Fort Boyard 2019

Saturdays starting soon,
France 2 (and hopefully officially on Youtube)

Blow the party horns, Fort Boyard is celebrating its 30th series this year, and plenty of celebration and surprises are in store.

It sounds like the game won’t be changing too much on previous years, but added excitement this year includes the return of legendary and original Master of the Fort Patrice Laffont playing a new character where contestants will use a time machine to play a game of the past, and a new genie character. Vincent Lagaf is back with another watersports challenge as well.

11 epsiodes to be broadcast this year, we don’t know if that’s 11 straight or 10 and a special. However after eight of the episodes there is going to be a chat show, where Olivier, Willy and the night’s team discuss the episode and the show’s thirty years with special guests. If that’s not enough Fort Boyard for you, later in the year we have a spin-off show, Boyardland set in Pere Fouras’ old abandoned theme park.

Plenty to chew on.

22 thoughts on “Fort Boyard 2019

  1. Brig Bother Post author

    Apparently Samuel Ettienne, of Questions Pour un Champion fame, broke some ribs during filming. It’s pretty rare for injuries on the Fort, so it’ll be interesting to see why it happened.

    1. Alex

      Reports said it was “something on a turntable”, which makes it either Casino or Percolator. Wouldn’t surprise me if it was the latter, even though it’s padded I can’t imagine that taking a body check by one of those walls around the turntable to be that much fun.

  2. Dale

    Yay! The second best time of the year (the first being the mole of course 😉 I really hope they do put it on youtube again this year that was awesome they did that last year. I will happily watch the assinine amount of ads they put on it to see it in an official manner.

  3. Lee

    June 22 is the rumored date of return. Might be confirmed as of tomorrow.

    In terms of international.
    Finland, Sweden are currently filming currently. Denmark is next followed by Morocco and Africa is joining this year for the first time. Its being produced by the same company who make the Morocco version so i feel its in good hands.

    Dont think there a special episode been made. I think its just 11 weeks of Fort Boyard (Although 1 week off for sport been confirmed). One picture of a team shows 7 members. Not sure if they all play or its just a support.

    1. Lee

      June 22 is confirmed at 9pm french Time. Extra show airs at 11:25pm.

      1. Jack B

        Is there a break between the main show and the extra? 2 hours 25 minutes is a bit much, especially with the start time repeatedly getting later- wasn’t it 8:45 a couple of years ago?

        1. Brig Bother Post author

          If you’re arguing that that’s a lot of Fort Boyard for one evening, you’ll find no disagreements here.

          The plan is to run the chat show after the main show straightaway.

          1. Lee Turner

            There a break for a couple minutes. But other than that its pretty much straight on. Hoping its all put onto YouTube again this year so we can watch it at our convenience

          2. Jack B

            It’s a lot even without the extra show. Setting aside 2.5 hours a week to watch a show where I don’t understand half of what’s being said anyway is quite a commitment, especially during the later episodes.

            The last couple of seasons placed more of an emphasis on the characters and interactions than the game itself, and last year I found myself fast forwarding through most of it until we got to the Treasure Room. Hopefully this year is more interesting.

          3. Brig Bother Post author

            Funnily enough I was fine with it last year, but I think it was the year before that (or the year before that) I was resenting it a bit.

            I wish it was a tight 90 minute show rather than a bloated 2.5hr show, but there we are. I can’t see myself watching Boyard On The Side other than the first one unless it seems properly interesting. God knows what the French are going to make of it.

  4. Lee Turner

    Apparently the second show will give the teams a chance to boost their winnings for charity as well.

  5. Jack B

    The first episodes team will include Élodie Gossuin in her ninth (!) appearance (not including her participating as a Cagemaster), and Bruno Guillon for the 4th straight year. I’m assuming there will be a new height based game for Elodie and new snake based adventure for Bruno, seeing as they’ve probably played all the old ones already by this point.

  6. Alex

    Belgium is airing them a day before France again, because they are weird like that.

  7. Mika

    Looking at the list of contestants… whatever happened to that story that they got some big A-Lister this year? Or am I just completely missing a name on the list that I should recognize.

  8. Brig Bother Post author

    New stuff, they seem to be going quite big on doubling up this year, with DOUBLE Saut d’lange and DOUBLE chaise instable.

    King of Silence and Cursed Temple look quite fun. Hotel is in the Car Wars arena, not the Bank like I originally reckoned (indeed, the Bank is still there).

    Love this description:

    ” Nobody had any news of the first host of Fort Boyard for twenty years now. But a few weeks ago, Father Fouras embarked on his big spring cleaning and found it under a large layer of dust. This meeting is timely … Father Fouras has worked all winter on a machine that must send candidates in the past and he will entrust it to him. During each broadcast, Patrice will send our candidates in legendary events that have marked the history of the game. “

      1. Brig Bother Post author

        I hope King of Silence isn’t just the Haunted Manor except you have to try not to yelp when surprised. Silent Library, but in a crypt.

        Suspect there will be a few version twos of games that were introduced last year, similar to last year improving many of the games they kept from the year before. At least you’d hope they’ve remixed The Bank.

  9. Lee

    Fort Boyard has been confirmed to have been renewed for Season 31 next year.


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