Wie is De Mol ’17

Starts January 7th of Avro.

It’s a new year and that means a new series of Wie is De Mol. Ten Dutch celebrities go to Oregon in America to try and complete a number of tasks worth varying amounts of money. But hoping to put the spanner in the works is The Mole, one of the contestants recruited to sabotage the tasks without detection. Every episode the contestants take a test on who they think The Mole is and what they think The Mole has been up to and the person who’s furthest from the truth is eliminated. The last one standing wins all the money.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for English subtitles to go up somewhere. We’re a site with a mainly UK audience, we ask our international friends to please not discuss an episode here until English subs have gone up.

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They are, and I’m sort of having to use guesswork and deduction to get this correct from left to right so these may not be in quite the correct order (there’s a fair chance I’ve got the blondes mixed up):

  • Flemish actor Thomas Cammaert
  • Presenter Jochem van Gelder
  • Actress and writer Sanne Wallis de Vries
  • Dancer Vincent Vianen
  • Science journalist Diederik Jekel
  • That’s the host Art Rooijakers
  • Vlogster (that’s a female vlogger, I’ve discovered) Yvonne Coldeweijer
  • Voiceover artiste and radio DJ Jeroen Kijk in de Vegte
  • Actress Sigrid ten Napel
  • Writer and journalist Roos Schlikker
  • Actress Imanuelle Grives

Good luck Mole hunters!

128 thoughts on “Wie is De Mol ’17

  1. Steve

    God news people just checked the YouTube channel of person that did last season & on the comments of the finale they have said they will be doing subtitles again

  2. Daniel Peake

    The Suspect List will of course be returning so you Mole Hunters can prove you’re the best at spotting who it is.

    Details in due course…

  3. SquaredEyes

    Big background story on the production of the Mole, most interesting takeaways from the article:

    – all contestants need to be off the radar for 3 weeks, without telling anyone, except for one trustee. There is no pay involved, only for The Mole and the winning contestant.

    – Once selected, they are helped by the casting editors: watching a lot of scenes, practice the elimination quiz over and over.

    – they have to answer 40 pages with questions, varying from their fav flowers to how they sleep in bed to the name of their mother-in-law.

    – everyone is asked whether they would like to be the Mole, 3 out 4 say yes. Everyone needs to apply in a series of interviews including a psychologist. Are they suitable to handle the stress for example.

    – productionwise there is a location visit in december, and one in march when the production bible is locked and all the actual locations for production need to be confirmed.

    – there are two productionteams. team 1 is the biggest, includes the host, the editor in chief, production, camera-men, etc. team 2 is the one that hangs out with all the contestants, and consists of a producer, two casting editors, one camera and one audio. they follow the cast continuously.

    – episodes are done in two days: day one has two challenges, day 2 has a challenge and the elimination. per episode they quote each contestant for 2 or 3 times, for quite some time. they can last 30 up to 45 minutes.

    – when contestants leave, they really leave the way you see it in the elimination. say their goodbyes, walk away, talk with art and off they are gone.

    – when dutch tourists spot the group on their holidays, which has happened for every season so far, they are asked by production not to spoil anything or even delete their pictures. so far, everyone has agreed to not spoiling anything.

    1. David

      You wouldn’t have that last point happen here in the US- The Bachelor for example gets pretty much spoiled before the season starts, and there was (I say was because we don’t know if there will be another season or not) a lot of people all over the world looking for Amazing Race players (they catch them in airports, in public areas where clueboxes and tasks are, etc. The only thing they don’t usually get is the winner, because the finish line tends to be in a secluded area or in a location they can close to the public temporarily, though they do get the last three or four teams)

      1. SquaredEyes

        There is an online community increasing every season, also for Dutch Survivor. They monitor the social media platforms for all the contestants, well even for all the celebrities to find out who could be participating in which shows throughout the year.

        Obviously, the cast should be either completely offline for 3 to 4 weeks or keep on posting continuously via their agency or publicist. So, things might get spoiled in that sense as some celebrities start posting after 8 days for example or start following other celebs that are off the radar for some time as well, but thats about it.

  4. SquaredEyes

    2.9mln viewers for the opening episode last Saturday, best premiere ever. Over 50% share in the target demo’s like 10-19, 20-34, 20-49.

