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Increasingly lazy “website” Bother’s Bar has been a THORN IN THE INDUSTRY’S SIDE for over fifteen years now, by going “that sounds stupid” then watching things and going “that IS stupid. Who knew?” on broadcast. We like to think that’s the working class, didn’t go to uni common sense that’s missing in the television industry coming out.

We’ve also enjoyed championing enjoyable shows and bringing them to people’s attention, some mainstream, some not so, some very foreign, some very British. Who told you Tipping Point, Pointless, Tenable, The Genius, Wild Things etc would do well almost right off the bat? Ignore Twitter, listen to yer Uncle Brig.

If you like what we do, that’s great, your viewership is everything. If you’d like to support my kebab and PSN Store habit the webhosting, big cash prizes, expenses to go and see TV recordings that would be tremendous. I can’t justify a Patreon or subscription, frankly there’s not enough regular content for that. But if you want to throw a couple of quid in my direction for no other reason than we go some way to make your day, I’m going to let you.

The first and probably least hassle way is for you to buy your Amazon stuff through this link or this box. We get a small cut of all your purchases at no extra cost to you. I understand that Amazon is like the Borg or whatever, but if you’re buying something you might as well do it through an affiliate and STICK IT TO THE MAN.

The other way is I have a Paypal jar.

The Bar’s not going anywhere whether you donate or not, but I gratefully thank you for any contributions you feel like making.