Wie is De Mol 2020

Starts January 11th

Ten Dutch celebrities go on an adventure in China, completing tasks that will earn money for a pot which only one of them will take home. Unfortunately for the group one of them is a secret saboteur. To stay in the game and win the money, the remaining nine contestants but try to work out Who Is… The Mole?

Who are this year’s contestants? From left to right (not counting moody looking host Rik van de Westelaken in the middle):

  • Buddy Vedder (presenter and actor)
  • Johan Goosens (comedian)
  • Miljuschka Witzenhausen (presenter)
  • Anita Witzier (presenter)
  • Nathan Rutjes (Footballer)
  • Leonie ter Braak (presenter, actress and model)
  • Jaike Belfor (actress)
  • Tina de Bruin (comedian and actress)
  • Rob Dekay (musician)
  • Claes Iversen (fashion designer)

Here are quick links to where we start discussing each episode. For our Dutch and International friends: please don’t spoil an episode until the English subtitled videos come out.

Good luck!

36 thoughts on “Wie is De Mol 2020

  1. TVs Michael Harmstone

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

    We’ll obviously be back podcasting it and barking up completely the wrong tree as always, and I’ll be back at the finale.

    1. John R

      Are there many English only spectators at the live finale? I would love to go but can’t speak a word of Dutch, well I can just about manage ‘Wie is…DE MOL!’ audience chant I suppose…

      1. TVs Michael Harmstone

        I’m 99% sure I was the only one last year, but there was a fun warm-up thing where they dragged two people out of the audience to answer WIDM trivia questions. Even with the language barrier, I beat both people chosen. I don’t think it really matters that much – as long as you can tell the context, it’s just a fun experience to be there.

  2. Brandon

    The mole hunt hadls begun, and I believe we may already have a clue. It has been pointed in the YouTube comments of one the adverts that the Chinese character for Mole appears at around the same time as Buddy, that might be worth keeping an eye on. Or maybe that would be too obvious.

    1. TVs Michael Harmstone

      Well, it appears they’ve learned from last year. Great premiere.

      Shameless self-promotion, but we’re doing our predictions pool again on the podcast but this time asking for your first suspicions as well. https://forms.gle/CGTu7g6QXKAXmg6D6 if you want to fill it in, I’ll be keeping an eye on whose suspicions are good throughout the series and you will have the opportunity to beat me on both this and Suspect List as well.

  3. David

    -Well you knew there were probably going to be a lot of callbacks since it’s the 20th season….great opening scene too.

    -I think the happiness gate led to green exemptions and the wisdom gate went to black ones.

    -Nice to get the fans involved by having them design the molgeld this year..

    -Not a good start though for the team; €4600 possible and they end up with €170.

    -You can totally explain any errors in the photo challenge by just saying the photographers miss understood their instructions or got the timing wrong- very easy to sabotage..

    -I don’t think DM was in the Euro sign truck in the 2nd challenge; too obvious (since if that truck wasn’t parked they wouldn’t have made anything at all)

    1. TVs Michael Harmstone

      I got that impression too. I do wonder how much nostalgia there’s going to be, because there’s hints of at least one more challenge involving Mole history.

      1. David

        I think they’ll have callbacks all season, but not overwhelming (like the photos in the truck challenge- you could have used anything, but it’s a neat touch). Maybe they recreate a classic challenge (I don’t know what would be considered an iconic challenge though).

        And here’s a pic of all the molgeld they’re using- they picked a variety of styles, from professional-looking to children’s drawings)


          1. Carl D

            Is it confirmed that Rik already knows the mole from the start? Because for S19 he wasn’t informed and I think it has affected with the design of challenges last year.

            I would also love to get a Meet the mole challenge this season. There’s actually a “hint” where they say that the Mole was one of the “soldiers” in that first task. That would be great for the reveal if that actually happened.

          2. TVs Michael Harmstone

            @Carl Hosts usually know who it is from the start now. The exception is that some of the earlier hosts (Glenn & Anderson come to mind) chose not to find out before they needed to.

          3. Carl D


            I think I read in one of the interviews of Rik last year that he only knew the Mole halfway in the season because he was new to hosting and he didn’t want to accidentally give hints to the other players.

            But for this season I hope he knows it from the beginning.