  5. Anthony Williams

    Well, the first episode went up but before I could even watch it, Avro had blocked it due to copyright. I expect Marieke will go over to DailyMotion as she did last year.

    If I spot it, I’ll post it

  6. Michael

    Well, that was hilarious.

    Here’s a rundown:

    The candidates all search a forest for four helicopter tickets. Find a ticket, you get a headstart to Portland for the second game. Don’t find one, and you’re in one of two minivans for the next game.

    In the second game, everyone has an hour to complete their tasks – for the four helicopter people, they have to use binoculars to find a landmark and a password, heralded by WIDM logos. If they get to the landmark within the hour, they win an exemption for the first test.

    For the car people, they have five locations to visit – four have money (totalling 2,500 of the BITCHING new Mole Money) and one has a tradition Mole ?.

    In the final game, the four helicopter people are brought out one at a time to speak with Art, not knowing that the six car people are in the cinema next door watching. They are all offered a choice – give up your exemption and the group gets one. If all four give up their exemptions, everyone is through to Ep 2. The ? power lets the car people pick one exemption holder whose choice becomes invalid. The decisions aren’t revealed until after the test.

    Hilarious episode, welcome return to form.


  7. Brig Bother Post author

    Ooh, pity about the vid quality, hopefully it’ll improve for next week.

    A funny episode but not really much to go on with tasks, episodes could do with two money tasks and a metagame task (or three money tasks) really. As it is we’ve got people wandering past obvious envelopes but not much else to go on. Suspect Mole more likely to be in a van, but then they’d know exactly where to find the helicopter tickets.

    In summary: hmm.

  8. Daniel Peake

    Here’s one question that occurs to me – what would have happened if they hadn’t collected the question mark envelope? Task 2 wouldn’t have been able to happen, so something else must have been planned.

    Anyway, Suspect List incoming…

  9. Daniel Peake

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you The Suspect List 2017!

    Each week, place your remaining suspects in a list from MOST likely to be the Mole to LEAST likely. The higher up the list you put the Mole, the more points it is worth. If you put them last, you’ll get 0 points, put them first and you’ll get 10 points, with a scale in between. (Full details available when you click on the Suspect List link).

    Each week there will also be a bonus question worth 3 points about the activity of the Mole during one of the challenges, so you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled.

    Good luck everyone – here’s the link to week 1’s Suspect List, you have until 7pm GMT on Saturday to fill it in.


  10. Alain Johnston

    I actually have the first episode in HD. But it sorta feels bad to translate knowing someone else translates too, albeit in much lower quality.

      1. Alain Johnston

        Very true. Considering even the subtitles are a bit shaky, I say she made a mistake with the settings during export.

        1. Alain Johnston

          I think I’m going to translate the first episode and put it online (probably) tomorrow. Not sure about the other eps. Maybe her quality is better next week!

  11. Qusion

    Oh I enjoyed that, even if the screen was being eaten by the grey blocks.

    The free-pass task had so many levels of back and forth and as always I am all at sea over my mole choices. Don’t worry, I will have it worked out by episode nine.

  12. Kerenza Doxolodeo

    Potentially the best way to start a Series. Minimum Action. Total Drama.

    The last time I had this was Hong Jin Ho’s elimination is Genius Game S2.

  13. Nico W.

    I liked the episode a lot, though I watched most of it in Alain’s version and one without subtitles. I hope Marieke notices this and changes her settings or whatever next week.
    I think we already saw a difficulty of this season: They can speak the language of the country they are in. When the task was revealed, it was clear to me (considering they even had mobile phones) they would get everything. And of course this was necessary to have this back and forth over the exemptions. But if they hadn’t gotten the “?” this task would have been very dull to watch. Just people going to places without any difficulties (except for the classic “being blind when walking past envelopes” of course). I really hope the producers have considered this a lot in the future challenges. But they are so good, I bet they did!
    And Brig is right about this one task per episode thing this week. I think for an introduction it was fine, but in comparison to other episodes it was a bit calm. Anyway I’m so looking forward to this, I even dreamt about being in the mole last night, because I couldn’t watch it any earlier.

