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And so we come to the highlight of the year (and it’s only March), as Dutch Mole finishes Belgian Mole begins. And this time: there is no Mole.

At least not at the very start, one will be chosen through a challenge. And this year Belgium’s Smartest Man Gilles de Coster has taken everyone to Vietnam.

Who are our ten contestants?

From left to right, top to bottom:

  • Axel – 40 years old and a pilot.
  • Bas – 32 and a headhunter.
  • Bruno – 54, a business manager.
  • Elisabet – 34, a doctor.
  • Eva – 28 and a lawyer.
  • Ingrid – 46, sells blinds.
  • Joeri – 32, a team boss.
  • Kaat – 22, physiotherapy student
  • Liesbeth – 41, a consultant.
  • Martijn – 23, a facility assistant

An average age of 35.2, slightly younger than last year (38) but still pretty old for this sort of thing.

As of right now we have no idea if there are going to be English subtitles available anywhere – if not I expect we’ll muddle through but miss out on a lot of context. We ask our international friends not to spoil episodes until the English subs have gone up.

I’m intrigued to find out how they’re going to do the hidden clues if they don’t know who the Mole is going to be at the start. Do they have ten sets ready? Add things in post? I look forward to finding out.

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111 thoughts on “Belgian Mole 2019

  1. Carl

    I was right about Bruno getting eliminated! What is it with Final 6 and old men in De Mol? I bet the time they make an old man be the mole in future seasons, we’ll already figure it out by this episode.

    Anyways, it was a bit sad that only one loved one would fly out to Vietnam. You can see the spirits go down when they have learned about it. I think the mole will not give their best to win the loved ones challenge, because they’ll already be guilty by knowing that it won’t happen in the first place. I know a lot are suspecting Elisabet now, but I don’t think she’s the mole, basing on how she acted with the loved ones challenge. She’s really really into it, and she didn’t care if it made her really suspicious.

    On the other hand, this gives out another reason to suspect Kaat. suggested that they completely ignore money for the task, only to go for it for the final level where she gave Elisabet or Bas’ loved one the opportunity to go straight to the plane.

    Axel remains to be my soft mole, but my theory of him as a mole-ling contestant instead of being the mole himself grows stronger, as he seems to be getting successful at eliminating other people by putting suspicion on him. (Ingrid, Martijn, Eva then Bruno).

    I wonder how many people are on the mole completely now. If Kaat is indeed the mole, I think Bas and Joeri are on her already, and Elisabet might solidify her suspicions because of her advantage.

    And speaking of her advantage, Belgian Mole never fails to surprise us with more fucking good ideas for advantages. I am just impressed with how good of an idea of an advantage “a loved one” is.

  2. Chris M. Dickson

    Practically needless to say, another sensational episode. (Whisper it, but for me the previous episode was marginally below the highest of standards.) I loved the production values on, and ambition of, the first challenge, the second challenge was just plain funny and the extended dinner scene was so incredibly sweet in its way.

    Someone previously pointed to a numeric detail in one of the previous episodes which, if confirmed, would be a really strong “Elisabet is the mole” steer; similarly, the mole diary at the end of the previous episode makes much more sense if she is the mole. And then what she said to her loved one! I very seldom have strong suspicions as to who the mole is, but at this point I’d be strongly surprised if she weren’t. And, yet, in a really good way…

    And Bruno’s duck face!

  3. Brig Bother Post author

    Christ, where to begin.

    Loved the computer game task, like so many of De Mol tasks, it’s a good idea improved immeasurably by its brilliant execution – there are so few places where they miss open goals, whether it’s the look and feel or an added interesting decision adding just enough spice at just the right time.

    Second task was great, De Mol does its “separate but interconnected” tasks so well – the most important job being worth none of the money, but important to the other two teams earning money. Bruno’s duck face! I feared for those chickens though.

    The dinner was a great set-up and impressed how everyone was filmed so it felt like natural interviews.

    The bonus was very clever and very Belgian Mole, obtaining important information but only if a) your partner doesn’t mess up and b) you don’t mess up.

    Next week: A TUNNEL.

