Stool Pigeon August 2020

By | August 27, 2020

Right, it’s been two months since the last one, it’s time for your industry anonygoss.

Under the new pandemic rules, we won’t be printing anything we don’t believe has an element of truth to it.

The box will remain open until the end of Dan’s Quiz tonight, around 10pm.

Edit: Time’s up, going through it all now.

Join us For Bridge

By | August 24, 2020

Channel 4 has just announced The Bridge, a show where twelve strangers try and build a 250m bridge in twenty days to win a £100k prize, which one person voted for by the group must decide to take it all for themselves or split it amongst everybody.

It is very much the sort of thing that sounds a bit rubbish on paper but might end up being quite entertaining. The question is: this sort of communal building challenge has been done in the past (Building the Dream, Trouble in Paradise) and didn’t really work out. With something fairly monotonous like a bridge, would it fare any better? Or will the Challenge Anneka aspect add the necessary frisson?

Anyway Wilderness are making this, which probably means this is the format I suspected was Survivor. Never mind.

Dodgeball Thunderdome

By | August 22, 2020

Have you ever wanted to know the answer to the question “what if Holey Moley and Extreme Dodgeball had a child and it was a bit boring?” Well worry no longer, as Discovery in America has made that show and it’s called Dodgeball Thunderdome, and it goes out on Wednesday nights.

Episode one is on Youtube in unofficial capacity at time of writing.

Hosted by David Dobrik (Youtube sensation apparently, I don’t know I’m 39 and British) and co-hosted by NFL player Andrew Hawkins and E! host Erin Lim, Dodgy Thunder sees eight people battle it out for a chance to enter the championship playoffs and the $25,000 grand prize.

The first round is probably the most successful – four people traverse a muddy Wipeout-esque obstacle course whilst getting pelted with dodgeballs – red (which will eliminate you if you take too many – the two who take the most are eliminated) and blue (for the LOLs). Contestants throw at each other, and production also chuck some in for good measure. Surely the people on either side are at quite a disadvantage seeing as they’re nearer production and only likely have one easy person to aim at whereas the people in the middle are protected by distance and a much easier choice of people to aim at. I don’t know.

Anyway repeat that, the four survivors face off in round two which is basically Kevin Hart’s TKO – one person tries to run an obstacle course, the other is on a gantry trying to hit them with balls, blue to slow down, red (which are in short supply) to eliminate (they also have a cannon and a giant ball on a catapult). Three red balls ends the run, the other person has to beat the distance.

The final sees the two survivors face off in the Dodgeball Thunderdome. Beginning with a schoolyard pick of the losing contestants, the captains build a team. Teammates can take one hit, captains three, and when the captain is eliminated it’s game over. To spice things up there are various targets and special weapons located around the arena, very few of which actually get used. It manages to be glacial in a complete opposite way to GSN’s Extreme Dodgeball from about twenty years ago, and despite all the potential twists never threatens to be particularly exciting.

It carries all the tropes of a comedy physical game – the straight man and the colour commentator, sarcastic woman interviewing the contestants, people falling off obstacles into mud/water, but it doesn’t do anything better than anything that’s gone before it and brings absolutely nothing new to the table.

In a year that’s been actually pretty good for physicality in gameshows in the US (Ultimate Tag was fun, Holey Moley was funny, even The Titan Games upped its game), it’s hard to see what the point of Dodgy Thunder is really.

The Krypton Factor 1977

By | August 18, 2020

We are *always always always* going to feature old Krypton Factor that finds its way onto Youtube, and it looks like this channel’s uploaded almost the entire original 1977 series.

SPOILERS, we’re skipping to the final as it features a) an intelligence test it took me until the end to figure out and b) a hilariously waterlogged assault course. The playlist is here.

Also on the channel likely of interest: five episodes of The Satellite Game.

A Kickstarter that might be worth your time

By | August 17, 2020

We’ve featured the work of Charlie Wheeler before, years ago as part of Amateur Adventure Hour and for his titles mocks on Youtube.

Well he’s Kickstarting a book, and it looks like it might be very interesting and relevant to our tastes, The Last Pyramid is a puzzle adventure book that has been very clearly influenced by The Crystal Maze, Fort Boyard et al. £20 will secure you a copy, if it gets funded.

Audience site round-up

By | August 16, 2020

I haven’t bothered checking them out for ages, but it turns out there’s interesting news out there. In no particular order:

  • From SRO, The Masked Singer is recording its second series from 14th September at Bovingdon Airfield, it’s looking for an audience.
  • Also from SRO, they were looking for pairs of people for a runthrough of a show called Beat the Interrogators, which sounds like Tell the Truth. That was a few days ago.
  • Family Fortunes with Gino d’Acampo is recording at Television Centre 2nd-4th September. Tickets are available at Applause Store.