  14. David

    I think the issue was the challenges themselves. WIDM’s kinda fallen into a rut with designing the premiere challenges since Art became host – it’s pretty much always a “find the landmark” challenge first (plane wreckage, a church, navigating in Chinese, commuters at a train station, commuters on a train, helicopter tickets), plus a second big challenge (bridge lasertag, bungy jumping, the light show, TV screens, giant topito, twin treasure hunts), plus a twist that’s usually but not always tied into the latter challenge (exemptions on a glacier, bungy prediction, the half-test opening, the first set of letters, the exemption lists, the exemption forfeit). It’s just that this week’s set of challenges happen to be – by a fairly wide distance – the lamest opening for a WIDM season we’ve experienced in quite a while. You might be able to make a case for the Sri Lanka opening being worse than this, but other than that this is easily the worst opening since at least the Mexico season.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Super fun episode actually, one of the more fun laser gun games.

      Diedriek’s shirt is totally a red herring, surely.

    2. Qusion

      Alas this link is already dead, user removed rather than youtube though.

      1. Brig Bother Post author

        The subs (as optional captions) were about five seconds out of sync with the film, so fingers crossed she’s just retiming them.

  15. Chris

    The jury game has to be one of the most inventive ones they’ve done in a while

    1. David

      It’s a variant of a challenge from the second US season, where three players had to say what they did and the last player got an exemption if they picked the liar or the team won cash if they got it wrong.

      1. Qusion

        I think it was quite a bit different to the interrogation game from Mole US 2, also in UK1 and probably most of the other countries’ early seasons. In particular the fact that the exemption was on offer to the other side in this game.

        In particular this one really made me think about where the mole wanted to be in that challenge, in particular winning an exemption for being a good liar, but preventing money going in the pot, is a dangerous line for a mole to walk.

  16. Daniel Peake

    Week 2 of The Suspect List is now available here:


    Even if you didn’t play last week, please start this week. You’re by no means out of it!!

    Each week, I’ll publish the results of the bonus question from the previous week. Last week the question was:

    Is The Mole male or female?

    65% of you think the mole is FEMALE,
    35% of you think the mole is MALE.

    Good luck…

    1. Michael

      Couple of solid clues in this episode. One strongly points to my current pick on the Suspect List being correct, which is good.

        1. Brig Bother Post author

          I’ve got no idea.

          I quite liked the challenges this week, although the third one was giving me potential traffic accident anxiety.

          An interesting thing: the last few series concentrated on all-or-nothing challenges, there seem to be loads more partial credit challenges this year. It builds the pot, but I do find it less exciting when you see the Mole do a €100 sabotage revealed at the end of the series.

          1. Brig Bother Post author

            Oh, Miss Mole? I reckon that’s a red herring, it feels way to early in the run to give a clue like that.

            Or maybe that’s what they want us to think.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      I don’t think he’s the mole, but I think he’s playing a tremendous shirt game to give the impression he *might* be the mole. He wears green or red a lot, usually with something pithy and obliquely relevant on it.

      1. Qusion

        Whenever a candidate does something so obviously mole-ish that they must be bluffing; I think of Tanya (UK S2) and the tremendous series-long double bluff of how someone so obviously mole-ish couldn’t possibly be the mole.

  17. Daniel Peake

    The Suspect List Week 3 is available here:


    I have no idea who it is, so come and play, and you’ll likely beat me!

    And now, the result of the Week 2 bonus question…

    Was the Mole ‘abducted’ during the Paper Mill challenge?
    Yes – 44%
    No – 56%

    As ever, best of luck!

  18. Jared

    The premiere totally slipped my mind this year, so I’m a few weeks late to the game, but it probably doesn’t matter much anyway cause I feel totally clueless right now. Jochem and Sanne seem like the ones who are screwing up the most, but for some reason, it’s hard for me to see their failures as deliberate, they just seem sort of bumbling and incompetent (mostly Jochem, but still). Sanne ended up at the top of my list this week anyway, but I worked backward and eliminated the people I suspected the least. I feel safe saying there’s no chance of it being Imanuelle. She’s incredibly fanatical and driven to win and wears it on her sleeve. Thomas also looks pretty genuine during the executions in that he looks close to an emotional meltdown when he gets called lol. He is an actor, though, so who knows.

  19. David

    I can’t believe they would go that high just for jokers….exemptions I would understand completely, but three grand for one joker? I don’t know if they misunderstood the rules or just got carried away- but there always seems to be one week with a big minus total, and this was it..