  4. Brig Bother Post author

    Probably worth putting here, from Natalia’s description this week but regarding Episode 5:

    “Here is behind the scenes information about the last episode, because the comment that I posted below is too long already:

    As you may remember, Bas said that Cat Ba has a bunch of plants that you only see in garden centers here. Gilles confirmed this and said it felt like Jurassic Park. They drove around in golf carts and he kept expecting to see a dinosaur. The geckos were supposed to be served to the contestants at lunch, but the producers thought it would be funnier to serve them to Gilles so they waited until dinner.

    The second challenge was similar to an old Dutch one. The differences were that in the original Dutch challenge each individual challenge was worth the same amount and there was no competition to be the most polite. The Vietnamese hosts were only told that they had Belgian visitors who were trying to be as polite as possible. It was also one of Gilles favorite challenges ever.

    They ran into Belgians for the second time at the paintball challenge. The first time, Gilles suddenly heard some Flemings yell: ‘No fucking way, that’s De Mol!’ He successfully lied and said he was on holiday even though there were four camera crews a few meters away. This time it was obvious though, and the Belgians promised to keep it a secret, which they did.”

  5. steve

    I Feel like Elisabet is either the mole or the person they originally thought they were going to choose.

    1. John R

      I want to say Elisabet is the mole, but then she earned £1500 on ‘team social media’, although the ‘bathroom break’ could be one of those classic moments on the reunion show where it is revealed she was actually up to no good in there (was she perhaps busy drawing the artwork for next week?)

      It’s the point of the show now where I finally feel comfortable with all the contestant names and their faces, so each elimination is now like a bullet straight through the heart…I even shed a tear for Bruno 🙁

      Do you reckon the friends and family were actually dining very close by to the contestants rather than in Belgium and they’ll show that at the reunion? That would be SO cruel yet something I would totally expect of this show by now at the same time!

  6. Joseph M.

    Another very good episode but not quite reaching the heights of the early season. Thought the first challenge was extremely well done and looked great. It also had some funny moments (such as the dancing) to help soften the blow of a pretty harsh twist that only one person can come on the trip. It was nice of them to set up the dinner video conference as a bit of a consolation though. Speaking of that dinner btw, props to the production department for how seamlessly those video screens were added to the mix. Excellent directing on that front. Back to that first challenge though, I thought that it was pretty much designed for failure (as most games involving choosing between yourself and the group are) but it was cool to watch which gives it major bonus points.

    The second challenge segment was excellent! The power position was on the street with Bas and Kaat as that’s where you can sabotage the most positions. I’m honestly shocked how well Kaat and Bas did on that game as that challenge seemed extremely difficult on paper. Thought Axel and Bruno were hilarious trying to figure out how to strap all their stuff onto the mopeds. Reminded me of WIDM 18 where they had to jam pack a car to the maximum point. The Instagram game was funny too as is any game where the contestants interact with the locals.

    The loved one advantage was incredibly unique and really a big deal for someone who can use it properly. At Final 6, most contestants are already winding down to two or one suspects assuming Elisabet isn’t The Mole, that’s a HUGE, HUGE win especially since her loved one did in fact receive a red screen. What an excellent advantage to give out at Final 6 without having to rely on Exemptions and Jokers/pasvragen.

    My Mole suspicions have been shaken up a little this week. Kaat has dropped even lower on my list given her performance on the second challenge. She had no real reason to see as many of the moped items as she did. She had the chance to ignore the x2 and x3 with Bas more focused on the tiles. Axel meanwhile completely took a crazy risk by strapping the boat to his moped. Axel also tried incredibly hard on the second stage of the computer game bringing in a lot of money but also taking so long to do so that all of it was eventually lost. I think Axel was easily the biggest loser for the day and him getting the torch wet a few eps back still sticks in the memory. I’m holding on to Elisabet as a top suspect as well. It would do The Mole a lot of good to have their loved one be the one to come in and deprive a contestant of that advantage. Doing so also eliminated all the money won during the computer challenge so there’s that too.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      I was very impressed with how close Level 2 was given the very different strategies employed.

