BB Schlag den Star Watchalong 9/11/19

By | November 8, 2019

Saturday, 7:15pm (UK)/8:15pm (Germany)
ProSieben or your naughty alternative of choice.

Join us for another exciting edition of Schlag den Star where once again two celebs will be battling it out over 15 mystery events for €100,000.

If you’ve got a microphone you’ll be welcome to join us and hangout in the Hangout – here’s the link – remember it’s a privilege not a right. (Edit: Hangout closed.)

This episode it’s music star vs screen star as musician VANESSA MAI (not that one) takes on LUNA SCHWEIGER (that one) battling it out for Elton’s briefcase. And none other than SIMPLY RED and AVA MAX are the musical turns.

The link to the commentary stream will be live here from 7:15pm until end of broadcast.

This stream is commentary only. You will need to have a naughty stream running at the same time for the visuals. We are likely to be about 15-20 seconds behind the visual stream (and about a full minute behind if you’re watching an actual satellite feed), sorry.

The Opera VPN has apparently stopped being useful for SdS. Bother’s Bar recommends shelling out for a proper VPN service. Bother’s Bar uses Tunnelbear, other VPN services are available. Matt Clemson recommends Windscribe as a free alternative. We cannot take responsibility for anything you do to your system, so be careful and use some common sense.

To watch it would be useful to sign up for ProSieben’s catch-up service – it’s pretty simple to work out, don’t click the box if you don’t want e-mail messages. You will need to put in a proper e-mail because it will send you a confirmation. 

If anyone knows of any relatively safe livestreams, do feel free to share.

No Rose d’Or prediction this year

By | November 6, 2019

There’s no gameshow category. I can only assume there was some deep soul-searching after coming up with a different conclusion to the one I came up with, on a five-year winning streak, that the Rose d’Or organization couldn’t risk being wrong two years running and have opted to shelve the category.

What we do have is “Studio Entertainment” where you’ll find Michael McIntyre’s Big Show, The Last Leg, Songland, Let’s Keep It Between Us, Dance Revolution and the famously studio bound Holey Moley.

In “Reality and Factual Entertainment” we have 63 Up, Blackout, Employable Me, Our Dementia Choir with Vicky McClure, The Repair Shop, and Stephen Lambert redefining the reality gameshow genre with The Circle.

You can read the full nomination list here.

Upcoming excitement

By | November 4, 2019
  • It’s Schlag den Star this weekend! Sound issues permitting, join us for a Watchalong this Saturday night from 7:15.
  • Wie is De Mol 2020 starts on January 4th. Hopefully subbed!

Finally, I’ve put an Amazon affiliate search box at the bottom of the sidebar. We’ll get a small cut if you buy anything through it. Other shops are available. Happy Christmas!

MTV’s Fear

By | October 31, 2019

It’s Halloween! And what better way to celebrate than to get some young adults to go and explore old abandoned buildings on their own and let them psyche themselves out. If they stick it out to the end they win money.

Channel 4 (I think?) showed the pilot episode of this and I really enjoyed it, two series were made for MTV in the US around 2001. Thanks to a messageboard I frequent pointing out this really interesting interview with the producers.

Here are a load of episodes on Youtube.

Scary Sleepover

By | October 29, 2019

If you hadn’t gathered it’s HORROR WEEK on Bother’s Bar, because it’s Halloween on Thursday. So here’s an episode of CITV’s Scary Sleepover from 2004 where a group of kids try and win a sleepover at Alton Towers from Anna Williamson by surviving a night in a spooky haunted house. If they can survive the jump scares until the sun comes up they win, but if they hit the big flashing escape button they lose. I remember this being actually rather neatly done – decent special effects.