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Auction episodes always go stupid high, I think the best strategy as treasurer was to go for all of it and at least guarantee half the pot afterwards, which is never gratifying but also looks clever in retrospect (and on the off chance everyone plays nice, well that’s suspicious). I suspect The Mole only really needs to bid-up the first one and then let jealousy take its course.

      I do really like this group, Jochem’s turning into one of my favourite ever players – either he completely lacks self awareness or he’s a massive troll.

    2. Qusion

      A few great opportunities for creative sabotage in the auction game; and the first indication I have had to completely rule someone out (famous last words).

      Bidding high is a very obvious way to sabotage the game, but make thee average low would also be very effective. Also, did someone spread a rumour about the freebie money being per Joker, or did that happen naturally?

      Also fun twist on the annual trackers in a maze game.

  20. Jared

    Lmfao, that auction was an utter disaster. I don’t even know what to think, because not a single person came out of it looking good except for Sigrid and, well…

    I’m even starting to doubt my certainty that it’s not Imanuelle.

  21. Nico W.

    Whenever I am 100% sure someone is not the mole, that person gets eliminated. Is it just me or is it the editing?
    And I really started liking her as well.

  22. Daniel Peake

    Week 4 of The Suspect List is here! 6 candidates to put in order, and a bonus question as ever.

    Surely we’ll be having a non-elimination episode soon…


    The result of the bonus question from Week 3:
    In the navigation challenge, what number instructions were on the car occupied by the Mole?
    1,2,3 – 52%
    4,5,6 – 18%
    7,8,9 – 18%
    10,11,12 – 18%

  23. Steve

    Wow, that was a really painful episode. The huge money crash was one thing, but the elimination made it really hurt. Usually, by the time there are four or five players left, I enjoy the group enough that I’d hate to see anyone leave… This year, I think I hit that point by the last episode.

    Has anyone else been watching Moltalk? Don’t. For one thing, the YouTubeAutoTranslatedAutoSubtitles become a garbled mess when anyone speaks with the slightest bit of speed. But secondly, they pull a lot of tweets from fans showing reactions to the show, including a lot of Mole theories. It’s interesting when they throw several different interpretations of the same scene (for example, in the driving challenge from the last episode, looking at the street signs, SW could be a clue to Sanne Wallis, or Jefferson Avenue could be referencing Thomas (Jefferson)), but it’s infuriating when you see a theory you happily concocted on your own broadcast next to others you believe couldn’t possibly be true. Everything starts to feel like a red herring, and it sorta makes you sick of trying to suss anything out.

    I have theories about things. If I read into the clues I (thought I) saw from this episode, then I’m totally barking up the wrong tree. For now, the best I can do is just stick with my gut from episode 2 and hope I’m right.

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      No, never seen Moltalk, as you suggest I think it will open too many rabbit holes, I’m pretty happy to take things at or around face value.

  24. Greg

    Well after that elimination my number 2 suspect has gone and i have to say really only have 1 suspect now. My flabber will well and truly gasted if its not who i think it is.

    I hate these tasks which result in people just blowing the pot on advantages. Im a firm believer that the pot should not be used to buy advantages as its almost a get out of jail card for a rubbish mole. This encourages the mole to play under the radar more knowing these kind of things are coming up.

    1. Steve

      Wish there was some kind person subbing this for us as love the mole but even if episodes are put up somewhere without subs I couldn’t watch

    1. Brig Bother Post author

      Some spoiler space:







      Really great episode actually, stunning scenery, I loved the poster challenge, and Jochem and Thomas making Jokers was tense and hilarious and felt properly conspiratorial.

      I was surprised the cameras didn’t pick out where the other Jokers were along the route though.

      A shame about this week’s eliminee, but this is probably my favourite group in a few years.

      1. David

        Too bad The Oregon Trail isn’t well known over there- they could have joked the eliminee wasn’t executed, they died of dysentery…

      2. Cheesebiscuits

        The scenery this time was amazing and this was knowingly backed up by the producers seeing as they had Hans Zimmer’s Planet Earth || in the backgroud – an amazing musical piece. Idk if it’s just me but I don’t think diedrik was looking for a joker. When the all started talking about the letters to camera, all were mentioned but his and then it was assumed that way – it does seem a little peculiar.

