Stool Pigeon April 2019 – The Results

By | April 23, 2019

Last month, a really interesting selection of stories which invited a lot of comment.

This month? Er…

As ever, only the writer and the people involved know the truth, let us try and sort the wheat (truth) from the chaff (lies).

  • Hearing rumours that the Survivor UK revival may have found a host – Rylan has been in negotiations for some time. (Two things of note here: there’s a Survivor UK revival? Secondly, as much as I love Rylan, I can’t see “‘ere, you’ve just won immunity babes!” flying. I call BS.)
  • After the success of Ben Justice’s YouTube video countdown series – he and Luna Cat have been targeted as the new presenters of the Crystal Maze 😂 (Well it’s only taken six weeks but FINALLY we have our first piece of Ben Justice fanfic.)
  • Very early stages, but I’ve heard whispers that Endemol are considering reviving Golden Balls – no words on Jasper Carrott returning. (Intriguing if true, although I’m not sure where it would go. ITV’s afternoon line-up is solid right now. Jasper Carrott is 74 years old.)
  • Eggheads rumour appears to be true. The regular series producer has been casting around for a new job. (Not sure how I feel about this. Sure, it’s just Eggheads, but it’s been a solid around-a-million an ep since time immemorial. I mean it’s not as hip as Richard Osman’s House of Games but it probably could have been treated a bit more nicely.)
  • Not looking good for a second series of WonderBall – averaged 11,000 viewers last week, and one episode in the run had fewer than 3,000. Not helped by generally low viewership for BBC Scotland, mind. (Bit of a shame that, although I haven’t gone out of my way to watch it since the first ep, so…)
  • I can exclusively reveal the number 1 spot on “Ben Justice’s Top 100 UK Game Shows of All Time” will go to: Take on the Twisters. (That’s C21 FORMAT OF THE YEAR Take On The Twisters, to you.)
  • Some significant money has been spent on the upcoming season of “The Crystal Maze“, which wouldn’t make sense if they knew it was their last season (in response to last month’s Stool Pigeon). (Shutting the gate after the horse has bolted. Surprised there’s been no recommission press release from C4 about this.)
  • Going off previous suggestion that Eggheads is to be cancelled, rumours are abound BBC is considering keeping on some of the Eggheads and is considering pitches for new intellectual formats starring them; though discussions are at an early stage. (Would make sense. Although if a space ever came up on The Chase)
  • The reason no one has seen Richard O’Brien in years is that he has been cryogenically frozen and stored beneath Disneyland next to Walt disney’s head. (Unless you’re in New Zealand where he’s been hosting a show that’s a little bit like Who Do You Think You Are?)
  • From seeing posts on Twitter, celebrities confirmed to appear on Series 3 of HoG include; Kate Humble Ivo Graham Andi Oliver Phill Jupitus Kerry Godliman Radzi Chinyanganya Ebony Rainford-Brent Hal Cruttenden June Sarpong Dev Griffin Debbie McGee Alex Horne Rachel Parris Jay Blades Reverend Kate Bottley Susan Calman Judy Murray Rob Corp (looking forward to see what Alex Horne thinks of his format.)
  • S4C deciding to ‘own the story’ after some unfortunate question writing. (I think this ‘works’ in English too.) (Heh. The correct answer is B by the way.)
  • Supposedly, if you win the Impossible £10K, it’s in your account that day. (There’s a lot of having to put those pound coins in those plastic bags before the bank shuts though.)
  • Say, wasn’t it this website’s birthday last week? Congratulations! How many years are you on now? (Hey you’re right! 19th April 2004, which makes us 15! Or if you work in television, 16 probably.)

So there we are.


By | April 20, 2019
Artist’s prediction of this year’s logo.

Thanks to Setsunael for tipping this off for us, there’s a Fort Boyard spin-off set in an abandoned theme park happening this year. Here’s the translation of the story:

It’s been more than a year since the teams of the ALP production company, directed by Alexia Laroche-Joubert, secretly work on this new concept, inspired by the 30th anniversary of the show.
This one will be entirely built around the previous life of Father Fouras (incarnated by Yann Le Gac), that is before 1989, when he was not still in the lookout, nor in the entrails of Fort Boyard. 
In the imaginary of production, the famous character with long white beard has made career as director of an amusement park, left abandoned since his departure. 
The idea is to reopen it today.

An old disused amusement park near Paris
This new story will plunge us into a completely different world. 
Exit the stone cells of the fort, ALP has found an old disused amusement park near Paris. It will serve as a film set in early autumn. 
The production has imagined new characters specific to this creation, but kept the fundamentals: candidates and tests. 

Les Parisien

This is both a) exciting and b) worrying.

Cast your mind back ten years to 2009, the show’s 19th anniversary (which is also its twentieth series). They went big on it, new graphics, new music, Eva Longoria as a contestant and about 40 daily best-of compilations. It felt a bit like overkill and the numbers divebombed.

This year for the 30th series (29th year, cough) it looks like they’re going all-out again. We have this exciting spin-off show. It sounds like there’s going to be a live discussion show after most of the episodes this year – does anyone really want three hours plus on a Saturday night? They’ve already started the celebrations, Fort Boyard was a location on La Carte aux Tresor this past week.

Still it looks like they’re pulling out the stops. Patrice Laffont, the show’s first host, is coming back as a character with a time machine to play old tests. And it sounds like they might have a proper A-List celeb playing this year, but they’re keeping their cards close to their chest.

They start filming next month for presumably a June broadcast. Summer’s coming back, but I hope they aren’t watering down the brand too much.

The AIs Have It

By | April 17, 2019

News this morning of Speedgate, the world’s first AI (with a lot of human help) created sport. Maybe it will become the next Tenball, who knows?

So this begs the question (ding!) which game or quiz show most feels like it’s been put together by AI? We’ve not disparagingly compared a show to Quizzlestick for a while.

In other news: FOTB Ash the Bash and this quiz show Twitch stream Wednesdays will tonight be taking on Duel from 8pm. This will be live but not interactive like previous games The Wonderwall and 1 vs 100 as far as I’m aware. Do check it out.