2. Chris M. Dickson

      I was very much hoping for a reveal that “if any of you had gone to the last box in the Walk of Temptation, you would have won EUR 100,000 for the pot and an ultraviolet exemption for yourself”, or similar.

    3. Dale

      Jamie has been my top suspect too despite my gut feeling that it will be a woman this year. I am now leaning towards Merel since she pulled the double execution card. I have also started to grow suspicious of Sinan because he has become totally useless.

      None the less I have no clue. The mole is playing really well this year for sure.

  13. Fly Lopez

    I’m leaning to the fact that it has to be Sarah! Hoping that it not Niels and he’s also not the winner but if he’s not the mole and really was on Jamie he has a big advantage right now. My money is on Sarah and her stalling tactics, she also does nothing but is just not a renowned for it as Sian 🙂
    The 2 red screens was a great twist for the walk of temptation and finally brought this season to another level

    1. John R

      I’ve thought Sarah quite a while, but there was a potential commentary/visual clue in this episode so I now have Niels as a backup – the word ‘focus’ was thrown around a few times and then Niels decided to pull out a Polaroid branded T-Shirt to wear

      But a lot of people reckon Merel so it could be any of them! It’ll probably end up being Sinan :/

      On a side note, I was being evil and hoping someone would pull out the double execution after losing nobody last week!

  14. David

    Well you always know there’s a assignment where there’s a big minus because of players acting in their self-interest, and that was it. Interesting one of the possibilities was basically “you win any time tiebreak on the test”- I don’t know if that’s been offered at least on this version before…and I knew the double elimination was going to be picked (though I wonder if the producers knew where the DE was each time, and set it up where if it hadn’t been chosen by someone else beforehand, TM would be told to pick it up so they would be back on schedule- remember, they might not have shown the actual order they played it)

    1. Clicky

      I agree with this. The sure-fire to do that would be to make the Mole LAST (or 2nd to last is also equally viable I suppose) and then ensure the Mole picks it if no one else did.

      1. David

        exactly- and then just edit it in whatever order they wanted to (they could have put TM wherever they wanted- if someone had picked the DE beforehand, so be it, if they hadn’t, TM would get it. So who actually got the DE doesn’t mean they were TM- the producers could have gotten lucky and didn’t have to use their failsafe.)

    2. Dale

      My thoughts as well because I was expecting a double just do to the schedule one had to happen at some point. I wish at least one went to the last bowl because I was thinking there could have been a black or normal exemption in it since we haven’t seen much of either this season.

      And on a strategy point they really should have cracked their jokers open for this execution. I hope that in the finale they say whether or not the joker RP used would have saved him had he opened it.

    1. John R

      Talking of which, I’ve noticed that the opening of Jokers twist seems to have totally fizzled out on the show itself!

  15. steve

    I’m torn between Sarah/Merel as to the mole but think im learning slighty more towards merel

  16. Kerenza Deo

    The fact that the sneak peak showed Sinan run in a challenge can only imply one thing : The next episode is going to be the best episode ever, even better than 18X01.

    But in a serious note, I love how Sinan delivered a lot of quotes and stayed compose in this episode.

    I’m glad that my mole is still in the game. It’s just sad that I only switched to my mole at episode 3. I’m looking forward to see my mole eliminated at the last episode, leaving me flustered.

  17. TVs Michael Harmstone

    Similar but slightly different – Belgian Mole promos have started ramping up. It appears we’re getting something (hopefully a trailer) on Thursday at 4pm.

    The first hint seems to be geenmol.be (yes, “no mole” .be) which has a cryptic hint spelling out the following phrases:

    1) jij weet niets – you know nothing (this is the main tagline of the promos this year, like “heb je mij gemist?” from last year)
    2) is dat vuile beest je steeds te snel af? – is that dirty beast always too fast?
    3) En beiden de klassieke methodes geen oplossing meer? – and both the classic methods no longer a solution?
    4) Dan ben je bij mij aan het juiste adres! – then you’ve come to the right place!

    Pinch of salt obviously, cause I’ve used google translate.

    1. Natália

      I tried to comment about the advert campaign a while ago, but I guess it didn’t go through. Anyway, I was looking for English-language Mole forums and found this website again 🙂

      You’re right. It just says: ‘Is that dirty animal too fast for you? And are the typical methods no longer working? Then you’ve come to the right place, because my motto is: ‘Don’t let yourself get pushed around and deal with the moles.’ It fits with the brochures that they’ve handed out about mole infestations in Sint-Gillis-Waas, but they misspelled it as Sint-Gilles-Waas. And on the other website that they created, it says: ‘You know nothing, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing.’

      Also, at a contestant from 2018’s university, a banner appeared today that says: Betrayal is never alone. But it’s used in an expression that means more ‘When it rains, it pours’ or ‘Misery loves company’ in English.

      1. Brig Bother Post author

        Sorry Natalia, it must have fallen into the Spam trap by accident, you shouldn’t have problems now.

        I’ll be setting up a separate page for Belgian Mole soon.

  18. Andrew, the Yank

    Welp, Rick Paul was my mole from episode one. Guess I’m not winning the Suspect List. And as soon as Jamie got eliminated I knew he must as well, because it was too emphatic that Jamie said Rick Paul was his mole, and Niels said Jamie was his. Either all three of them had to survive, or Jamie and Rick Paul had to be eliminated. Ah well.

    I called there being an unopened tube in the bananas task. Love the shot of it. Also the “bananas” song during that task was brilliant.


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