        This is the first series I’ve watched from the Netherlands, can someone tell me what the black exemption does? And how often it turns up?


        1. Brig Bother Post author

          The black exemption was introduced a few years ago – it basically nullifies any jokers or exemptions played on the test making it a level playing field – so even if you have immunity you still have to take the test anyway in case someone has a black exemption in their posession and decides to play it.

          There hasn’t really been many jokers and exemptions on offer this year, but in previous years where they were slightly more freely available and exemptions weren’t necessarily limited to the episodes they were won on, their use could be hilariously devastating when timed correctly.

          In the last few series they’ve turned up once or twice, the team are usually warned if there is one on offer and in play but not who has it. The name’s a bit of a misnomer really – it doesn’t act as an exemption for the person who plays it.

          1. Cheesebiscuits

            Thanks – so we know one should turn up at some point 🙂

            What do you mean by hillariously devastating? Is there a good episode to watch?

          2. Brig Bother Post author

            I don’t think one will turn up now, with only five left it wouldn’t leave much room for play.

            I can’t think of a specific episode but they were introduced in 2014 in Hong Kong which I remember being quite lively. Our discussion page for that is here: http://www.bothersbar.co.uk/?page_id=7800

          3. David

            That’s my read of the situation too. There have been plenty of jokers and exemptions this season – four exemptions in the premiere, the one in the jury challenge, a bunch of jokers hidden in a claw machine in the amusement park (which none of the players even came close to noticing), the cattle auction – but if a black exemption was coming it would have been here by now.

            I feel like it’ll be back next season though, since that’s what they did with jokers when they were introduced – three seasons with them, then one without (there are NONE in the Northern Ireland/Jordan season, and you probably didn’t even notice), then back full-time. It’s kind of been a very back-to-basics season, actually. This is the first time in a long time there hasn’t been an extra B-plot mystery spanning most of the season (last year there were the backs of the banknotes, then the year before there was the letters from the Mole, then the mail subplot, then the photo tubes, then the hints towards the negotiation challenge, then the “do you want the Mole to contact you?” thing in Art’s season, then the “the Mole will be revealed in Episode 3” hint towards the lunch challenge…), and I’m kind of digging it.

          4. Scott R

            I missed it the first time, but that claw machine had 20 Jokers, 2 green exemptions, and 1 black exemption. It was in one establishing shot (with a sign saying “take your chance”) but I don’t blame anyone for missing that.

      3. Qusion

        Really enjoyed this episode even if it didn’t give me a lot of insight into who the mole is. I still have two prime suspects, and one I have ruled out. I very briefly had two until the elimination. Exemptions and Jokers do seem to be a little harder to come by this year. Last year it was hard to find a challenge without them.

        It sort of reminded me of the road trip episode from UK2; one long interconnect challenge and it did work very well. The poster game in particular was interesting, but lacked sabotage as far as I could tell. Which does suggest sabotage in the shooting – but how? I can’t imagine ‘missed the target’ being an interesting enough sabotage.

      4. Steve

        As for the hidden jokers, I noticed that when Diederik was VOing about missing the jokers at 38:30, there was a swooping shot down on one of the wagons, and it seemed to linger for a moment on a white bag hanging from the side of the wagon. They seemed to recite the messages in the letters diffently (“On the right side of the path, you’ll see a hidden joker” or something like that), but I’m betting a bit of wordplay came into play where they needed to be on the right side of the path to see it.

    1. Michael

      Aaaaaaaand Episodes 1 & 2 have already gone. I was in the middle of watching 2 too 🙁

  25. Qusion

    That was a fun episode, I am a little worried that my choice of mole was sabotaging a little too hard this episode, but then so was my definitely-not-the-mole so what can you do.

    The third game was very clever, especially how all the mannequins ‘came to life’ for the second trip.

  26. David

    I’m wondering if the producers had planned for a non-elimination at some point, and when the task in the first episode that should have lead to a non-elim didn’t work out, they set up this task so no matter who won and who got the exemptions, no one would see a red screen…

  27. Marieke

    Hey guys. It’s me, the person subbing WIDM.
    I was going through my channel’s analytics and saw the vids are embedded to here.
    I love going through these message boards checking out who’s enjoying it.

