Fort Boyard 2019

Saturdays starting soon,
France 2 (and hopefully officially on Youtube)

Blow the party horns, Fort Boyard is celebrating its 30th series this year, and plenty of celebration and surprises are in store.

It sounds like the game won’t be changing too much on previous years, but added excitement this year includes the return of legendary and original Master of the Fort Patrice Laffont playing a new character where contestants will use a time machine to play a game of the past, and a new genie character. Vincent Lagaf is back with another watersports challenge as well.

11 epsiodes to be broadcast this year, we don’t know if that’s 11 straight or 10 and a special. However after eight of the episodes there is going to be a chat show, where Olivier, Willy and the night’s team discuss the episode and the show’s thirty years with special guests. If that’s not enough Fort Boyard for you, later in the year we have a spin-off show, Boyardland set in Pere Fouras’ old abandoned theme park.

Plenty to chew on.

158 thoughts on “Fort Boyard 2019

  1. Matt Clemson

    I note someone I’m actually somewhat familiar with is lined up for this week’s episode; Romain Grosjean is the team captain who I’m very aware of through Formula 1.

    It’s a crying shame Car Wars is no longer present. Given his occasional crashiness in the main sport…

  2. TVs Michael Harmstone

    Has anyone else noticed that the Cage has been way later than in previous years this year? I don’t think we’ve had one so far that has been when there’s more than 20 minutes left on the clock…

  3. Karen

    As an F1 fan, greatly enjoyed watching Romain Grosjean look slightly lost the entire episode.

  4. Lee Turner

    Decent episode as usual. Was able to enjoy it more than last week (tho that due to the Dam in whaley bridge issue)

    I think this week one of the worst playing of Araignee ive seen. He is lucky his team thought about getting him out super early else he would been locked in
    When the show comes back next year i would like to see less repeats of the character story every week. It would save like 5-10 minutes of the show. They could use this time on showing more of the games to make them feel less edited or so we can go to bed earlier.

    Week off next week due to rugby. Tho i believe the 20th Season of Fort Boyard Sweden starts next week.

  5. Brig Bother Post author

    One of the good things about watching on Youtube when I can’t watch on Saturday night is that I can just fast forward through the dull bits. It’s to the show’s credit that that generally boils down to The Cage and the Room of Adventures which doesn’t really save me more than about 15 minutes really. Anyway my notes from watching this week:

    * Nice to see the return of Ski in the usual run of games. I can’t help but think the games in the big rooms should be used more often to justify their use of space.
    * Amused/amazed Passe-Temps is officially canon again with not one but TWO mentions in Willymix.
    * Quite a hard set of Willymix questions all told, especially as few of them were multiple choice, you’d have to be a Proper Fan to have got some of them (which I did, obviously).
    * The in-game editing is usually pretty good, but he managed to blow all that flour away in Tete Chercheuse with the pigeons pretty quickly, didn’t he?
    * Quite liked Double Unstable Chair (especially in high winds, blimey) but was there any point to the second contestant jumping when the first one missed? I assumed they’d each have half the code.
    * The prices on the Aquatic Phone Box are illogical and stupid. 20, 50 and 300 Boyards for 1, 2 and 10 minutes. You’d just have to make one minute phone calls all the time. Not to mention that 20 Boyards is roughly €200.
    * Great to see the return of Noughts And Crosses Played Badly On Primetime TV again.

  6. Jason

    Seems to be a bit of a theme with blank screens this year – the first part of Grand Hotel is missing (you can hear the audio, but there’s no picture) in the extra program.

    I recall one of the flashback games had a similar issue a few weeks back – they showed a multi-screen (with the 1990 and 2019 TVs) except one of the video feeds was missing!

    1. Lee

      It aired fine when I watched live. Since the case opened and some of the luggage fell on the floor.

  7. Lee Turner

    Sweden returns on Friday after having a bit of a year off. Looks like it has a new duel that happens in the Treasure room and a duel version of Araignee (With the clepsydre)

  8. Lee Turner

    It seems international versions are actually using the back in time room with a standard clepsydre. Not sure if the game changes throughout tho.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Just watched ep 1 of Fangarna pa Fortet 2019. It’s still probably the best of the duel based versions (although I maintain that the end game, although actually a good game and an interesting take on treasure collection (*), is not exciting enough to be a good endgame).