      I thought Bas and Kaat’s wall challenge seemed basically impossible, until you remember they only need to concentrate on the buildings. God knows why Bas was banging on about a ladder, surely he knows what a bridge is.

      Axel has been riding high on my Mole list as well recently, even if I think his logic at the martial arts game earlier on seemed savvy.

  7. Natália

    Hi guys. I’m researching early because I’m going to the Benfica match later this week. Anyway, I wanted to ask if white rabbit means anything in English because I’ve noticed that Gilles uses a lot of odd Dutch expressions this year. I didn’t realize white rabbit might not mean anything until I heard that it doesn’t even have the same meaning in the Netherlands. In Belgium, a white rabbit is someone who pops up where you don’t expect them to, usually in politics, like if Gilles suddenly campaigned to join parliament.

    Other examples that I can think of is when he said the mole is speeding up. He literally said ‘at engine speed’. That doesn’t make sense to me in English, but you native speakers will know better. Either way, it’s not common at all. He also said it’s time to shift up a gear and has used ‘have the mole in sight’ multiple times. When he said to end their visit, he used an uncommon expression again. I haven’t looked into this though, and I might just notice because they’re hard to translate.

    As for the mole, I don’t think it’s Axel. The last few people who have worked with him have all been eliminated, so I figure statistically one of them must have gone all-in on him, probably Martijn. I think Bas just gets caught up in small details that don’t matter. It’s interesting that Joeri and Elisabet constantly work together. The thing about Elisabet is that most viewers don’t like her, especially after this episode. I don’t think it’s fair, but I can’t see her being the mole in a season where they specifically want to make the mole more human. I wouldn’t be surprised if she got one of the maybe screens, but I would surprised with how they edited her if she’s the mole.

    On Café De Mol, Pascale was on Axel, Eline was on Kaat and Gilles van Bouwel was on Kaat and Bas, since he refused to narrow it down to one person. A previous mole said they dreaded the family visit because no one knew what they were truly like, so they were afraid they would be revealed with someone from home around. Since three of them were on Kaat, they spent a lot of time talking about how her going for the money instead of the visit seemed like she was trying to prove she’s a contestant. It’s stood out how no one takes the lead to split up a certain way when they can choose themselves, but Elisabet and Joeri did end up in the least influential group.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Hi Natalia!

      “White rabbit” has no specific connotation in the UK, other than as a reference to the “I’m late!” character in Alice in Wonderland who she tries to find throughout after following down the rabbit hole, it may then be an allusion to going down the rabbithole and not knowing where you’ll end up.

      “Shifting up a gear” is definitely an expression, as in driving a manual car you shift up a gear to go faster/more powerful. “At engine speed” not really an expression, but I can see what it’s getting at (presumably a steam train that’s going at it’s top speed).

      1. John R

        There are also some interesting background musical lyrics in some of the episodes I’ve noticed,

        “I’ve wanted to track you down, but since you went under-ground, I’ve wanted to dig you out’ as an example from the most recent episode

        1. Natália

          Even stranger, later in the song it says: You used to sing with a straight face ‘My Heart Will Go On.’ And who sang My Heart Will Go On at the beach challenge… Joeri 🙂

      2. Fly Lopez

        I’m pretty sure that in the UK there is a link to “white Rabbit” good luck and saying it out loud the first day of the month. I think it originally dates back to WWII and something soildiers did for good luck!
        I’m so much on Elisabet at the moment that I hope it’s not true. Also, I always find the homesickness and missing the family a bit too much… it’s only been a few weeks at most, right? Maybe I just travel too much and have lost all sensibilities 😉

  8. Tom F

    Going against the crowd here – but I thought the show really fluffed its punch on the “only one comes” twist. Normally I’m used to DM delivering a big emotional hit – and then following it up with a devious, elegant and intense exposition. But the games they played on levels 2 and 3 of the airport challenge felt very bland – I was expecting something a lot more cutthroat. I was expecting at least a dilemma like “10,000E for the other 5 to come”.

    As always, I’m being too harsh. DM is an amazing show and I’m enjoying this series enormously.

    The twist on the test was very clever, though I’m not sure *how* helpful it will turn out. If I were playing, I’d have gone all-in on Kaat this week.


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