    Sorry about the hick-ups the beginning of the season. I actually can’t download or rip in HD. Well, maybe I just haven’t figured that out yet. But I’ve got someone sending me them so yay for collaborations.

    Hope you’ll enjoy the rest of the season and in the off season I plan to complete the entire collection by adding previous seasons. If I can get someone to send me HD versions 😉

    1. Steve

      Hi Marieke Thank You So much we’re all hugely appreciative of your work! And oh awesome that previous unsubbed versions may come

    2. Qusion

      Just want to say a massive thank you for subtitling the series. We really do appreciate it!

    3. Scott R

      Fun fact: The daily newspaper of Portland Oregon (The Oregonian) has linked to the English subtitled version in its coverage of WIDM.
      Fun fact: Diederik linked to the English subtitled version on his twitter to introduce some other people to show.

      A lot of people love your work!

  28. Daniel Peake

    The Suspect List Week 6 is available here:


    (Apologies for the delay, I have self-flagellated as recompense)

    Last week, I asked: In which position did The Mole run into the field in the Rodeo Sign challenge.
    1st and 6th: 19%
    2nd and 7th: 25%
    3rd and 8th: 12%
    4th and 9th: 12%
    5th and 10th: 7%
    11th: 25%

      1. Brig Bother Post author


        I’ve got no idea. I’ve thought throughout that it can’t be Diedriek, only now I’m wondering if it is him. My big question mark is Thomas, he’s so successful at rarely drawing attention to himself I’m becoming increasingly convinced he’s doing all sorts of naughty things, but not much I can pin on him. Was Sanne deliberately holding back to look like a hero if the team shot badly? Jochem remains one of my favourite ever Mole contestants, I still can’t work out how much is an act.

        Another fun episode, first task was funny, second task stunning, third task entertaining and featuring cracking music choices. Amused by the joker payoff of half the group disbelieving that they had made their own jokers.

        1. Steve

          I’m right with you Diedriek is the only one I’m convinced it isn’t but can’t choose who I think it is between the others so it’s probable going to be Diedriek

          1. Qusion

            I think there was a clear, and relatively obvious clue in this episode as to the identity of the mole. Enough to switch my order but not enough to put the subject of the clue first I don’t think.

            So much opportunity for more subtle moling this week as well, that i’m not entirely sure my suspect did much at all.

            Interestingly when I did my online mole thing many years ago, a communication chain was the very first challenge; so i thoroughly approve.

          2. Qusion

            Art suggested that the mole would be forced to ‘play their cards’ in this episode, the main sub-plot was about who would finally get to play Jochem’s Joker.

  29. Greg

    Well bang goes my number 1 suspect, like Brig have no clue now as my number 2 went a couple of weeks ago.

  30. Jared

    Really disappointed to see Imanuelle go, she was my favorite this season and I’ve been suspecting her a lot recently.

    Diederik seemed really fishy this episode, but I don’t know how it can be him at this point unless everyone’s been lying about who they’re voting for. Imanuelle and Jochem are the only ones who say they’re onto him. As for the other three… I just don’t know. Everyone seems too suspicious to discount right now lol.

    I’m usually not too good at spotting clues, but I think the episode title this week, “verblinden,” which google translate says means “dazzle” or “blind,” could refer to Thomas and Jochem having trouble reading the phone numbers because of the sun. There were a lot of shots during the assignment emphasizing the glare from the sun, and it was early morning while the sun was still low, so maybe Sanne was purposefully positioning the car such that the sun was always behind the balloons?

  31. spp138

    I think there was another fairly interesting “clue” this episode. With one contestant, the very first letters the contestant said could be revealing. This clue also fits in with another in-your-face clue from a few weeks ago.

    Putting that aside, though, I think this year has been brilliant because you could make a compelling case for all 4 to be the mole, and they would be applauded for having done an excellent job. I love how much the alliances have come into play, and I’m glad that they have shown that. Honestly, I have no idea who the mole is (apart from thinking I’m clever with spotting clues)

    1. Dale

      I have one solid idea who the mole is but after this episode I keep bouncing around between all of them. Like how Sanne and Jochem guess the answers with the photos a little to well, and that final challenge I leached on to the colors of their vests but that led me to other people. It will definitely be a interesting final.

      Spoiler: I hate cliffhangers. I was not expecting one until next week 🙁


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