      Madame Fouras is excellent. There’s some backstory about pirates taking over the fort 200 years ago and she hid in the basement for two hundred years (or something), they’ve turned the tower all jungly and snake-y.

      That duel you might have saw opened the show: Two each team are locked in freestanding cages in the Treasure Room, the cages are also bound by chains. The third member of each team uses an axe to cut through the chains to release the players. First team out can get the key waiting outside (this also starts the treasure room door closing, no idea if there’s actually a penalty if they haven’t escaped the TR by then, although I think the idea of Duel games with two levels of failure – losing, and then losing by a lot – is something that might be worth playing about with).

      Two player Spider was interesting. It looks like both players can be locked in as well.

      (*) For the uninitiated: Each team needs seven keys to unlock the panel on their side of the treasure fountain. If they don’t have the keys, they race to make up the numbers by using some sort of archimedes screw machine (it normally takes 10-15 seconds solid winding to release a key). Panel unlocked, they then race to fill up a treasure chest locked down in a mechanism on a table. Once it weighs enough it frees up the clue-unscrewer and they can start solving the codeword by unscrewing their cartridges and guessing by putting lettered punchcards into a machine. This involves a lot of standing around looking puzzled. If they find the correct word it releases the chest, and the first team to leave with the chest are the winners. A bit like this:

      1. Mika

        That is a really interesting end game, but I totally see how it’s… somehow a great game but not so much an ENDgame. Like it’s missing that… something bigger as a final beat. Feels like there should be some way to add in some risk/reward element, and still make it be about “Do the things, but also escape with the most gold”…

        Maybe something like “You can still collect gold during the whole process, but as soon as one team solves the clue and triggers their chest to drop, the gate starts to shut, so the other team has that last 30 seconds to solve the word and get out,” so you could risk getting more gold and still winning, but there’s a chance you don’t actually have the right word.

        Or something. I dunno.

        1. Brig Bother Post author

          Duel Boyard has always had the problem in that it’s usually pretty obvious who is going to win by who has the most time. This rather neatly sidesteps that, but adds standing around looking gormless. From a game perspective it’s difficult to fault – everything feeds into each other neatly, everything has a point. Upsets can happen. Thumbs up. But somewhere it’s lost endgame spectacle. Not sure how to fix it really.

          1. Lee Turner

            Must admit that i actually prefer when Sweden used to eliminate the team who didn’t get 7 keys and it become a 1 team format from then on. But i agree with the above that international duel versions became very easy to tell who was going to win by there sheer number of keys they got (Unless they somehow messed up and couldn’t unlock their side of the gate. You also knew there was no risk of being locked in because at the halfway mark the shoots for the gold actually closes.

            2006 Russia let the team with the most keys attempt the TR first. although they had to start from the balcony with a 4 minute clock and run down. while ie didn’t solve the problems of knowing who was going to win they did have at least 1 team who got an incorrect password and the other team got to go in (On a lower gate setting) and attempt (With the remaining time). It also did produce the second TR prisoner in history.

          2. Alex

            2003 Sweden did it by putting the code BEFORE the treasure room, and the winning team having to nominate someone to do the Flooded House to free the keys that opened the treasure room door from the other side.

    1. Lee Turner

      Looks to be Hotel. Be interesting if it even gets mentioned since like you said it didn’t affect filming. The guy injured himself on ski in 2017 too.

    1. Mika

      Not the worst I’ve seen, though. XD

      Another alright team, shame they didn’t win much time, and ended up losing a lot slowly opening the canisters, figuring out the clue, and spelling it. (Plus the shade of the captions XD) Usually I’d bring my occasional question of “Is it better if a team doesn’t win as many clues so they don’t feel obligated to open them all”, but seems like they actually did need them all.

      And hey, Passe Muraille finally got his well-earned smacks in the face.

      1. Mika

        Also, was the after-Fort gonna be this year’s only playing of Fosse…? Always feels weird that one of the Fort’s most iconic games almost never gets played.

        And Mange-fil was the “classic” game? Really…? That one…?

  9. Karen

    Big fan of this week’s team nearly failing Velo due to celebrating too much and nearly forgetting to actually read the code.


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