Bother’s Bar SMASH Fight Night!

By | December 28, 2018

Saturday 29th December, 9-10:30pm,

(Celebrity Game Night is the next post down, if you were wondering.)

And so we come to our latest TV Total-style spin-off live event, the very first Bother’s Bar SMASH Fight Night, and to be very honest with you literally anything could happen. Perhaps nobody will turn up. Perhaps there will be connection issues. Maybe the live commentary won’t work. What we’re saying is: don’t set your expectations too high.

Notionally there will be a Battle Arena set-up which can hold up to eight players of which four will play at once. 3 mins, low items, three-life stock battle, top two stay on and losers rotate out, the contestant with the most total KOs at the end of the final game at 10:30 is the Fight Night CHAMPION. And this is all on Super Smash Bros Ultimate on Switch.

The Arena ID will pop up here around 8:55, as will the link to the Discord commentary – that’s right, if you’re playing along hopefully you’ll come and join the comms as well – if you’re just watching the Youtube stream you’re going to be about thirty seconds behind.

Literally any of this could change before or on the night, but you want some SMASH action, why not come and join us?

Show Discussion: Celebrity Game Night

By | December 28, 2018
#hostholdingaquestioncard check, #setinapenthouse check.

Saturday, 10pm,
Channel 5

UK adaptation of US show Hollywood Game Night, presumably Borehamwood Game Night didn’t test as well.

Liza Tarbuck hosts two teams of celebrities led by Danny Baker and Susan Calman across a range of different games and quizzes. Evidently they’ve dropped the “civilians hanging out with celebs and winning money” aspect of the US original although this probably won’t matter too much. In fact from the casting this is very much giving me modern-day Win, Lose or Draw vibes which I’d suggest is very much A Good Thing. Celebs in episode one seem to include Scarlett Moffat, Greg Rutherford and Ore Oduba, which is the sort of level we’re looking at.

Let us know what you think in the comments.

Another impromptu Christmas Video!

By | December 27, 2018

i.e. basically I wanted to try out a new game capture card.

The Christmas season is a time for board gaming with families, but what if you can’t be bothered with “bits”? The answer is “digital”. Here’s a playthrough of the recent release of Carcassonne on Nintendo Switch, and get this, you can hear me on this one.

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And speaking of Nintendo Switch, this week’s Xmas TV Total-style spin off, Bother’s Bar’s Smash Fight Night will now be happening on Saturday night, 9-10:30ish, and we’ll be trying to stream the whole thing LIVE.

Proper gameshow content resumes in the New Year, with the Poll of 2018.