The Fort Boyard game is out digitally

By | June 27, 2019

I hope to bring you a video on Saturday (mainly because I’ve got no time to play it until Saturday). Meanwhile, here’s your price comparison guide:

  • Steam – £20.69 (that’s a 10% off price)
  • XBox One – £24.99
  • Switch – £27.99
  • PS4 – £44.99

One of these prices is not like the others.

We’re not expecting it to be more than a 5/10, but you never know. It’s also getting a physical release in a few days and will find the sales figures for that absolutely fascinating.

Incidentally I’ve recently pivoted from PS4 to XB1, so if you want to add me for hi-score hi-jinks, I’m Brig Bother.

Show Discussion: Awake

By | June 26, 2019


Better late than never, today I’ve re-subbed to Netflix after a few months of there not seeming much point because I was at work all the time.

Anyway I’m hoping to watch this at the weekend – you may well have watched this and have an opinion on it already. Six contestants try and count as much money (in quarters) as they can in twenty-four hours. Why not just fall asleep? Because the person who counts the least is immediately eliminated. Also the person who was the least accurate. The others play games of skill in a tired state, eliminating themselves through either being the worst or bailing out and taking a small prize until one person remains who must gamble on how accurate he thinks he was in a bid to win the entire million.

Let us know what you thought in the comments.

Calendar Countdown

By | June 25, 2019

Our thanks to @gordygeorge88 on Twitter for alerting us that the Youtube channel Countdowngoofs has uploaded the pilots for Calendar Countdown, and on their Dailymotion site five full episodes of the original Yorkshire TV production.

It’s interesting that it plays by the original French Le Mot Le Plus Long rules in that the opponent of the person whose go it is to select the letters has to beat the length set by the player otherwise they don’t score anything – a tie isn’t good enough. This also applies to the numbers rounds, which is quite interesting.

Anyway, if you’ve never seen LMLPL before it became Des Chiffres et Des Lettres, here’s a clip. Instead of numbers rounds, it features riddles if you score an odd number of points in order to keep them.

SdS Bonusrunde

By | June 24, 2019

Missed our Schlag den Star English watchalong last week? Don’t worry, here’s some of the more formatty things we got up to hastily edited together. Thanks to Daniel Peake for coming up and hosting these.

First: Buried Treasure. Answer questions to dig in the sand for money but make sure you’re not the last one to get home.

And next: Brain of Schlag. Which is Brian of Britain, but with the SdS commentators.

OMG, it’s about a minute of the Richard O Brien Fort Boyard pilot.

By | June 22, 2019

Toujours Plus Fort (effectively Fort Boyard’s Bit On The Side) gave us GOLD this evening with about a minute of the Richard O Brien Fort Boyard pilot they filmed in London. We’ve previously seen about two seconds of it as part of a contestant call out for the original French show so this is both fascinating and wonderful. Also: the look is very Industrial zone.

I don’t know if this will go directly to the bit, but it’s just after 30:30 on the clock here:

Fort Boyard and VPNs

By | June 22, 2019

Don’t forget! Fort Boyard starts on France 2 tonight at 8pm UK. You’ll likely need a VPN to watch live, or hopefully they’ll be putting them up officially on Youtube later on this evening. Our discussion page is here.

Speaking of VPNs, I fear too many services are catching on to Tunnelbear which has done me well over the years, but my sub runs out end of June. Does anyone have any recommendations? I don’t mind paying money. Sounds like Express VPN and NordVPN are well regarded.