        1. David

          I think the problem with the idea of recreating iconic past challenges is the show already does that every year anyway. Like look how often they’ve redone the control room challenge or the laser tag challenge or the “pick a prize from one of the baskets” challenge.

          1. Clicky

            Do we know which contestants have children? I was thinking one of the notes was designed by the Mole’s child.

            Specifically 20, since you know, it’s the 20th season? And that one most strikingly makes me think a child drew it.

  4. Brig Bother Post author

    Super fun opener, looks like it’s got some of its cinematic mojo back – incredibly shot opening ten minutes. Amazed that in 2020 so few went for wisdom over happiness on a show like this really. Does anyone still have their green exemption to play? It’s going to be really tough with several black exemptions still to play for.

    No idea who The Mole is, but I’d be looking at the person pushing the idea of going for low valued notes in the market (does ep 1 always feature a local market?) rather than 10 x €250.

    Also enjoyed the truck tasks, I wondered if they’d have to reverse them in so it read correctly the other way round. Would have been very easy to pull off some extra photos on that wall, whereas the button task looked legitimately quite difficult.

    1. TVs Michael Harmstone


      Buddy, Anita, Johan, Miljuschka, Nathan, Claes, Leonie & Jaike were all shown to have played theirs, meaning Rob & Dutch-Katy-Wix/Tina are the only two who could have anything.

    2. Clicky

      I was also very surprised that so few people selected Wisdom… Maybe the quote they received from the host influenced their decision for Happiness instead of Wisdom in some cases.

      I still have an inkling the years on the keys might have some significance . Or perhaps the quotes on the Wisdom papers actually had significance in relation to the Mole’s identity.

      1. TVs Michael Harmstone

        Yeah, nothing in WIDM is coincidental, so I would expect those key choices to mean something (especially as we know they kept the keys). I was disappointed they spelt out it was previous Mole years cause I made that connection!

      2. Andrew, the Yank

        I also wondered if the Chinese characters may have had clues toward the mole.

    3. John R

      Apparently the ‘off air interference’ during the truck task was actually part of the show rather than just Marieke’s signal having a slight blip, so that is interesting…

    4. Chris M. Dickson

      Man, they threw money at that, to which I say: must be nice. I have a feeling that the local Chinese embassy may also have pulled some strings to make their province look good and throw a little soft power around. I’d love to see what Flemish Mole could do with counterpart opportunities.

      The local market task feels a bit like a version of the increasingly demonstrated theory that you can get away with anything if you say it’s for a challenge for YouTube, and the fact that there are cameramen must surely make things look more official and plausible, making the confusing and transgressive behaviour more plausible. (Did the Chinese people understand English at all? It’s plausible some would in the biggest cities, but I’m not sure this is one of the many megacities in the country…) Otherwise, fab episode.

  5. Daniel Peake

    Wie Is De Mol watchers – The Suspect List 2020 has started! Will you be the person who works out who The Mole is better than everyone else?

    Each week you get 10 points if you put The Mole at the top of your Suspect list, 0 if you put them at the bottom, and one point per place above the bottom you put your Mole. There’s also a bonus question worth 3 points each week, AND you can play a joker once throughout the season to double one week.

    Week 1: https://forms.gle/tpRXmwfsYAxcdmvg7

    1. Andrew, the Yank

      Yes, I saw that and though I think the circumstances are disgusting – someone attempted to blackmail her – I hope by being out she’ll feel more comfortable, although ultimately it really doesn’t matter.

  6. Andrew, the Yank

    As usual, my standard ‘constructing a reaction post as I watch’.

    That opening is amazing and wild. Imagine being one of the contestants walking up to that, it must be super powerful.

    Normally I like to watch the episode once straight through and then go back pausing and taking notes and analyzing but since I’m late this week I’m doing the notes on the first viewing so this is taking forever and breaking up the flow a bit, but still, this show is so amazing and I’m so happy it’s back.

    I laughed when Mil was discussing the market challenge, explaining how viewers designed the bills for this year. “That’s fun! [thumbs up]…. but difficult for us.”

    Aww, I really liked Anita and I’m sad to see her go. But that was a great episode, and I’m enjoying the various lying already going on.

  7. David

    Loved that 2nd task just for the comedic value…completely went off the rails from the get-go.

    €6250 available, they only got €1400…not as bad as last week but still a lousy average…


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