Stool Pigeon – June 2020

By | June 22, 2020

Alright, it’s time to open the Stool Pigeon. As lockdown begins to ease and production companies start to think about filming again, what’s the exciting gossip?

I’m going to put my foot down this month – the point of the exercise is not blatant lies, it’s not meant to be comic. It’s not even meant for news really – stick your name on it and put it in a comment. Tell us something interesting we don’t know from the comfort of relative anonymity.

Box closed, results incoming.

Fort Boyard series 31 is filming right now

By | June 18, 2020

And apparently without COVID insurance and it could bring down Adventure Line if someone is caught with it. Incredible jeopardy.

Anyway, they’re about halfway through filming 11 episodes (plus eight Toujours Plus Forts!) and they’re promising it won’t be a “wasted” series. Here’s what we’ve gathered so far.

  • There will be social distancing and games have been reworked to allow this. Whatsmore, teams are reduced to five from six. Also, as I understand it (and may have misunderstood it), teams will stick around the Treasure Room and Passe-Partout will deliver people to their cells, not unlike the bonus challenges on Toujours Plus Fort! last year. Passe-Muraille will also be there, although whether he’ll be dressing up a lot I don’t know.
  • Lady and (new) Mr Boo will return in non-contact capacity. We *believe* Willy Rovelli’s back – although they won’t be playing Restaurant and he’s only tweeted once about being in La Rochelle since start of filming. Blanche/Rouge return, as does The Cage in some capacity. The Genie is back. New characters include Cyril Feraud as Cyril Gossbo – the “perfect” television host made up to look like a nightmarish real-life Ken doll with a new gungy quiz, and there was a picture released last night of a door with what looks like a fortune teller on, who looks a little bit like Steve Pemberton’s “local shops for local people” character from League of Gentlemen.
  • Other new doors that have been revealed so far include what looks like some sort of waiting room, and a big purple door with a question mark and an illuminati-style eye. Also there’s a picture of a sort of invitation from Blanche for a new thing.
  • Mud fight has gone (because of COVID) so Miss France won’t be able to collect on her prize this year – but it’s disappeared and come back before. Time Travel has gone but that was probably always a one-off for the thirtieth anniversary last year so not too surprising. Percolator’s gone but that’s had its time (and Hotel is the superior spinny-floor game anwyay). Recycling’s gone but that never really lived up to its Star Wars trash-compactor idea anyway.
  • They’ll be wearing masks on enterting the fort and masks in the Treasure Room, but it looks like contestants will be mask free for most of it.

It’s usually worth keeping an eye out on sites like who trawl the social media sites to get daily filming information.

In other news, in theory the new Microids game Escape Game: Fort Boyard comes out for all major formats July 7th. Featuring “over 25 events!”

The Floor Is Orange Water

By | June 15, 2020

Floor is Lava starts on Netflix on Friday, which as far as we can work out is just the Museum from Fort Boyard, a three minute semi-regular event, turned into an entire series. Still, might be fun though.

We quite liked Rutledge Wood on Hyperdrive, and given he was a host on the US version of Top Gear now appears to be gunning for the role of The US Richard Hammond.

Edit: I thought this was going to be a pretty boring week, but in the last hour we’ve had ITV are bringing back The Cube and Cyril Feraud’s got a character job as a Ken-like doll gameshow host on Fort Boyard this year. Amazing. Edit Edit: And S3 of The Circle.

Bother’s Bar Game Night 19

By | June 12, 2020
Bruce Willis or Vince Clarke?

Saturday, 9pm-11:30-ish (UK)
Here and on Youtube

Rejoice! As it’s time for another one of Bother’s Bar’s irregular Game Nights, join us as a panel of seven vies against each other and the watching audience for the title of Bother’s Bar Game Night Champion, something nobody can take away from them.

As ever we’ll be playing the best of the Jackbox suite of games live and interactive so get your second screens ready to playalong with our Youtube stream. I can also reveal I’ll be requiring A Voice of the Audience on TWO separate occasions, one for a game of Push the Button and one for the very exciting Arbitrary Final.

I’ll also be reading the best of the Youtube Chat, so be sure to join in there as well.